San Diego: National Safety Council – NSC

The National Safety Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities and on the road, through leadership, research, education and advocacy.  Their expo claims to be the world’s largest annual event for safety, health and environmental professionals.  The huge expo floor covered 190,000 square feet with the offerings of more than 900 companies, showcasing the latest innovative products and services. There was a New Product Showcase area, a Solution Center, OSHA’s Top 10 most cited safety violations, and solutions for those violations from the International Safety Equipment Association.  Visitors hailed from a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, petrochemical and utilities. Geographically they came from the United States, Canada and more than 60 other countries.  It sounds like “there’s safety in numbers”…

San Diego: BDwest – Boutique Design West

BDwest serves hospitality design (that’s the stuff they put in hotel rooms, to you and me) professionals in the Western United States, Mexico and Central America with a multi-faceted trade fair experience focused on innovation and creativity.  BDwest connects manufacturers to some of the most sought-after and influential design firms in the hospitality industry, as well as purchasing agents and hospitality owners, developers and operators, based primarily in the Western United States.  There were awards recognizing the best new products introduced to the market since 2013, within the categories of accessories or specialties; applied finishes and materials; bedding/top of bed; casual/outdoor; lighting; indoor seating; and textiles. So what exactly did YOU “have designs on” achieving at the show…?  #BDWEST

San Diego: International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association – IHRSA

San Diego: International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association – IHRSA

IHRSA is the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, the trade association serving the health and fitness club industry.  IHRSA and its members are dedicated to making the world healthier through regular exercise and activity promotion.  There are over 9,000 members in 76 countries, and they represent health and fitness facilities, gyms, spas, sports clubs, and suppliers worldwide.  The fitness industry, we heard, is poised to step up as a solution to the growing public health crisis of obesity and inactivity. The association represents and supports this goal through outreach, education and programs which help promote healthy, active lifestyles, such as the annual Summit for a Healthier America.  Additionally, IHRSA collects and reports key operational data on all aspects of the health club industry from consumer attitudes to industry trends.  A popular part of the outreach program has been titled “I Lost It At The Club!”.  Maybe they needs an anger management program for those who “lose it”…?  #wellness #fitness

San Diego: Firehouse World Exposition & Conference


Firehouse World Exposition & Conference addressed some critical issues.  If you are going to reduce responder casualty incidents, we heard, you must first improve the ability to develop and maintain situational awareness under stress.  Delegates could learn how to identify fourteen critical factors that frequently contribute to fire fighter death and injury; discover that bad tactics doesn’t kill fire fighters — bad strategy (or the lack or absence of strategy) kills fire fighters;  learn powerful strategic tools that can help keep history from repeating itself;  and discover how it is that even experts can keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.  Another issue:  current economic conditions are forcing many fire departments to make significant budget reductions, so in response group or cooperative purchasing has been an option exercised on a regional basis in different parts of the country.  No sir, only fire trucks can park next to the hydrant…

San Diego: International Stroke Conference – AHA/ASA

AHA/ASA is the International Stroke Conference, and it’s the world’s largest meeting dedicated to the science and treatment of cerebrovascular disease. The conference featured more than 1,300 presentations to emphasize “basic, clinical and translational sciences as they evolve toward a more complete understanding of stroke pathophysiology”, with the overall goal of developing more effective prevention and treatment. Sessions in clinical categories centered on stroke community risk factors, emergency care, acute neuroimaging, endovascular and nonendovascular treatment, diagnosis, cerebrovascular occlusive disease, in-hospital treatment, and outcomes of stroke.  The expo played host to 3,800 professional attendees, as well as exhibitors displaying new stroke
products and services. The rate of discovery of new diagnostic and therapeutics for stroke has never been greater, we heard.  That cuts risks… at a stroke.  #HealthyHabits


San Diego: Plant and Animal Genome Conference

The Plant and Animal Genome Conference claims pole position as “the largest Ag-Genomics meeting in the world”.  Genetic modification of food crops gets a bad press in some quarters these days, so this gab-fest had the unheralded purpose of redressing the balance somewhat, and demonstrating how much good GM Food does in the world — not least by increasing crop yields and making sure everyone gets fed.  Specific topics under discussion?    Transforming Genomic Selection in Complex Plant and Animal Genomes was a big one.  Leveraging cloud analytics for effective NGS-based collaboration for plant and animal genomes was another eye-opener, as was Breakthroughs in Microarray Technology a Comparison to other Techniques.  The scientific case against genetically-modified foodstuffs is collapsing, noted some.  Despite ill-informed ‘green’ opinion, the world needs more GM food, not less, we heard.  But green is also the color of money, of course…