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AIWA: Interesting New Products & Cars

I’m missing the car gene. If it runs — it’s good for me. But these did catch my eye while i was wandering the aisles of AIWA:

Blue Hummer w/ Tank Treads

Bike @ SEMA

Airbrushed Trio of Chicks in Bikinis

Can you tell I like shiny!!

AIWA: Random Wanderings down the Aisles

It is fun to just go to the show and not have to work but truthfully that NEVER ever happens. I’m always working. But I do take the time to stop and smell the pleasther:

Oh Marilyn

Wheel & Scrim

Sin City Cruiser

AIAW: People @ SEMA

That’s my Hemi–NOT my husbands!!

MOPAR woman @ SEMA

Originally uploaded by Itinerant

Father and Son @ SEMA

Originally uploaded by Itinerant

SEMA as a bonding experience for father and son.

Back Ink @ SEMA

Originally uploaded by Itinerant


AIWA: Vintage Cars

This is an all inclusive show that consists of SEMA, NACE and AAPEX plus various other satellite shows for those in the diesel, off road and rebuild industries. It’s always a great show with all the new gadgets that are shown for the future cars. In 2006 we first saw the Sync which is now coming standard on more and more vehicles. In addition to all the things that can be added (it’s the automotive after market show!) some companies bring in their vintage collection.

This year show was very subdued. Last month’s crash of the stock market left banks credit-poor. The already struggling Big 3 (GM, Ford and the ever in the red-Chrysler) are even more stretched. As an economist, I really try to view each industry as if i were running it. The 1st thing I’d do is downsize the huge bite that retired union workers take out of the budget. Not cut them off but switch them from a PPO to an HMO, maybe even self -insure them. And then I’d dump the union. President Reagan did it in the early 1980’s when the air traffic controllers went on strike. He fired them all. And hired new ones. All the doom and gloom of crashing planes never came to pass. Fire the unions and hire them all back at a living wage. $27.00/hour for janitorial help is just not feasible. $17.00/hour is more in line with the rest of the manufacturing industries.

Not for me to say but lets just say this year’s event was very somber. Even the booth bunnies were cut back to just 1 or 2 instead of 10.

Here are a few of the Vintage Cars we loved.. Chrysler should recommission the DeSoto but have it as a hybrid.

Red & Black Old Car

Steve McQueen's Mustang from Bullitt

Steve McQueen’s Car from the movie “Bullitt”

Ghostbuster's Car

Who you gonna call??? This is the original Ghostbusters car.