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GSK 2016: The Linkedin Influencer Event

GSK16_linkedIn While It isn’t for everyone – by invite only – it mostly consisted of 22-32 yr olds listening to 45 yr olds tell them what is the next big thing in business, social media, disruption techniques, etc.  Just as a note: people over 45 – actually have MONEY to spend.  how many 24 yr olds do outside of Silicon Valley?

As a member of traditional media, I was excluded from some of the closed events like the impromptu “blogger” news meet up. While I understand totally their disdain for “old” media since we’ve done such a crappy job of covering actual news and most of the networks have become one long infomercial for the presidential candidate that shall not be named in case he manifests, we can still report what is news worthy and what is just a fad.

The problem with the Linkedin model is while it is the best platform for business, they fail to differentiate between a lone person on a job hunt (at 29.00/month to be a premium member) and someone who has a job – therefore income and can afford the 29.00 a month. So there are 1000’s that are left behind – once again.

My takeaways from this event:

  • If you are an intern – you get to do social media and get paid to attend this conference while still making less than what one pair of shoes the paid speaker is wearing.
  • The Aria is still a beautiful hotel but their convention space leaves a lot to be desired.
  • The trade show area was mostly apps and analytics

The parties were worth the time it took to schlep from valet to the trade show area.

CES 2012: Day 1

CES: Press Days & PreShow

Las Vegas: Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Press Only-Day 2.

Gadgets, Gizmos & Goodies galore were in abundance at Day 2 — official press day for CES. The 2 keynotes I was able to make were a modern day Tower of Babel..if by tower you mean over packed meeting rooms and if by Babel you mean Sin City aka Las Vegas.
First up was Samsung — since I just got their new ‘droid phone — the Transformer–picked because of the name–i thought it might be good to hear what was coming next. Last year the “hot” item was the 3D-tv which have now come down in price from about 5K to around 2500 for a decent sized screen. When it drops below the 2K threshold, many NextGen adopters will be lining to hang it on the wall of Mummy & Dada’s basement.

However THIS year’s hottest new item is the Tablet. Trying to take a bite out of Apple while partnering with Google’s ‘droid O/S, Samsung, Toshiba & Motorola are all showcasing their new tablets. Even IBM spin off Lenovo — maker of the Think Pad, is coming out with a 10″ tablet. ShaZam. And — are you listening Mr. Jobs — they will all have cameras attached which is my 1 biggest complaint with my lovely iPad that will be obsolete in about 3 months when the next one (complete with not 1 but 2 cameras) will be on the market.

Take note CE manufacturers who are so quick to jump on the green bandwagon.. If you really wanted to “go green’ then you would come up with a program that would allow us to upgrade to the NEXTGen product without having to purchase a complete new one. For example: I have the top of the line iPad..mainly for my son’s school but I have been known to play a game or 3 on it. Anyway.. it’s the 64gig — top of the line $900 one that I”ve only had since August. I should have waited, yes until the big “Core” announcement that I knew was coming..being an analyst for the CE industry. But I didn’t. So now I’m faced with either buying the new one, getting a ‘droid powered one or keeping this one–which i really like except for that annoying no camera thing.

I think, for me, I’d get more work done if it was a Windows 7, since i would manage my business — all run via MS office and flash… so I am really interested in what Microsoft will have.
and No I couldn’t get into the MS Press conference so I had to watch it via big screen in the over flow.

The 2nd most exciting thing — for me anyway — was the down sized version of MS Surface technology. It has so many applications that could work for it but the cost of the 1st Gen was prohibitive. Several bars in Vegas have some type of “surface” in their clubs. the Hard Rock Cafe (on the strip not the hotel) has it. The circle bar at the Rio has it and has put it to good use because they actually have interactive games like chess, checkers, monopoly, backgammon so you can play checkers for shots. Anyway the NextGen of Surface technology will be more compact – read CHEAPER – so more places can use it. I can foresee hospital applications for it so that you can have 3D modeling while your team of healthcare advisors determine what is best for you. I can see it being used in the mid sized work environment for collaborative projects. Once it is even more affordable, people will be finding home use for it as well.

Which brings me to the 2nd part of the Samsung Press conference. What will the world look like in 2013. As you can see from the pictures below, I couldn’t get very close so I am looking forward to seeing their model in the booth which will be another post all together.

BTW: Dinner at the Paris buffet. Good selection of food and good service.

Las Vegas: Consumer Electronics Show (CES)-CES Unveiled-Press

Judging from the amount of press that has shown up for Press day 1, I’d say this show is almost back to the pre-2008 levels. Woot because CES is my favorite show (not to offend any of the other 125 shows I go to every year) of the year. Between the pre-show prep, clients in town & company to arrive tomorrow, I’m tired already and the show hasn’t even started. But it is a GOOD tired. Waiting for Charlie to arrive so we can split up the appointments I’ve made. I do believe the “bloggers” outweigh (not literally) the press. Actually maybe next year I’ll try to get press credentials using this blog instead of poor NAH. More pictures to follow. New Phone so I’m still on the learning curve.

CES 2009: Furniture

Xboom made a bean bag chair with stability and it vibrates while you play.

For some reason I was obsessed this year at CES with furniture.

For example, and I’m sure every mother can relate to this. Don’t you just hate when you walk into your kids room and they have their gaming supplies all over the place?? The controllers (more on that in another post) the games, the wires etc??

Check out this nifty little doo-dad.

XBox wall system
The down side is that whoever this company was didn’t want me to take pictures –Hello Press badge means I can take pics of anything I want — so I left in a huff and didn’t write their name down but did find a nifty carpenter who’ll build me one.

Mostly the rest are chairs:

4 Seating ChairGaming ChairNokia Seats
the last one, btw, I’m having built in my patio and out to the fire pit. Thanks to Nokia for the inspiration.