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Las Vegas: Tailgate Expo

Las Vegas: Photoshop World

Sept. 6-9, 2011: Photoshop World was the ultimate  convention  for both amateur and professional photographers. The  convention featured three days of more than 100 photoshop, photography, printing, special effects, retouching and lighting. Instructors included well-known photographers such as Jeremy Cowart, Jay Maisel, Joel Grimes, Cliff Mautner, Helene Glassman and Fay Sirkis. The free  Photoshop World Expo provided a place for  photographers of all levels to mingle and check out the coolest new technology, gadgets and services available.

Vegas: Stone Expo

StoneExpo/Marmomacc Americas’ is sponsored by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and the Natural Stone Council. The mission of the MIA is to promote the use of natural stone and be the world’s stone information resource. Membership is worldwide and includes over 1,750 natural stone producers, exporters/importers, distributors/wholesalers, fabricators, finishers, installers, and industry suppliers. Folks like Allied Stone Industries, Building Stone Institute, Elberton Granite Association, Indiana Limestone Institute, Marble Institute of America, National Slate Association, Natural Stone Alliance, New York State Bluestone Association and Pennsylvania Bluestone Association. So… not your usual stoner movie….

Las Vegas: Promotional Products Association International (PPAI 2011)

Full name? PPAI/UPIC, and already we’re in acronym heaven here. PPAI is the Promotional Products Association International, and UPIC means the Universal Promotional Identification Code. This year the show was almost double what it was in 2010 utilizing both upper and lower floors of the Mandalay Bay. Upper level housed the product pavillions “New Products”, “Made in the USA” and “Green” while down stairs were the rabbit warren like main floor. Mandalay Bay Exhibit Hall is not laid out so well. 1800+ exhibitors crammed into the hall with attendees rolling suitcases for schwag behind them. This show is partially people who sell promotional product lines to find new promos and buying groups like casinos who are looking for the newest giveaway for their contests.

International Roofing Expo 2009

Tiffiany displays her Tool Handling ability

Tiffiany displays her Tool Handling ability

Tile Making Demos

Clean and Green in 2009

View the Rest of the Show Photos over here.

Trader’s Expo & Webmaster Access

Some shows are co-located so there are 2 or 3 shows under one roof. While this is smart marketing, you have to make sure that the industries are compatible. This was online trading (as in stocks and bonds) and online webmasters (such as mainstream and adult). It made for an interesting mix. We had everyone from eTrade to Playboy represented. And yes I got a pic of Hef.

Here are just a few of the other pictures. You can click through to see all the bigger ones. Mostly it was just a party atmosphere.

How many figures did you say your salary is??Eh--Oh-- Trade wit me, dollTiffy & the Vigator!!Trader showWM Access: Network Lunch by EpochHef et. al.

International Pool Spa & BBQ Show: After Hours Fun

Just a few pics of some after hours fun brought to us by the following Vendors @ the International Pool Spa and BBQ Show 2009:

Poolside Pong CWIC-Destination Water & Casual Living Magazine

Cocktails at MandalayWine Shooters777 CocktailsHave a taste
Want to see more?? Just click through the pictures.

International Pool Spa and Patio Show 2008