Rosemont: Life Services Network Annual Convention & Exposition – LSN

LSNI is now a slightly misleading set of initials for LeadingAge Illinois, formerly known as Life Services Network.  What did NOT change is that this is a statewide association that has represented the leading providers of services for older adults, including nursing care, supportive and assisted living, senior housing, and home and community based services. With a diverse membership numbering over 500 providers, LeadingAge Illinois is the largest eldercare association in Illinois.  The talk was of innovative programs, leadership and expertise on issues related to long-term care and senior housing and services.  Eldercare providers apparently have to keep themselves armed with the latest information related to trends, marketing and sales, technology, product and service costs, and the needs and preferences of both current and future consumers.  A major aim was to help members lower the cost of doing business by taking advantage of cost-saving programs and problem-solving services.  You’re never too old to learn…  #constantcontact

St. Paul: Minnesota Dental Association – MDA Star of the North Meeting

Minnesota Dental Association calls this their “MDA Star of the North Meeting”, and it’s billed as the premier state dental meeting of the Upper Midwest. With over 75 education seminars and an exhibit floor featuring over 250  companies, this expo provides current clinical and practice management information to the dental community.  What community?  Well, dentists (of course), assistants, hygienists, administrators, therapists, lab technicians, suppliers, students…  in all they made up a crowd of over 8,500, in a surprisingly varied mix of professional perspectives.  The whole event was conceived to get dental specialists face-time with clinicians and other experts, and experience hands-on learning.  There were also wise words from 35 nationally recognized speakers, and an array of educational programs presented by top lecturers from across the nation. Delegates found they could catch up with old friends by attending a class reunion, or one of the many social events sponsored by affiliated organizations.  Toothsome!   #MDA

Washington DC: American College of Cardiology – ACC

ACC is the American College of Cardiology, and its long-term purpose is to improve cardiovascular health through education, research, quality care and health policy.  This is about reducing the incidence, severity and complications of cardiovascular disease and promoting prevention, reducing disparities in health care, and improving personal and population-based cardiovascular health. More than 13,000 cardiovascular team members came together to get all of the hot clinical news from ACC.  As a for instance, a large randomized research trial showed that giving methylprednisolone to patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass heightened the risk of myocardial infarction.  Clinical studies looked at Aspirin’s Impact on Major Arterial and Venous Complications Events in Noncardiac Surgery Patients, and at Steroids in Cardiac Surgery, showing how wide the discipline can stretch.  No-one ever said “take two steroids and call me in the morning”…  #ACCFIT

Orlando: National Home Infusion Association – NHIA

NHIA is the National Home Infusion Association, and we heard how it strives to bring top quality educational programming tailored to the needs of industry professionals through regional meetings, audio conference programs, and self-study programs like the Home Infusion Pharmacy Module Program, all of which keep NHIA  on the cutting edge of knowledge in the infusion world. Infusion?  Well, it’s a branch of therapy that depends on the administration of medicines into the bloodstream via a needle or catheter, and it’s a core treatment type for sufferers from cancer and other serious conditions, including some infections.  Administering such treatments at home involves not only delivery of medication, but a whole range of other things that ensure effective treatment: specialized equipment, pharmaceutical compounding and other services.  Such complex areas of medicine mean practitioners have to be “infused” with specialized knowledge….  #compounding

New York City: Interphex & Biotechnica America

INTERPHEX is the shortened monicker of International Pharmaceutical Expo, and it’s positioned as a source for complete biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions “to confidently process all dosage forms for life-enhancing drugs”.  Hmmmmmm….  Anyway, there were 12,000 industry professionals in attendance, and more than 650 vendors showing the latest pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology.  You might be surprised how diverse it can be.  It ranges over Bioprocess Equipment, Systems & Services, Cleanroom Equipment & Supplies, Research, Development, Manufacturing & Packaging, Facility Design, Maintenance, Engineering, Construction & Commissioning, Laboratory & Testing Services, Laboratory Instrumentation, Material Handling, Logistics and Transportation, Processing Equipment, Raw Materials, Ingredients…  Not so different from cooking, then…  #INTERPHEX

Los Angeles: Abilities Expo-Southern California

Abilities Expo is “the event for people with disabilities”.  This was where delegates could discover ability-enhancing products and services, play adaptive sports, learn new dance moves and attend informative workshops.  Disability can be physical, sensory, learning-related, developmental or a combination of those things.   Abilities Expo was put together to strive to provide the products and services to help people meet and overcome their daily challenges. Visitors had the opportunity to test drive cutting-edge devices to determine what meets an individual’s needs. If it’s smaller ticket products you were wanting, you needed to look no further than the ingenious, low-cost inventions at the Retail Pavilion.  Abilities Expo Ambassadors, members of the Community of people with disabilities, were there spearheading the outreach effort for the Expo. They also provided a great resource for answering any disability-related questions.   Did someone just say “Yes, We Can…”?

Chicago: American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists – AAOP

AAOP is the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, who bracket their skills as “O&P” for short.  Prosthetists and orthotists provide care for anyone requiring an artificial limb (prosthesis) or a device to support or control part of the body (orthosis). They also advise on rehabilitation.  Orthotists provide a range of splints, braces and special footwear to aid movement, correct deformity and relieve discomfort.  Prosthetists provide the best possible artificial replacement for patients who have lost or were born without a limb.  A prosthetic limb, we heard, should feel and look like a natural limb.  The Academy Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium is a yearly forum for O&P professionals to join with colleagues to explore and discuss the current and future prospects for the O&P profession. The program offers clinical, technical and professional development programming with a focus on evidence-based practice.  And practice, we hear, makes perfect…