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Denver: ASHHRA

Sept. 22-25, 2012. ASHHRA is the American Society of Healthcare Human Resource Administration.  With all the focus on improving the effectiveness and quality of the US healthcare system in the last few years, one simple fact often gets overlooked, we heard.  All change in healthcare starts with the healthcare workforce. That presents healthcare human resources professionals with an important responsibility – to proactively and strategically lead this change – and of course it means making sure that the best and the brightest enter the healthcare HR profession. A quickly evolving healthcare model, with accountable care, the affordable care act and HCAHPS, all require the healthcare workforce to evolve and adapt.  A program of grants provides financial assistance to healthcare HR practitioners who are new in their careers and wish to further their knowledge by attending the ASHHRA Conference.  As a result, this corner of the HR industry is in the best of “health”…

Dallas: AHVRP

Sept. 19-22, 2012. AHVRP is the Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals, and their  conference was apparently all about “achieving harmony through diversity”, a goal that “reflects commitment to collaboration in delivering education, professional development, peer networking and practical tools that help expand knowledge and enhance performance in achieving volunteer administration goals”.  The main keynoter focused on “what makes us happiest and most resilient as individuals” – particularly in the world of volunteerism. Based on years of research into extremely happy people, the session explored how certain behaviors and attitudes create the most resilient personalities. There was also an exploration of the biochemical and bio-physiological impacts of specific behaviors on our health and personal happiness.  So NOW are you happy?