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Las Vegas Trade Show recap: January 2016

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know we try to update after every show. But this year we are short staffed and just don’t have the time so I thought we’d recap at least the month of January in one post.

One of the best shows for geeks like the B-T-B team is #CES2016 – What’s new in the world of consumer electronics. This year 3D printing continued its domination of the show but healthcare apps and drones were also a huge presence. But the big announcement that dominated the show was the  reveal of the Faraday Futures electric cars CES2016_Faraday_Futuresthat are going to be built in North Las Vegas. Also turns out all 3  candidates for the Dem President were in Vegas and at CES. It was pretty wild.

Other shows we attended were NSSF’s #ShotShow 2016 – I did manage to snag a cute pic of  a service dog whose owner was thoughtful enough to equip with noise cancelling ear protection at the firing range.ShotShow

Lots of celebrities show up at the Shot Show – mostly what they have are new gear and accessories. It’s expanding to include other outdoor sports besides just guns and rifles.  Lots of survival gear and various groups trying to get new members. I am trying to objectively view a show that I attend for work purposes but disagree with the content.  Of course I have no problem attending AVN which was held at the same time this year. Perhaps that was intentional due to the fall off of interest from the CES attendees in previous years and the resurgence of rhetoric that have made the exhibitors at ShotShow wealthier and more likely to spend $$ looking at their dream girls. Who knows.

Some of the other highlighted shows are Design Week in Vegas – Combining Surfaces, KBIS & IBS with the Las Vegas Market. It is an visual overload of what’s new in commercial and home design. We try to spend at least one day at each event but this year we were contracted to orchestrate a social media event called a blog-around where a group of bloggers in home design were invited to visit designated booths, collect swag and get a preview of whats new in appliances, accessories and furniture. We started the morning with cupcakes and champagne – and ended with cocktails. Great & fun event.

We ended the month with World of Concrete – everything you ever wanted to know about aggregates could be found there. Again this year recycled concrete and renewables dominated  the show – many new apps that helped with time management to load measurement and tracking.


We have more pics but must hit the show floor tomorrow. – Thanks for reading check back for updates. and don’t forget to share this blog with your colleagues. ##



Vegas: #CES2014 Consumer Electronics Association 2014

We opted this year to curate our photos for CES since we take like over 600 of them between all of #TeamVegas.

Here is #CES2014 Set1.1 in a tight little collage.
1. Welcome to CES2014
2. Bitcoin ATM by Lamassu corp
3. Solar powered drones & Booth Bunny by DJI Innovations
4. 3D printed Darth Maul action figure 3D systems
5. Smart Phone breathalyzer for iPhone & Android ACEN’s A-ScanTM
6. Edible Chocolate by Chefjet
7. Eureka Park Innovation pavilion
8. Interchangeable & stacking servers by Razor
9. Jump drives as press kits
10. Mini Industrial drone by Parrot
11. Curved screen TV by LG (and hidden booth bunny)
12. Ghost of Michael Jackson teaching dance moves
13. NextGen Geeks asking great questions at Otter Box booth.

More to follow. Watch this Space.

Las Vegas: CES

January 8-12, 2013. Bendy video monitors, singing toothbrushes, submersible cellphones, smart utensils for dieters… all the above “cool stuff” was on show at the world’s biggest consumer electronics expo.  CES in Las Vegas was once again billed as the “innovation event of the year”.  What was really new at the show, however, was a nagging feeling that the electronics industry, after a decade or so of genuinely changing the way we live, is beginning to come up with brilliant solutions to problems nobody really has.  Personal gadgetry is still a powerful draw.  And yet, after decades of chasing “must-have” gizmos and new technology-driven lifestyles, could consumers perhaps be entering a phase of “tech fatigue”?  Hey, I gotta go, I think I left my submersible cellphone in the bathtub…

CES2013: ATT DEV Summit 2013

Live from the show floor: Many other shows take advantage of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) being in Vegas. Among those are New Media Expo, a conference for bloggers, podcasters, citizen journalists aka everyone on twitter. ATT Developers Conference that includes a 24 hour hackathon – and that doesn’t mean for 24 hours they are going to hack all of the wifi in Vegas although I am pretty sure they can. No a hackathon is like Comic Con for those who are even geekier to develop Aps to be used on the ATT platform which only means every other platform is going to have them as well. Great prizes though. Almost makes me wish I’d paid attention in science class.

Welcome to ATT DevCon

The Hackathon looks like a porn convention or Comic Con session

The Hackathon looks like a porn convention or Comic Con session

Rear of the room for the 24 hour hackathon

Rear of the room for the 24 hour hackathon

My seat mates modeling their Necomini Brain Wave ears

My seat mates modeling their Necomini Brain Wave ears

Las Vegas: Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Press Only-Day 2.

Gadgets, Gizmos & Goodies galore were in abundance at Day 2 — official press day for CES. The 2 keynotes I was able to make were a modern day Tower of Babel..if by tower you mean over packed meeting rooms and if by Babel you mean Sin City aka Las Vegas.
First up was Samsung — since I just got their new ‘droid phone — the Transformer–picked because of the name–i thought it might be good to hear what was coming next. Last year the “hot” item was the 3D-tv which have now come down in price from about 5K to around 2500 for a decent sized screen. When it drops below the 2K threshold, many NextGen adopters will be lining to hang it on the wall of Mummy & Dada’s basement.

However THIS year’s hottest new item is the Tablet. Trying to take a bite out of Apple while partnering with Google’s ‘droid O/S, Samsung, Toshiba & Motorola are all showcasing their new tablets. Even IBM spin off Lenovo — maker of the Think Pad, is coming out with a 10″ tablet. ShaZam. And — are you listening Mr. Jobs — they will all have cameras attached which is my 1 biggest complaint with my lovely iPad that will be obsolete in about 3 months when the next one (complete with not 1 but 2 cameras) will be on the market.

Take note CE manufacturers who are so quick to jump on the green bandwagon.. If you really wanted to “go green’ then you would come up with a program that would allow us to upgrade to the NEXTGen product without having to purchase a complete new one. For example: I have the top of the line iPad..mainly for my son’s school but I have been known to play a game or 3 on it. Anyway.. it’s the 64gig — top of the line $900 one that I”ve only had since August. I should have waited, yes until the big “Core” announcement that I knew was coming..being an analyst for the CE industry. But I didn’t. So now I’m faced with either buying the new one, getting a ‘droid powered one or keeping this one–which i really like except for that annoying no camera thing.

I think, for me, I’d get more work done if it was a Windows 7, since i would manage my business — all run via MS office and flash… so I am really interested in what Microsoft will have.
and No I couldn’t get into the MS Press conference so I had to watch it via big screen in the over flow.

The 2nd most exciting thing — for me anyway — was the down sized version of MS Surface technology. It has so many applications that could work for it but the cost of the 1st Gen was prohibitive. Several bars in Vegas have some type of “surface” in their clubs. the Hard Rock Cafe (on the strip not the hotel) has it. The circle bar at the Rio has it and has put it to good use because they actually have interactive games like chess, checkers, monopoly, backgammon so you can play checkers for shots. Anyway the NextGen of Surface technology will be more compact – read CHEAPER – so more places can use it. I can foresee hospital applications for it so that you can have 3D modeling while your team of healthcare advisors determine what is best for you. I can see it being used in the mid sized work environment for collaborative projects. Once it is even more affordable, people will be finding home use for it as well.

Which brings me to the 2nd part of the Samsung Press conference. What will the world look like in 2013. As you can see from the pictures below, I couldn’t get very close so I am looking forward to seeing their model in the booth which will be another post all together.

BTW: Dinner at the Paris buffet. Good selection of food and good service.

Vegas: CES 2010-The crowds are back and 3D’s got ’em

Since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Association has been the driving force behind the Consumer Electronics show.  43 years of innovation all under 1 roof.  Like all industries, CEA members have taken a big hit during this recession and in 2009 it was almost a ghost town with the majority of the attendees being journalists (including yours truly) and bloggers (also yours truly) rather than buyers.  2009 saw the closing of one of the cornerstones of retail, Circuit City which came on the heels of the closing of CompUSA.

If 2009 was a grim year — 2010 CES was a resurgence to the innovative spirit with the show piece being the advent of 3D-TV.  

Many of the smaller booths were actually writing orders for the show which is a great sign on the improvement of the economy. We saw several new innovative products featured. Our favorite by far was the Phubby aka wrist cubby to hold your mp3 player secure while having better access than if in your pocket or purse. Of course this will not do you any good while driving but their display was cute even if their very young staff wasn’t very knowledgeable about their product. We’ll forgive them for being overwhelmed at the sheer number of people that they were seeing before we arrived on Sunday.

Other random pics from around CES:

CES 2009: My Favorite Gadgets

By far my favorite gadget was this Dragon Xbox 360 controller with light up eyes and tongue. It comes out on March 1st 2009. You know i’m getting it.

HP FireflyThere were other pretty cool things at the show as well. Of the PCs, the one I really wanted was the Firefly by HP. Dual core, 2 removable Hard drives (that can be switched with their Firefly laptop) and liquid cooled. It’s truly a gamers’ dream. Not that I’m a gamer but could be if pressed hard enough. OK I do love games like Civilization and Caesar.
Here are a few other little gadgets that I’d like to add to my collection of Geek Girl stuff:

Flex Graphics Car w/Sync Technology
Touch Technology with MS & NBC
Hyundai Prototype Car: iMode

Hyundai Prototype (2012) powered by MS Technology

NOTE: I did offer to let either Ford or Hyundai not pay to ship their prototype cars home but park them in my driveway.