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GSK 2016: The Linkedin Influencer Event

GSK16_linkedIn While It isn’t for everyone – by invite only – it mostly consisted of 22-32 yr olds listening to 45 yr olds tell them what is the next big thing in business, social media, disruption techniques, etc.  Just as a note: people over 45 – actually have MONEY to spend.  how many 24 yr olds do outside of Silicon Valley?

As a member of traditional media, I was excluded from some of the closed events like the impromptu “blogger” news meet up. While I understand totally their disdain for “old” media since we’ve done such a crappy job of covering actual news and most of the networks have become one long infomercial for the presidential candidate that shall not be named in case he manifests, we can still report what is news worthy and what is just a fad.

The problem with the Linkedin model is while it is the best platform for business, they fail to differentiate between a lone person on a job hunt (at 29.00/month to be a premium member) and someone who has a job – therefore income and can afford the 29.00 a month. So there are 1000’s that are left behind – once again.

My takeaways from this event:

  • If you are an intern – you get to do social media and get paid to attend this conference while still making less than what one pair of shoes the paid speaker is wearing.
  • The Aria is still a beautiful hotel but their convention space leaves a lot to be desired.
  • The trade show area was mostly apps and analytics

The parties were worth the time it took to schlep from valet to the trade show area.

Las Vegas Trade Show recap: January 2016

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know we try to update after every show. But this year we are short staffed and just don’t have the time so I thought we’d recap at least the month of January in one post.

One of the best shows for geeks like the B-T-B team is #CES2016 – What’s new in the world of consumer electronics. This year 3D printing continued its domination of the show but healthcare apps and drones were also a huge presence. But the big announcement that dominated the show was the  reveal of the Faraday Futures electric cars CES2016_Faraday_Futuresthat are going to be built in North Las Vegas. Also turns out all 3  candidates for the Dem President were in Vegas and at CES. It was pretty wild.

Other shows we attended were NSSF’s #ShotShow 2016 – I did manage to snag a cute pic of  a service dog whose owner was thoughtful enough to equip with noise cancelling ear protection at the firing range.ShotShow

Lots of celebrities show up at the Shot Show – mostly what they have are new gear and accessories. It’s expanding to include other outdoor sports besides just guns and rifles.  Lots of survival gear and various groups trying to get new members. I am trying to objectively view a show that I attend for work purposes but disagree with the content.  Of course I have no problem attending AVN which was held at the same time this year. Perhaps that was intentional due to the fall off of interest from the CES attendees in previous years and the resurgence of rhetoric that have made the exhibitors at ShotShow wealthier and more likely to spend $$ looking at their dream girls. Who knows.

Some of the other highlighted shows are Design Week in Vegas – Combining Surfaces, KBIS & IBS with the Las Vegas Market. It is an visual overload of what’s new in commercial and home design. We try to spend at least one day at each event but this year we were contracted to orchestrate a social media event called a blog-around where a group of bloggers in home design were invited to visit designated booths, collect swag and get a preview of whats new in appliances, accessories and furniture. We started the morning with cupcakes and champagne – and ended with cocktails. Great & fun event.

We ended the month with World of Concrete – everything you ever wanted to know about aggregates could be found there. Again this year recycled concrete and renewables dominated  the show – many new apps that helped with time management to load measurement and tracking.


We have more pics but must hit the show floor tomorrow. – Thanks for reading check back for updates. and don’t forget to share this blog with your colleagues. ##



Las Vegas: Expo!Expo!

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events is today the leading association for the global exhibition industry. IAEE represents over 9,000 individuals in over 50 countries who conduct and support exhibitions around the world, and IAEE proclaims that “Exhibitions and Events mean business”. Their show goes by Expo! Expo!, and IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition brought together organizers and industry suppliers for their mutual benefit through exhibition, education and networking events. The focus of Expo! Expo! was, we heard, to create a learning culture and strategic networking opportunities. To that end, the 2015 Expo! Expo! Connect platform leveraged state-of-art networking and matchmaking technology, to get everyone talking. Just a big gabfest, then? Deep down, this was a big-talking industry making an exhibition of itself…. #ExpoExpo

New Orleans: International Workboat Show –

At the International WorkBoat Show, over 1,000 marine product and service suppliers exhibited their watery wares. The conference had strands on Business Management (“Explore the various challenges and opportunities that come with running a maritime business); Safety (“For most marine operations, maintaining a safe workplace is a top priority and an ongoing challenge, requiring updates on current standards, best practices, and new maritime safety solutions”; Technical (“The marine industry is a constantly evolving technological environment, showing how the latest innovations can bring efficiency and enhance quality from the corporate office to the vessel engine room”); plus Legal and Regulatory (“Understand marine law, current rules and regulatory trends, and learn the status of key pending legislation so you can plan ahead to keep your business in compliance”). Remember, the Sea is a harsh mistress, and seafarers must obey her laws…. #wbmr15 #workboatshow

Conventions: Washington DC: ASAE Springtime Expo 2015

It being Springtime an’ all, we heard that “Inspiration was in full bloom” at ASAE, which has ‘planted’ itself as the largest one-day show in the meetings industry. Spending a whole day with these “blooming lovelies” meant heading back to the office with tangible takeaways that could enhance the digging, plowing, seeding and weeding that’s always involved in meeting planning for the year ahead. Networking flowered with new and familiar colleagues, knowledge was propagated, and hundreds of fabulous destinations, products and services were explored around the expo floor. There were thought-provoking education sessions, including the new Eye Opener Sessions and Learning Labs, focused on meeting planners and event producers from whom to learn and share tips, techniques, and trends. The hall featured more than 340 exhibitors. Drop a seed and watch a flower grow…. #SpringtimeExpo2015

Las Vegas: National Association of Broadcasters – NAB2015

The media and entertainment industry, we heard, just got itself “unleashed”. Dynamic innovation and cutting-edge technologies were shattering content boundaries and opening up opportunities, since NABShow was apparently the place to break free from conventional thinking and open everyone’s minds. Attendees representing every sector of the industry including Broadcast, Digital Media, Film, Entertainment, Telecom, Post-Production, Academia, Houses of Worship (really!) , Advertising, Military, Government, Retail, Security, Sports, Live Events, Online Video, IT, Virtual and Augmented Reality all converged on Las Vegas to embrace the immersive experiences reshaping the new reality of media. The show organizers were there to insist that “This Changes Everything”, and they were piling on the innovative attractions to prove it. Hey, may I say you’re looking particularly unleashed today…. #NABShow

Vegas: CinemaCon Day 2: Universal Studios

Day 2 of CinemaCon2014 kicked off with a breakfast presentation about alternative content such as the Broadway, Lincoln Center and various other live musical events collectively known as “Event Cinema” and why the members of NATO should utilize it.

The it was right into the Keynote of the Day:   State of the Industry. All presenters proclaimed it Good! Strong! Healthy! (and someone from the audience shouted out – Thanks to Obamacare bringing down the house) Former CT Senator Chris Dodd – Chairman of the MPAA said he will continue to push Congress to pass SOPA – and spoke of his ongoing efforts to encourage theater owners to use new technology to deliver their content thus keeping up with the market. There was some panel discussion on a subject very close to my heart and the reason I actually stopped going to movies: Cell phone usage. Touching on the recent murder of the texting dad at the theater as an outlier, the cons of cell blockage noted that use of cell phones inside the theater could create excitement and buzz for the movie on social media while those who were pro blockage argued that it causes too much interruption to those who are actually looking for a “phone free zone” – it was suggested that multiplex theaters might want to implement a “quiet zone” or special no cell showings of movies. Still nothing was resolved and I shall continue to wait for Netflix and OnDemand.

It was Universal Day at CinemaCon and they delivered their slate of upcoming films starting with the trailer for “Neighbors” with Seth Rogan that opens next month but has already been screened at SXSW a few weeks ago.  They also offered a full screening later today.

Universal trucked out their stars to get the buzz going on many anticipated films for 2014-2015:  Director Angelina Jolie was there for her upcoming biopic “Unbroken” the story of 1936 Olympic runner Louis Zamperini and his survival of the Japanese P.O.W. camps.  Jeff Daniels appeared for the 20 years in the making sequel to “Dumb & Dumber To.”   Other sequels were Ted 2, Pitch Perfect 2, Fast & Furious 7 (see below for trailer)  & Jurassic World.  Some new original content (or perhaps just some sassy remakes) were “Lucy” a SciFi staring Scarlett Johansson; “Get on Up” the James Brown biopic starting The Help’s Octavia Spenser as his mother

Here are the trailers of the movies I actually am looking forward to:

The Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways to Die in the West – Spoiler alert on the cameo! Quite frankly I was expecting Ron Perlman to do the voice overs.

Fast & Furious 7:  So long Paul Walker. I’m anxious to see how they work around his death using the footage that was shot already.

Minions and no it is not about TeamBeyond-The-Booth – but it should be!

and finally the 1st look at probably the most anticipated movie of 2015, so far anyway,  50 Shades of Grey  Collectively known as #FSoG – I mean the every surface of Caesars was covered with the backside of Christian Grey so it was good to see what the hype was all about. Full Disclosure: I didn’t read the book.  However I am a huge fan of Seattle so I look forward to seeing the scenery.

We spent the afternoon on the trade show floor – mostly at the concession stands! Big Score? White Castle gave out Crave Boxes! Why hasn’t White Castle opened in Vegas yet? What are you waiting for?

Since its inception as recently as 2011, CinemaCon has become the largest and most important annual gathering of cinema owners and operators from around the world, and the eyes and ears of the worldwide motion picture theater industry were focused on the proceedings.  Professionals dedicated to Cinema Exhibition, Film Distribution or Production, the Equipment or Concession fields, and absorbed with Marketing, Advertising or the burgeoning field of Social Media Networking, or indeed the design, construction or financing of movie theaters or the exciting world of digital cinema… they were all there for their big-screen moment.  They came to witness the latest, most innovative technological advances in theater equipment, and the newest, most scintillating offerings from the concession world—everything they needed, in fact, to satisfy the demanding needs of today’s sophisticated moviegoer.  I’m ready for my close-up now, Mr. deMille….  #CinemaCon