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Birmingham: RWM – Recycling & Waste Management

RWM signifies Recycling & Waste Management. The Circular Economy Connect Theatre was more than a presentation venue, it was also a new area dedicated to facilitating networking and learning among sustainability and waste professionals across commerce and industry.  Keynoter Sir Stuart Rose spoke at the Circular Economy Connect Theatre to an attentive audience, keen to learn how to drive up recycling rates, re-think product design or simply learn how to manage waste management better.  Paul Vanston of Kent Resource Partnership told delegates that “It is important local authorities gear up their understanding of the theory and practice of the circular economy”. And Roy Vercoulen revealed the benefits of Cradle to Cradle product optimization. “Circular economy”, hey?  And what was that about “going circular”?  How would these people answer the charge that they were just… um… going round in circles…?

Toronto: Public Works Congress & Exposition – APWA

This one is billed as “the best show in public works”, though you may have to be Canadian to be completely convinced on that score.  Doing its thing for more than 100 years, the APWA International Public Works Congress & Exposition draws thousands of public works professionals from all over the world.  The Congress featured more than 125 technical and professional development sessions presented by industry vendors and experts. APWA’s exhibit floor encompassed nearly 90,000 square feet, playing host to over 400 exhibitors.   There was a Technology Pavilion, a Green Pavilion, “Central Park”, New Product Showcases, and an Exhibitor Solutions Theater.  The topics dealt with ranged from  Career & Personal Development
and Construction Management to  Traffic Engineering, Utilities and Right-of-Way Issues, and Water & Wastewater.  How would you describe public works to a man from Mars?  Well, see, it’s public, and it works…  #APWAexpo

Toronto: Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo

Nov. 14-15, 2012. Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo (CWRE) is Canada’s big meet for waste management and recycling professionals representing companies in sectors like: Collection, Hauling, Disposal, Construction & Demolition, Facility/Site Operation, and Landfill Operations.  The aim is to serve the waste, recycling and public works markets.  The trade show includes events including an educational program produced by the Canadian Waste Sector Symposium.  Delegates were there analyzing new products and services, networking with colleagues and competitors, and gaining valuable insight into the latest industry advances. Under discussion were composting systems, incineration, thermal technologies, landfill operations, recycling equipment and services, waste treatment and the like.  Nobody there thought it was a “waste” of time….

Las Vegas: Waste Expo 2012 & Management Conference

April 30-May 1, 2012. WM in this case stands for Waste Management, but this is about more than just taking out the garbage.  WM is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and opportunity in the field.  The big opportunity, it seems, is in getting rid of radioactive waste.  This whole thing was conceived to provide a forum for discussing and seeking cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions to the safe management and disposition of radioactive waste and radioactive materials.  Sponsoring organizations include the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development/Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD/NEA). One session was on “high-level waste and waste incidental to reprocessing” — which basically means that even waste produces waste….

Indianapolis: Pumper Cleaner Show

Feb. 27 – Mar. 01, 2012. Each year, the Pumper and Cleaner International Environmental Expo attracts some 10,000 attendees from more than 4,000 companies, who can visit more than 500 exhibits.  Attendees included septic system installation & service contractors, drain and sewer cleaning & repair contractors, portable restroom operators, industrial maintenance & cleaning contractors, and municipal water & sewer system maintenance managers. They were there to study up on techniques like Industrial Vacuuming, Hydroexcavation, Trenchless Pipe Repair, Utility Location and even Dewatering and Grease handling.  Collectively, we were told, these are “greatest people in the world”.  You just sometimes think twice about shaking hands with them….