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GSK 2016: The Linkedin Influencer Event

GSK16_linkedIn While It isn’t for everyone – by invite only – it mostly consisted of 22-32 yr olds listening to 45 yr olds tell them what is the next big thing in business, social media, disruption techniques, etc.  Just as a note: people over 45 – actually have MONEY to spend.  how many 24 yr olds do outside of Silicon Valley?

As a member of traditional media, I was excluded from some of the closed events like the impromptu “blogger” news meet up. While I understand totally their disdain for “old” media since we’ve done such a crappy job of covering actual news and most of the networks have become one long infomercial for the presidential candidate that shall not be named in case he manifests, we can still report what is news worthy and what is just a fad.

The problem with the Linkedin model is while it is the best platform for business, they fail to differentiate between a lone person on a job hunt (at 29.00/month to be a premium member) and someone who has a job – therefore income and can afford the 29.00 a month. So there are 1000’s that are left behind – once again.

My takeaways from this event:

  • If you are an intern – you get to do social media and get paid to attend this conference while still making less than what one pair of shoes the paid speaker is wearing.
  • The Aria is still a beautiful hotel but their convention space leaves a lot to be desired.
  • The trade show area was mostly apps and analytics

The parties were worth the time it took to schlep from valet to the trade show area.

Phoenix: Outsourcing World Summit – IAOP®

“Though there has been an evolution in the outsourcing industry, one thing hasn’t changed: outsourcing is a winning strategy”, was the message we heard at the IAOP Outsourcing World Summit in Phoenix.  What followed?  “We’re being inundated with a stream of new technologies and innovative approaches from shared-services to cloud sourcing”, we heard, “from insourcing to hybrid sourcing, automation to service integration.  These challenge the very principles on which organizations operate, as well as presenting unparalleled growth opportunities. Traditional outsourcing relationships have developed into strategic partnerships. Collaboration is key”.  The event was a temporary home for three days to a global community of over 800 professionals.  You were rubbing shoulders with CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other members of the corporate ‘C-Suite”; Directors and Managers, Professionals from HR, Finance, Purchasing, Legal, Administration, IT, Facilities,  Manufacturing, Logistics, Service Delivery and related business functions.  Turned out every job was up for outsourcing except the job of the guy you were talking to…  #IAOP

Anaheim: California HR Conference – Professionals in Human Resources Association – PIHRA

PIHRA is the California HR Conference.  The acronym stands for the Professionals in Human Resources Association.  As a delegate, you could join more than 2,200 practitioners, providers and presenters at the conference, and maybe earn HR Certification Institute Strategic Business Management, Global, and General certification credits. Concurrent sessions were presented by experienced speakers in Employment Law & Legislation, Business Management & Strategy, Talent Management, International HR, Diversity & Inclusion, Benefits & Compensation, and Personal & Leadership Development, as well as General HR.  Wait, if you’re working in Human Resources, and husbanding all those “human resources”, doesn’t that make you a “human resource” yourself?  In which case… um… how exactly does a resource husband a resource?  Just asking…  #PIHRA

Orlando: HR Florida

August 19-21, 2013. The HR Florida State Conference & Expo is the annual conference of the HR Florida State Council, a state affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This year the event attracted over 1,500 human resource professionals and vendors throughout the state of Florida and across the nation. These professionals represented virtually every industry, coming from companies ranging from small businesses to large industrial centers. Programs presented at the annual conference covered all aspects of the SHRM Body of Knowledge.  A keynote was given by Aron Ralston, the real-life victim of the accident portrayed in the movie 127 Hours.  An ordinary man who was pushed to the extreme, he demonstrated the human capacity for the extraordinary, proving anyone can survive the most grueling circumstances.  Then again, no-one tried to call Mr. Ralston a “human resource”…

Chicago: SHRM

June 16-19, 2013. SHRM stands for the Society for Human Resource Management, and their show claims to be “the biggest – and best – HR conference in the world”.  They must be something indeed — how else would they snag so prestigious a keynote speaker as The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, past First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and possible future presidential hopeful?  Another luminary taking the podium was prestigious journalist and commentator Fareed Zakaria.  So what did everyone talk about?  Stuff like Awards & Incentives, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Compensation & Benefits, Executive Search & Recruitment, Relocation, Temporary and Contract Personnel, plus of course Training & Development.  Delegates could find over 700 innovative companies eager to provide them with the solutions to their HR challenges.  One question seemed to remain unanswered, however: do people really like being referred to as “Human Resources”?

Las Vegas: Workers’ Comp

Nov. 7-9, 2012. To give it its full title, this was the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference and Expo, and after two decades and more it remains the industry’s leading training event.  Economic realities, we were told, have forced many high-level executives to take on workers’ comp responsibilities for their organizations. CFOs, general counsels and risk professionals with purchasing authority are suddenly finding themselves tasked with overseeing a system that they may understand only peripherally. The program was designed to provide those high-level professionals a core understanding of workers’ compensation and the tools needed to design, price and manage a successful workers’ compensation program.  By way of entertainment, magician Craig Karges took mystification to a whole new level to prove that nothing is impossible — tables floated, minds were read and metal got bent out of shape…

Las Vegas: Staffing World

Oct. 10-11, 2012. You know those bosses whose recruitment mantra is “never hire anyone smarter than yourself, because they might be trouble”?  Well, Staffing World keynoter Liz Wiseman was there to talk about her bestselling book, Multipliers—How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. Multipliers, we heard, are leaders who actually amplify the capabilities of the people around them. “We’ve all had experience with two  different types of leaders”, Wiseman observed. “The first type drains intelligence, energy, and capability from the people around them; this type always needs to be the smartest person in the room. On the other side of the spectrum are leaders who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them. When these leaders walk into a room, light bulbs turn on over people’s heads; ideas flow, and problems get solved”.  There, you’re feeling smarter already, no…?