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Las Vegas Trade Show recap: January 2016

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know we try to update after every show. But this year we are short staffed and just don’t have the time so I thought we’d recap at least the month of January in one post.

One of the best shows for geeks like the B-T-B team is #CES2016 – What’s new in the world of consumer electronics. This year 3D printing continued its domination of the show but healthcare apps and drones were also a huge presence. But the big announcement that dominated the show was the  reveal of the Faraday Futures electric cars CES2016_Faraday_Futuresthat are going to be built in North Las Vegas. Also turns out all 3  candidates for the Dem President were in Vegas and at CES. It was pretty wild.

Other shows we attended were NSSF’s #ShotShow 2016 – I did manage to snag a cute pic of  a service dog whose owner was thoughtful enough to equip with noise cancelling ear protection at the firing range.ShotShow

Lots of celebrities show up at the Shot Show – mostly what they have are new gear and accessories. It’s expanding to include other outdoor sports besides just guns and rifles.  Lots of survival gear and various groups trying to get new members. I am trying to objectively view a show that I attend for work purposes but disagree with the content.  Of course I have no problem attending AVN which was held at the same time this year. Perhaps that was intentional due to the fall off of interest from the CES attendees in previous years and the resurgence of rhetoric that have made the exhibitors at ShotShow wealthier and more likely to spend $$ looking at their dream girls. Who knows.

Some of the other highlighted shows are Design Week in Vegas – Combining Surfaces, KBIS & IBS with the Las Vegas Market. It is an visual overload of what’s new in commercial and home design. We try to spend at least one day at each event but this year we were contracted to orchestrate a social media event called a blog-around where a group of bloggers in home design were invited to visit designated booths, collect swag and get a preview of whats new in appliances, accessories and furniture. We started the morning with cupcakes and champagne – and ended with cocktails. Great & fun event.

We ended the month with World of Concrete – everything you ever wanted to know about aggregates could be found there. Again this year recycled concrete and renewables dominated  the show – many new apps that helped with time management to load measurement and tracking.


We have more pics but must hit the show floor tomorrow. – Thanks for reading check back for updates. and don’t forget to share this blog with your colleagues. ##



Beyond The Booth: We are Growing!

Two new additions to the Gem Communications Empire!

Our new “Everything you wanted to know about the Hospitality Industry” Blog:  The Daily Dunkin

Hospitality includes:  Arts & Entertainment, Broadcasting, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Hospitality Design, Tourism & Travel, Event Planning

Because we are road warriors – we’ll be adding curated Tour guides from Jauntful.  We are starting with Las Vegas and have published 2 so far.

These will be our common theme areas for the 11 major cities that we cover plus some individual guides for things like “Our favorite Secret Spots” NYC or Best Craft Breweries in Portland.

You can follow us – Beyond The Booth


Los Angeles: Audio Engineering Society Convention – AES

AES is the Audio Engineering Society Convention, and there were workshops, tutorials, technical papers and the trade show floor provide attendees with a wealth of learning, networking and business opportunities.  Sound?  Well, it’s an essential ingredient in games, movies, TV programming (broadcast and streaming), and of course the music industry.  This was the place to be if you had anything to do with the audio industry. The exhibit floor, panels and technical sessions were packed all four days, and with 15,400 registered attendees and over 300 exhibitors and sponsors.  There were over 350 presentations from more than 700 leading researchers and practitioners in the field.  At show close, AES reported a 28% increase in visitor traffic since the last time the convention was on the West Coast (the133rd AES Convention in San Francisco in 2012 — this one was the 137th).  Sounds like a pretty “sound” result…  #AESorg

Los Angeles: Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3

More sights seen at #E32014

Los Angeles: Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3

On the whole, during forty-two hours at the show we’ve made like 23 press meetings seeing both digital and printed media, as well as TV and radio channels. 5 years in a content, content, content is still the big keyword for E3 (and CES & NAB & CinemaCon) New delivery outlets include Microsoft XBoxOne is creating original content shows geared toward gamers. Two reality and one based on fan fiction are in the pipeline to be distributed exclusively though XboxLive. Sony’s PS4, not to be outdone by a competitor, will have exclusive and like all things Sony, proprietary interactive content coming in 2015. Sony will also be adding YouTube to the available content on the PS4. Not to be outdone, Nintendo’s WII-U will have a new interactive 3rd person shooter that uses both firearms as well as swords, knives etc.

Being a fan of the storyline type of gaming (I still play Civ & Caesar) the two games I spent the most time at were Fable:Legends for XboxOne – with no release date but I did signup for the beta. The second was Sherlock Holmes: Crime & Punishment. Solving cases & lounging in opium dens. My kind of game. Distributed in the US by Maximum Games (No relations to Maximum Comics) it got positive reviews all around.

Since we are a UK based team, we get to hang with the BBC and get invited to all kinds of parties. I made only two of them. Breakfast and the annual Ubisoft reception. Glad to see my hotel, the Figueroa (3rd year in a row) didn’t skin with games, just iPhones.

Vegas: Hospitality Week 2014: Nightclub & Bar Show + Catersource + Pizza Expo

1st let me just state for the record I think these 3 shows should combine. There is a  precedent  “Expo Design Week” that included the Exhibitor Expo, Global Shop & ASD/AMD Spring;  “Design Build Week” moving the May show KBIS (Kitchen & Bath) to coincide with the International Builder’s Show (IBS2014) and Vision Expo – which is window coverings and the ever popular FWLV – with all the apparel shows wrapped into one week.  Since the NCBShow is the most expensive badge, add a few dollars on to it – say charge 150 and it covers all 3 shows. And even if you don’t do this, could you stagger your hours so that we can at least get a morning or an afternoon at each of the other shows on the expansive list. With movie theaters looking to expand their offerings to more adult fare like cocktails, gourmet pizzas & event based nights out, perhaps even adding NATO aka CinemaCon to the offerings might be advisable. More bang for the Exhibitors buck! And if you do so: We at Beyond-the-Booth should get lifetime trade show passes. Just saying.

Fresh off our night at CinemaCon we sprang up on Tuesday to rush over to the LVCC ready to see what is the newest in culinary, cocktail & pizza offerings. Starting with the keynote at the Pizza Expo – was  Donatella Arpaia, frequent judge on Food Network’s Iron chef & owner of a “glitzy” pizzeria in Manhattan. The expo opened at 10am. It was a veritable feast with the latest in ovens, dough hooks, store design and of course: Pizza! #PizzaExpo2014

Luckily it was just across from the Nightclub and Bar Expo that opened at 12n. And really who drinks before noon in Vegas? Well everyone, actually. Always one of our favorite shows, we feasted our senses on the visual feast that is NCB. Celebrities were everywhere, including some from across the strip from CinemaCon. The flair bartenders were showing off their expertise in flipping a bottle in the air and having it pour just the right amount into a crystal encrusted martini glass. I have to say my favorite sighting was the booth bunnies done up in Duct tape. I just hope they waxed beforehand. Everything you could want in a club, lounge or bar was exhibiting from flavored jumbo condoms to flavored toilet seat covers to booze infused fruit. #NCBShow2014

And finally we made it over to

Catersource – the annual trade show dedicated to catering, personal chefs and event planning.    Menu planning, tablescapes, setting up social media for each event (and believe me many trade shows could take advantage of this seminar) floral arrangements and destination planning were all included under the Catersource umbrella.  We were invited to their opening night party aptly titled MUSE, held at the ballroom in Bally’s. Full of glitz and glamour it was the perfect start for a conference dedicated to creating amazing and memorable events. #CSES2014



Vegas: Live Design International #LDI2013

“Live Design International (LDI) has become the leading trade show and conference for live design professionals in North and South America. Over 8,000 attendees working in theater, concerts, houses of worship, corporate presentations, clubs, theme parks, and many other live venues came to LDI from 72 countries to see the latest gear in action, refresh their knowledge, and replenish their creativity. More than 300 exhibiting companies provided attendees with live demos and discussions about equipment including lighting, sound, projection, and special effects. LDI kicked off with Backstage Las Vegas, an exciting, fact-filled insider’s look at what’s been happening in Sin City, home to some of the most challenging applications for cutting-edge entertainment design and technology. Visitors could go behind the scenes to meet the creative and technical teams that make possible popular spectaculars like Cirque du Soleil. For trapeze work, you gotta be “”light””… #LDITradeshow