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Orlando: North American Veterinary Conference – NAVC

NAVC stands for North American Veterinary Conference.  As rewarding as being a veterinarian might be, it is far from easy, we heard. Every day brings new dilemmas. Every case presents new challenges. And every beastly (!) patient deserves the best care that a veterinarian can give.  So vets turn to the NAVC for the insight, information and resources they need to take care of their equine, canine, feline and other patients.  More than 650 exhibitors stood ready to solve problems, and point the way to a smarter and more efficient vet practice. Various NAVC offerings helped visitors to keep skills sharp, techniques current and knowledge fresh. NAVC VetFolio was there to provide the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative online learning platform and community forum.  The NAVC Institute offered intensive, hands-on veterinary training courses, while NAVC Expeditions expanded the world of animal care to the more remote corners of this Animal Planet.  Oh, and the 38 Special band did a gig that was guaranteed to “bring out the animal” in party-minded delegates…  #NAVC2015

Albuquerque: American Association of Bovine Practitioners – AABP

AABP stands for American Association of Bovine Practitioners, which to the idle mind conjures up images of cows in white lab-coats, with stethoscopes around their necks.  But no, the cattle are on the receiving end of these folks’ tender ministrations.  Seriously, the AABP show addresses a key area of veterinary medicine, and is “one of the most comprehensive scientific programs ever assembled on cattle disease and production”.  The Association is composed of veterinarians focused on bovine medicine. It was founded in 1965 as a not-for-profit, and has grown to a membership of approximately 6,000 veterinarians, most  from the United States, and they have approximately 500 Canadian members and 200 members from other countries.  The American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners was there with joint status, so veterinarians with a mixed animal practice were well catered for too.  There they all were, ruminating about their ruminants….

Nashville: American Animal Hospital Association – AAHA

AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association, and it wants you to know that it sets “The standard of Veterinary Excellence”, for veterinarians, practice managers and technicians. Established in 1933, AAHA serves approximately 5,500 practice teams in the U.S. and Canada, over half of which are accredited, and comprised of more than 50,000 veterinary care providers. The founders were convinced that small animal practice was important, and that it was necessary to provide better facilities and methods than were then generally available. That philosophy is still alive as a guiding principle of the association today. We hear that AAHA is respected internationally for its dedication to professional development, hospital accreditation standards, and quality educational programs.  They develop industry benchmarks, business practice standards (known as Standards of Accreditation), and publications and educational programs designed to help companion animal hospitals thrive. Okay, look, lady, what makes you think your spaniel is depressed?  That’s just the way spaniels look…  #veterinarian

Des Moines: Pork Symposium

Pork Symposium/Pork Congress More Photos

Des Moines: Pork Symposium

The 2014 Iowa Pork Congress was a Midwest pork symposium.  Yeah, yeah… “pork congress”, okay, okay, we’ve heard ALL the jokes about congressmen getting their snouts in the trough… Can we get serious now please?  Here’s a sample of what symposium attendees were talking about:  “Dubuque casino chef earns top prize in 2014 Iowa Pork Taste of Elegance contest”;  “Pipestone Veterinary official selected as Master Pork Producer”; “Iowa Pork Congress to feature free seminars and training/certification sessions”;  “Three young pork enthusiasts selected to Iowa Pork Producers’ 2014 youth team”; “Dozen young people to compete for 2014 Iowa Pork Youth Team”.  Serious stuff, see?  And where pork is concerned, these folks are not stingy: the public was invited to a free pork lunch being provided by the Iowa Pork Producers Association in downtown Des Moines during the Congress.  No ma’am, we absolutely do NOT do a roast beef sandwich….

Kansas City: AZA #AZA2013

Sept. 7-12,  2013. AZA is the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  You’ll know you were in the right place when you saw the banners with the polar bears.  For more than 80 years, the AZA Annual Conference has been where zoo business solutions, new trends and science-based know-how converge. Hosting over 1,800 attendees and 125 service providers, the conference attracted long-time zoo and aquarium veterans and rising future leaders. Attendees came together to share ideas and learn from one another, uniting opportunities and experts to make great zoo and aquarium ideas stick and new ones come to life.  Sessions included Wildlife Conservation and Management meets, a National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation Introductory Workshop, the Children’s Zoo Interest Group, and a workshop on Why Zoos and Aquariums Matter.  There were side trips to experience the Topeka Zoo, located in the capital city of Kansas, and the Sunset Zoo, in Manhattan, Kansas.  Hey, no sticking things through the bars, please…

Phoenix: AAHA

March 14-17, 2013. How many veterinarians, exactly?  The AAHA Phoenix 2013 Yearly Conference had a total of 3,691 attendees, including 1,233 veterinarians, 297 practice managers, 272 technicians, 219 veterinary assistants and support staff, 104 veterinary and veterinary technician students, 45 other professionals, 525 guests, and 996 exhibitor personnel. This so-called “sizzling hot experience” had something for everyone,  including practice owners and managers, associate veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and client-focused professionals.  They covered everything from A (anesthesia) to Z (zoonotic diseases), capturing the latest diagnostic techniques, advances in therapeutics, and the most sophisticated methods of practice management so delegates could implement cutting-edge knowledge immediately. Folks could even watch an actual surgical procedure live on a giant screen, receiving constant play-by-play explanation by the surgeon.  Scalpel… swab…  doggie bone…