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Las Vegas: PubCon2015

PubCon wanted you to know it mounts the premier social media and optimization conference, which is supported by the industry’s leading businesses, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors involved in social media, Internet marketing, search engines, and digital advertising.  PubCon describes itself as the world’s leading online marketing conference, and it offers an in-depth look at the future of technology, presented by the world’s top speakers in cutting-edge sessions touted as “provocative”.  PubCon was named a Forbes must-attend conference and an Inc. top conference for growing business.  It’s certainly among the biggest and boldest international gatherings for biz optimization and new media innovation assembled anywhere. Since 2000, PubCon has been bringing the very best in online marketing and SEO to attendees from over 130 different countries.  Um…. does something this social count as “socialism”? #pubcon2015

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Boston: Specialty Libraries #SLA2015

SLA stands for the Special Libraries Association. You didn’t have to be wearing heavy horn-rimmed half-moon spectacles to get in, but it certainly helped — the bifocals would have enabled studious delegates to stay focused on what the show had to offer. So what kinds of people would you have been rubbing shoulders with at SLA? Oh, you know the type: Information Professionals, Collections Managers, Research/Intelligence Professionals, Information Center Managers, Knowledge Managers, Web Developers, Information Analysts, Consultants, Content Managers, Educators, Content Rights Managers, Library/Information School Students… all those serious folks who care about “Connecting People and Information”, like it said on the banner over the registration desk. They’re trained in information research, knowledge management, data analysis and presentation, and they know your organization, your market, and your mission. Okay, we’re declaring amnesty on overdue library books all this week… #SLAIETLIP

Las Vegas: WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographers Int’l

WPPI stands for Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, and Las Vegas is the logical place to hold it.  Where else can you get wedding photos showing couples tying the knot in chapels where Elvis impersonators officiate?  Wedding Photographers International was founded in the 1970’s and provided a much-needed forum for photographers who had long asked for guidance, and an association of their own.  In 2013, WPPI became part of the Professional Photo Group, which includes PDN, Rangefinder, PhotoServe, PhotoSource, IPN, PhotoPlus and Outdoor Photo Expo.  This group covers all platforms for professional photographers, including conferences and trade shows, contests and competitions, social networking, trade publications and more.  Realizing that many of WPI’s present and future members were involved in both wedding and portrait photography, Wedding Photographers International officially became Wedding & Portrait Photographers International in 1995. And they have photos to prove it…  #WPPI2015

Chicago: American Library Association – Midwinter Meeting – ALA

Winter is for curling up by the fire with a good book, and the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting was all for that, we found.  The ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference are the premier global library events each year, they told us, bringing together newsmakers, innovators, thought leaders, and influencers in the library field from all over the world. Important announcements were made, updates were shared, relevant legislation and policy were addressed, and discussions took place with a major impact on libraries, their role, and their ongoing transformation.  The show provided a dedicated area (the Networking Uncommons space) where delegates could gather in small groups to have a quick meeting, hold impromptu sessions, polish up a presentation, or just recharge batteries. There was even a “Fun With Dick and Jane” session, looking at the works of …wait for it …Jane Austen and Bladerunner’s futuristic creator, Philip K. Dick.  (Dick and Jane, geddit?)   #alamw15

Chicago: Graph Expo – GASC

GASC is short for Graphic Expo, and it wants to be THE industry event spanning the realms of Print, Online and Mobile.  It’s billed as the most innovative exhibition of digital, inkjet, offset, flexo and hybrid technologies.  Across the interactive show floor, attendees came to see and explore demonstrations of all the latest technologies, unique new applications, and products and services for every key facet of the graphic communications industry.  On show were all the latest developments in digital, flexo, gravure and offset package printing hardware, software and converting systems, plus educational opportunities, all with the co-location of CPP EXPO 2014.  Who was there?  Newspaper Printers & Publishers, Photo Imagers & Retailers, Book Publishers, Transactional and Commercial Printers, Media Print Buyers, Package & Label Printers & Converters, Mailing & Fulfillment Professionals.  “Print the legend”, they said…

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International – WPPI

We found some blog recaps that were really better than anything I could ever write.  And they are filled with glorious photographs!

Jane Johnson Design  <<– In the Booth perspective

Katelyn James Photography  <<– Speakers Viewpoint (not Charlie’s for once)

Benfield Photography  <<– I really loved that he included all the places with pics that he went to, including Zappo’s.

Kate Nesbitt Photography <<– nice recap with pics of some people watching, building watching & just watching.

Las Vegas: New Media Expo 2014 – NMX

NMX 2014: Making Case for Web Series

NMX 2014: Making Case for Web Series


NMX 2014: Session

NMX 2014: Session