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Las Vegas: International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering – ISPE

ISPE is the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering.  The pharmaceutical landscape is constantly evolving, we heard.  Cost pressures, tighter schedules, the need for manufacturing flexibility and shifting regulatory expectations are constant challenges affecting how this industry conducts its business. Now more than ever, we were told, pharmaceutical disciplines are being asked to do more with less, anticipate tomorrow’s challenges today and solve issues that have not yet arisen.  Things that have already arisen provided  topics for keynoters, topics like Securing the Supply Chain — Combating the evolving risks in pharmaceutical sourcing and manufacturing;  and A Shot in the Arm — Coping with Change Fatigue in Pharma. Fatigue?  You’re feeling a strange kind of lassitude? Finding it difficult to get going in the morning?  Take two of these after meals….

New York City: Interphex & Biotechnica America

INTERPHEX is the shortened monicker of International Pharmaceutical Expo, and it’s positioned as a source for complete biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions “to confidently process all dosage forms for life-enhancing drugs”.  Hmmmmmm….  Anyway, there were 12,000 industry professionals in attendance, and more than 650 vendors showing the latest pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology.  You might be surprised how diverse it can be.  It ranges over Bioprocess Equipment, Systems & Services, Cleanroom Equipment & Supplies, Research, Development, Manufacturing & Packaging, Facility Design, Maintenance, Engineering, Construction & Commissioning, Laboratory & Testing Services, Laboratory Instrumentation, Material Handling, Logistics and Transportation, Processing Equipment, Raw Materials, Ingredients…  Not so different from cooking, then…  #INTERPHEX

Miami Beach: INFORMEX

INF14: 30th Anniversary Cake

INF14: 30th Anniversary Cake

When we talk about INFORMEX, we’re talking about North America’s leading business partnering event for buyers and sellers of high-value chemistry. More than 3,500 attendees from top pharmaceutical, chemical and specialty chemical companies converged on the international hotspot of Miami Beach.  What were they expecting?  “InformEx gives custom manufacturers in the fine and performance chemical industry a personalized platform for getting business done and tapping into resources that will help us all succeed in the fast-evolving marketplace,” said a longtime attendee.  On-floor education sessions covering the most pressing issues of today’s suppliers, distributors and customers from across the fine and specialty chemical markets.  Noise-cancelling headphones allowed attendees to focus and actively participate in “silent” sessions, even amidst an energy-filled environment, we heard. Sorry, could you repeat that…?

INF 2014

INF 2014


1. Show Floor
2. Builds for Habitat for Humanity
3. Cookies
4. Show Floor Cubicle Farm

Dusseldorf: ComPaMed & Medica 2013 #Medica #ComPaMed2013

Compamed in Germany is all about “high-tech solutions for medical technology”. Biomaterials are in great demand, we heard. They garner more and more application areas in medical technology, which is apparently why scientists concentrate on exploring new biomaterials that are particularly well tolerated in the human body. What does all this mean in practice? Well, delegates had questions about things like new techniques for testing drugs, patient-tracking and freedom of movement, Paving the Path for Hybrid Nano-Materials, Super-thin Membranes for Chip-sized Pumps (“The ability to shrink laboratory-scale processes to automated chip-sized systems would revolutionize biotechnology and medicine”, we were told), altered brain connections in epilepsy patients, polymers that disrupt bacterial communication… That last one left us wondering what bacteria chat about when they are busy communicating…

Orlando: American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons #AAOMS2013

AAOMS is the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons care for patients with problem wisdom teeth, facial pain, and misaligned jaws. They treat accident victims suffering facial injuries, place dental implants, care for patients with oral cancer, tumors and cysts of the jaws, and perform facial cosmetic surgery. The AAOMS supports the dental specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery through a variety of activities that address such areas as the safe and effective delivery of office based anesthesia, state and federal government affairs, education and training programs for oral and maxillofacial surgical residents, and the development of continuing educational programming. AAOMS offers a number of workshops, seminars, and courses for every member of the OMS office. There, that brought a smile to your face…

New York City: INTERPHEX 2013

April 23-25, 2013. INTERPHEX pitches itself as America’s leading annual pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical trade show. Key pharma decision-makers find the products, services and information they need to ensure quality and maximize efficiency and flexibility, the better to solve manufacturing and supply chain problems. INTERPHEX, we heard, is where “intelligence and passion intersect with the full spectrum of industry products and services to create new insights and innovation”.  This is supposed to be the place in the industry to showcase products and solutions to an audience from big and small pharma, biologics, service providers, and generics — which, we were told, have open projects worth over $11 billion dollars.  The biggest attendee group was general management, closely followed by production and manufacturing, marketing and sales, and business development.  Clearly they came looking for “healthy” growth patterns…

Anaheim: InformEx

February 19-22, 2013. InformExUSA is the Global Chemical Marketplace, or anyway that’s what it said on the banner above the registration desk.  InformexUSA offered an up-to-date view of the developments and new technologies from a broad cross-section of the chemical industry such as: established and emerging Pharma, the cosmetics and personal care industry, the biopharma sector, agrochemical manufacturers, plastics and polymers, branded Pharma and generics, and mid-sized specialty Pharma companies. The exhibitor line-up was global, allowing delegates to meet new partners with the resources their business needed to take it to the next level, all combined with a full program of world-class conferences. Special sessions looked at “Perspectives on the Specialty Chemical Industry”, “Bio-based Chemicals: Going Commercial”, and “Market Regulation: How It Affects Your Business and How to Fight Back”.  Would fighting back maybe involve “chemical” weapons…?