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Boston: Specialty Libraries #SLA2015

SLA stands for the Special Libraries Association. You didn’t have to be wearing heavy horn-rimmed half-moon spectacles to get in, but it certainly helped — the bifocals would have enabled studious delegates to stay focused on what the show had to offer. So what kinds of people would you have been rubbing shoulders with at SLA? Oh, you know the type: Information Professionals, Collections Managers, Research/Intelligence Professionals, Information Center Managers, Knowledge Managers, Web Developers, Information Analysts, Consultants, Content Managers, Educators, Content Rights Managers, Library/Information School Students… all those serious folks who care about “Connecting People and Information”, like it said on the banner over the registration desk. They’re trained in information research, knowledge management, data analysis and presentation, and they know your organization, your market, and your mission. Okay, we’re declaring amnesty on overdue library books all this week… #SLAIETLIP

New York City: LegalTech New York

Legal Technology is ever changing and LegalTech offers law firms and legal departments the ability to stay on top of this evolving industry.  LegalTech New York is positioned as the #1 resource for law firms and legal departments to get hands-on practical information, view to improving their law practice management. The legal marketplace has tremendous buying power that resists dips in the ever-changing business economy, we heard. For this reason, competition in the legal industry is fierce, and  face-to-face connection is often the difference between a legal firm closing a sale and losing said sale to a competitor. For over a quarter of a century LegalTech has been there to help to even the playing field. LegalTech provided an in-depth look at what technology has in store for legal practitioners and their practice.  The show offered an expansive exhibit floor with the most extensive gathering of innovative products designed to meet current and future technology needs in the legal framework. So buckle up: it’s the law….

San Francisco: American Association for Justice – AAJ

July 20-23, 2013. The AAJ is the American Association for Justice, and is also known as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.  For over sixty years the association has supported plaintiff trial lawyers as the collective voice of the trial bar on Capitol Hill and in courthouses across the nation.  The profession seems to be defending itself against myths and falsehoods: “Drug, oil, and insurance companies have spent millions of dollars to generate myths about how lawsuits are out of control and responsible for all of America’s ills”, we heard.  “The facts tell a much different story.  The number of tort (personal injury) cases has been declining for years.  According to the National Center for State Courts, tort cases accounted for just 4.4 percent of all civil cases filed in 2008, and declined by 25 percent between 1999 and 2008.  Tort filings in state courts decreased by six percent between 2007 and 2008”.  Still unhappy?  So sue me…

National Harbor ML: ALA – Association of Legal Administrators

April 15-17, 2013. The ALA is the Association of Legal Administrators. The education and research
arm of ALA is dedicated to supporting activities that advance legal management and
encourage service to the legal profession and community. The Foundation’s primary goals include developing and presenting educational programs, researching the changing legal workplace and work force, and increasing awareness of the value of professional law firm administrators.  Sessions offered at the conference focused on competencies identified by a survey distributed to principal administrators and managing partners. The survey resulted in the identification of competencies necessary to be an effective administrator. These were segmented into five core management areas: Communication and Organizational Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Legal Industry/Business Management and Operations Management.  So which segment were you…?

New York City: LegalTech Show

January, 29-31, 2013. LegalTech claims to be the Number One resource for law firms and legal departments, the place to be to get hands-on practical information for improving law practice management. The legal marketplace, we heard, has the kind of buying power that resists dips in an ever-changing business economy. For this reason, competition in the legal industry is apparently pretty fierce, and making face-to-face connections can make the difference between a law firm company closing a sale or losing that sale to a competitor.  The show provided an in-depth look at what the technological world has in store for today’s legal practice, and offered an expansive exhibit floor crammed with the most extensive range of innovative products, all designed to meet legal eagles’ current and future technology needs.  Now, what happens if I press this “settle out of court” button…?

New Orleans: Association of American Law Schools

January, 4-6, 2013. AALS is the acronym for the Association of American Law Schools, and it is dedicated to improving the legal profession through education. The AALS Annual Meeting and Exhibits claim that they offer the most comprehensive week of continuing education and networking available for legal educators. The show provides attendees with the opportunity to view and discuss products and services which can enhance or support their teaching goals.  Prominent was the American Bar Association Publishing Group, the preeminent legal publisher of practice-oriented books for lawyers, students, and legal professionals. With more than 700 books in its inventory, the Association publishes in every practice area, and focuses on books that help lawyers in their day-to-day working lives, providing in-depth analysis of complex legal issues, and furnishing lawyers with solutions and strategies to better serve their clients.  “There he stands… a lawbook in his hands….”

Las Vegas: CAALA

Sept. 6-9, 2012. This one’s for attorneys, law firm staff, jurists and law students.  CAALA’s annual Las Vegas Convention is supposed to be the largest gathering of trial attorneys in the USA. It featured three and half days of educational sessions presented by the nation’s most prominent trial lawyers, jurists and legal consultants. The convention attracted 2,000 attendees and over 100 legal service exhibitors. Sessions on offer included advanced trial skills, “What very trial lawyer should know about medical imaging, electronic and diagnostic testing” (for effective proof of medical damages), and “Taking it to the Max: basic tips to maximize auto accident cases”, which included “Nuts and bolts for seatbelts and airbags — rules of the road for product liability cases”.  A case of buckle up, we’re the law….