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Las Vegas Trade Show recap: January 2016

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know we try to update after every show. But this year we are short staffed and just don’t have the time so I thought we’d recap at least the month of January in one post.

One of the best shows for geeks like the B-T-B team is #CES2016 – What’s new in the world of consumer electronics. This year 3D printing continued its domination of the show but healthcare apps and drones were also a huge presence. But the big announcement that dominated the show was the  reveal of the Faraday Futures electric cars CES2016_Faraday_Futuresthat are going to be built in North Las Vegas. Also turns out all 3  candidates for the Dem President were in Vegas and at CES. It was pretty wild.

Other shows we attended were NSSF’s #ShotShow 2016 – I did manage to snag a cute pic of  a service dog whose owner was thoughtful enough to equip with noise cancelling ear protection at the firing range.ShotShow

Lots of celebrities show up at the Shot Show – mostly what they have are new gear and accessories. It’s expanding to include other outdoor sports besides just guns and rifles.  Lots of survival gear and various groups trying to get new members. I am trying to objectively view a show that I attend for work purposes but disagree with the content.  Of course I have no problem attending AVN which was held at the same time this year. Perhaps that was intentional due to the fall off of interest from the CES attendees in previous years and the resurgence of rhetoric that have made the exhibitors at ShotShow wealthier and more likely to spend $$ looking at their dream girls. Who knows.

Some of the other highlighted shows are Design Week in Vegas – Combining Surfaces, KBIS & IBS with the Las Vegas Market. It is an visual overload of what’s new in commercial and home design. We try to spend at least one day at each event but this year we were contracted to orchestrate a social media event called a blog-around where a group of bloggers in home design were invited to visit designated booths, collect swag and get a preview of whats new in appliances, accessories and furniture. We started the morning with cupcakes and champagne – and ended with cocktails. Great & fun event.

We ended the month with World of Concrete – everything you ever wanted to know about aggregates could be found there. Again this year recycled concrete and renewables dominated  the show – many new apps that helped with time management to load measurement and tracking.


We have more pics but must hit the show floor tomorrow. – Thanks for reading check back for updates. and don’t forget to share this blog with your colleagues. ##



Trade Shows Las Vegas: ReCon 2015 #ReCon2015

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is all about advancing the shopping center industry and to promoting its role in the commercial distribution of consumer goods and services.  Recon is their Global Retail Real Estate Convention, and a fine platform for explaining why things are going well for the business;  for instance the industry as a whole has been thriving and “only going up”. In 2014 the average value of shopping center construction ($14.5 billion), occupancy rates (92.7%) and rent (+ 6.5%) all soared to record-breaking highs since 2008. Shopping center NOI (that’s Net Operating Income to us acronym ignoramuses)  also experienced a record growth rate (+8.3%) since 2000.  Mall sales productivity per square foot was up from $385 dollars in 2009 to over $475.  Based on U.S. Census Bureau data, the value of shopping center construction, including work done on both new and/or existing structures, reached $14.5 billion in 2014, the highest since 2008. The recession?  It’s just so over…  #ICSC2015 #ReCon2015

Chicago: Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo

Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo sounds like a Healthcare gathering, but is actually all about the folks who design, provide and build the buildings in which healthcare services end up being provided.  So what kind of folks would those be?  Architects, facility managers, engineers, interior designers, construction professionals and healthcare owners, those kind of folks.  What do folks like that talk about?  A sample:  “As our industry sees potential shifts to smaller, decentralized facilities and a greater emphasis on connectivity for patients and caregivers, we are forced to examine the trends in healthcare and the trends in healthcare design as one single movement”.  Connectivity meant meeting opportunities with more than 200 companies in the Exhibit Hall.  Trends meant educational experiences with conference sessions presented by speakers representing the upper echelon of thought leaders, trend setters and industry authorities.  Oh, and patients?  If you build it, they will come….

Los Angeles: The LED Show

Atlanta: International Woodworking Fair – IWF

IWF is the International Woodworking Fair, and it’s the trade show where furniture manufacturing, cabinetry, architectural millwork, material processing, design, technology, decorative hardware and other related industry professionals from all over the globe come to find products they didn’t know existed that could help their company succeed. Delegates from the small shop types to the large plant-industry buyers seem to know that the International Woodworking Fair is the place to source products, discover new ideas and learn from those who have already troubleshot the solutions to thorny problems.  It was all there, from raw materials, supplies and finishing accessories to woodworking and material processing machinery hardware. Visitors could also see the newest products, trends and solutions for wood, plastic and other material processing industries.  Basically, if you could… you wood…  #IWF14

Orlando: Southeast Building Conference – SEBC

SEBC stands for Southeast Building Conference, and it’s where the Southeast’s Builders, Remodelers, Contractors, Developers and other building industry professionals come to interact.  SEBC offers over 40 seminars that meet Florida Building Code Standards, and business building tracks and programs that cover ideas on business management, universal design and remodeling as well as sales and marketing.  The SEBC show attracted a wide range of building and housing professionals from Florida and the South, and over 300 companies exhibited in 2014.  The audience was primarily builders of single-family homes, apartments, commercial structures… as well as developers, remodelers, architects, engineers, and sales and marketing professionals.  There were Specialty Sections for Green Zone, Hurricane Alley and EZone (Energy Efficiency), plus a special section dedicated to SEBC’s co-location trade show partner, the Florida Masonry Foundation.  58% of the builders present were the decision maker or purchasing agent. Build on that!

Chicago: American Institute of Architects – AIA

AIA is the American Institute of Architects, and we heard that it’s the largest annual gathering of architects and design professionals in the U.S.   Attendees came wanting expertise and information, insight into industry trends, and access to the newest products and services.  What kind of attendees?  Well, principals controlling important purchasing budgets, entrepreneurial leaders of startup firms, design professionals for major corporations, students already busy making tomorrow’s decisions…  Nearly 20,000 attendees joined together in Chicago for AIA Convention 2014, seeking out everything from preconvention events and workshops through to the final keynote.  90% of attendees visited the expo specifically to plan or purchase for upcoming projects.  Exhibitors brought their A-game, along with dynamic displays showcasing new materials, methods, and technology.  Hope you didn’t miss the robo-buildings that build themselves?  Only kidding….  But wait a minute… #AIACon14