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Las Vegas: New Media Expo 2014 – NMX

NMX 2014: Making Case for Web Series

NMX 2014: Making Case for Web Series


NMX 2014: Session

NMX 2014: Session


Vegas: New Media Expo #NMX

Calling all bloggers, podcasters & citizen journalist: This is the show for us! Content! Content! Content! is queen er king for those who want to have a voice to the global community. From foodies & fashionistas to political junkies and Live from the scene, they all gather to learn what is new! hot! now! in the world of media.

Did I mention there were parties?

Vegas: G2E 2012 – Global Gaming #G2E2012

In continuing the trend from 2010 forward, G2E – the annual event that is every thing gambling was earlier this month, held at the Sands Convention Center. So many blinging lights – so little time. But if ever there was an industry that is better off in 2012 than in 2008 – it’s the gaming industry. There was a great social media seminar and always get good takeaway information. Thanks to Masterminds for sponsoring the tweet up.

Our biggest take-away was the implementation of hand held devices in the casino experience. Sports books are the 1st to take on online gaming but in the next 3-5 years (or sooner) slot machines will be replaced by the nextGen ipad (or tablet equivalent)

WMS gaming introduced a number of new pop culture centered slot machines including the KISS brand lead by the Demon & StarChild, Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley (who looked amazingly good for having lost his mom 2 days before the ribbon cutting, may she RIP) Kiss nation was out in force or at least hired models dressed as KISS were.

Automatic bingo is the next big floor game. No longer requiring a huge room with blue hair’d grammas hoping to hit it big on the 16 card sheets in front of them, an electronic version will be rolled out to casino floors very soon. Where will they put all the trolls & charms.

Hopefully once the G2E contract is up, they will move out of the Sands and into either Mandalay or Caesars which is much more trade show friendly.

Vegas: EMC World 2012

Transform! was the name of their event right before Memorial Day and during the annual ReCon show. Taking over the Venetian, EMC really did Transform this into a trade show & conference like no other. From the giant Optimist Prime to the giant bean bags in some of the sessions, the entire event was like being transported from Venice to Pandora. It was like walking in a giant blue sea of humanity-no Pandorians were harmed in the creation of this world. The best and most secret session was the Area 51, so named after the site that sits about 50 miles from the Las Vegas strip where tests on A.L.F.s were supposedly conducted. No press and no cameras. Yes I am still wondering as even my BCW glare couldn’t get them to let me in. For a few moments on the trade floor I thought I’d wandered in to a Comic Con in the desert complete with Storm Troopers & Darth Vader. It was, in the almost 8 years I’ve been tracking trade shows, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to and that is saying a Pandorian mouthful.

Las Vegas: #NAB2012 National Association of Broadcasters Day 1

Las Vegas: GTS 2011 (Gama Trade show)

“The Gama Trade show is all about “”minding the business of games””. The theme for GTS 2011 was “Times Are Changing”, and those gamesters witnessed a lot of changes at the show. This was the best retailer turnout for GTS since 2008, with 219 unique retail stores attend this year’s show, fifty percent up on the GTS 2010 attendance level. The sponsors were outfits like Bandai, Wizards of the Coast, Mayfair Games, Cryptozoic, Sandstorm, WizKids, AEG, Paizo, Konami, Osprey Publishing, GameScience, Alliance Game Distributors, ACD Distribution, Game Publishers Association, and ICv2, and they collectively pioneered a new Retailer Appreciation Package. See that little group over there, in pink gingham shirts and raggedy-ann straw hats? They’ve been playing Farmville non-stop for the whole duation of the show. Now, if I give you a cow, will you feed my chickens?

ISC West 2010

ISC West 2010 Video Surveillance Demo
This has in the past been one of the fastest-growing shows anywhere, implying security is a growing public and business concern. Hot topics: biometric i/d products, video surveillance, remote monitoring. A lot of hard-wired products are now looking at wireless technology instead. Better security!
Arecont Vision at ISC West 2010