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Vegas: ConExpo2014 Day 4: It’s all about the Magnificent Monster Machines

I spent day 4 in the lots. Surrounded by huge pieces of equipment & huge crowds. The kind folks at CDE Global “Leader in materials washing equipment” were nice enough to give me a personal tour of their new M4500 and by far the centerpiece of all the monster machines we saw.

Having just opened a new US based facility in NC, CDE Global is expanding their foot print in the North American market. It was quite interesting to meet with the team and hear their thought process on choosing now to open in the US as well as picking their location. Oh and they fed us!

Most of today’s pictures were brought to you by Loopy. You can follow her on twitter @lasVegasLoopy –



Vegas: ConExpo Day 3: We will not be lost in the crowd!

Even though the data folks say there is a 27% increase in both exhibitors & attendees, it really feels like 30%. My 1st ConExpo was in 2005. The height of the housing boom. then in 2008 when all those “No down payment” loans were starting to come though and the market crashed 6 months later. 2011 was just as the recovery had started, contracts were being scrutinized & while it was on the upswing, the money hadn’t started to trickle down. This year? All the people I’ve spoken to, and by my card count that’s over 1000, are upbeat. Housing is rebounding, the commercial market, while slower, is on the upswing. All sectors are finding new revenue streams. And with the LVCC literally bursting at the seams, people are spending again.  If I haven’t said it already, Thank You AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) for picking Las Vegas once again!

Vegas: ConExpo Recap Day 2: Mama Needs a new pair of Feet!

Day 2 of the LARGEST Trade show in North America: ConExpo/ConAgg.

Today’s adventures include: checking out the newest shipping containers which I may call home one day; trying to find a cup of coffee that isn’t Starbucks, following a lot of “behind the booths*, got a custom t-shirt from International, saw a HUGE lego engine from John Deere & did a little salsa dancing to a Mariachi band on the side of Central hall.

Another great day & thanks for choose Vegas again for this awesome trade show.


Vegas: ConExpo2014 Day 1

Day one of ConExpo is on the books! Greatly expanded this year, with exhibits in the LVH & the Rivera with all the parking lots taken up by Magnificent Mechanical Machines.  & What an opening with acrobats repelling down the front of the LVCC. Sadly, we went home swagless. Not a t-shirt or a pen to be found. Worse? No chocolate or beer! But we saw some great new innovative products and can’t wait to showcase them. Now where did I put my spare pair of feet?


Vegas: ConExpo2014 Pre-Show Pics

The largest trade show in North America opens next week in Las Vegas. Collectively known as ConExpoConAgg, it is a showcase of equipment, logistics, software & services it takes to run industry. Combining construction, agriculture, manufacturing & mining under one huge show, ConExpo is a massive undertaking. Happening only 1 every 3 years, we love to watch as the show gets built out. Watch this space next week for a daily recap of the awesomeness that is ConExpo.


Quebec City: Canadian Mineral Processors #CMP2013

The CMP (Canadian Mineral Processor) 25th Anniversary Conference was held in Quebec, which meant you needed to speak French to really understand fully what was going on. Sacrebleu! CMP is a Technical Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. It had its beginnings as an operator-oriented group called the Canadian Gold Metallurgists, the formation of which was predicated on the principle of “cost plus tails”, i.e. obtaining the lowest possible cost per ton of ore milled with the highest recovery possible. This focus on operators and their interests is maintained as a priority to this day. The conference featured presentations on various aspects of mineral processing including grinding, flotation, new technologies, leaching and roasting, research, and iron ore processing. What’s French for “leaching and roasting”…?