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Las Vegas: ASHP

Dec. 3-5, 2012. Why would you call a conference the “Mid-Year Clinical Meeting” when it takes place in December?  Better than 20,000 attendees at this meeting of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) seemed not to be much bothered by the apparent logical contradiction, in spite of (or perhaps because of) this apparently being “the largest gathering of pharmacists in the world”.  (Really?)  A forecast session presented key findings and recommendations from a new trends report from the Center for Health-System Pharmacy Leadership, and a panel of trend-watchers offered an assessment of health-system pharmacy, commenting on strategies that pharmacy departments could consider to improve their effectiveness.  Oh and, this being Vegas, they also held a poker tournament….

Las Vegas: NGWA Groundwater 2012

Dec. 4-6-2012:  1000’s of groundwater experts “flooded” into Las Vegas last week for the annual meeting of environmentalists and experts in the field clean water. Topics included “Brown Field clean up” (you really do not want to know what this is that is leaching into our water system) – “Effects of the Pipeline on Our Water Supply” – and “Keeping the Pump Primed – Aquifier Sustainability.”  The expo floor was expanded to include 30 new vendors showing everything from tech-based purifiers to rain collection devices. Quite frankly we think this should be held on Halloween because the thought of ‘brown fields’ leaching into our water supply is more frightening than a witches’ tit.

Vegas: Lux Travel Xchange LTX

Nov 27-29, 2012:  The Luxury Travel eXchange made it’s inaugural debut at the Palazzo/Venetian hotel last week – a coup for Las Vegas since it literally dead between Thanksgiving & the Christmas holidays as far as trade shows are concerned.  The one big money event is the NFR but it’s at the Thomas & Mack Center so the various convention centers are literally dark for six weeks. Of course there are some exceptions and kudos to the LVCVA for trying to lure smaller shows in with the promise of deeply discounted hotel rooms and cheap eats. Of course that’s not what the Lux Travel folks want to hear. There were several break out sessions regarding ROI on luxury cruises geared for the blue haired & blooded set (65+) offering everything from smaller river cruises in Europe to the Mack Daddy on Princess – smaller ship to get into exotic ports etc. Using social media for locating tech savvy clients on trust funds.  An entire session was dedicated to medical travel and spas.  The trade show floor was an abundance to booths from various counties & cities trying to lure the luxury dollar to their locations. Pullman Sleeping Car was there with a full blown version of their luxury rail cars. We need more train travel in the US!


Las Vegas: DEMA Show

Nov. 14-17, 2012. DEMA is the Divers Equipment & Marketing Association.  Manufacturers, exhibitors and experts were on hand for new product demonstrations and to allow attendees to test out the latest diving and scuba product innovations. The IRC, or Image Resource Center, featured seminars on all aspects of underwater photography and videography and how diving course providers can use them to get potential customers involved with diving — and keep them active once they get themselves certified. Some interesting facts came to the surface at the show.  For instance, sinking retired vessels and turning them into man-made reefs is apparently a proven way to increase diver acquisition and retention in the US and internationally. Kind of gives you a sinking feeling, though…

Las Vegas: Workers’ Comp

Nov. 7-9, 2012. To give it its full title, this was the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference and Expo, and after two decades and more it remains the industry’s leading training event.  Economic realities, we were told, have forced many high-level executives to take on workers’ comp responsibilities for their organizations. CFOs, general counsels and risk professionals with purchasing authority are suddenly finding themselves tasked with overseeing a system that they may understand only peripherally. The program was designed to provide those high-level professionals a core understanding of workers’ compensation and the tools needed to design, price and manage a successful workers’ compensation program.  By way of entertainment, magician Craig Karges took mystification to a whole new level to prove that nothing is impossible — tables floated, minds were read and metal got bent out of shape…

Las Vegas: SupplySideWest 2012 SSW2012

Nov. 7-9, 2012:   A few pictures from this years Supply Side West in Las Vegas.  “SupplySide West is the world’s largest expo gathering ingredient suppliers and finished product manufacturers.” – from the SSW website. From bottle grass  to add healthy ruffage to the diet to various blends of Greek yogurt – all promising a longer and healthier life. Most interesting to us was the agave based insulin – an alternative to what is more common for diabetics forced to use insulin. About 70% of the vendors were “GMO” free – even the industrial giant Cargill is jumping on that bandwagon. Did you know that non-organic corn has a predisposed pesticide inside called “round up ready” known to cause anal leakage, thus so many pictures of the “Behinds of the Booth.

Las Vegas: Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)

Nov. 4-7 2012. The SEG is the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and their annual meeting claims to be the world’s largest oil, energy and mineral exposition, showcasing cutting-edge technology for use in exploration and associated industries. SEG is the premier venue for energy exploration buffs to meet and discuss new geophysical technologies and their uses, as well as to make the acquaintance of new and innovative geophysical products and services.  Apparently the Technical Program Committee had to sort through 1,500 expanded abstracts to select the 576 oral papers, 189 posters and 152 e-posters that were made available to delegates and students.  Students, we heard, “are the future and lifeblood of geophysics”. So they needed to put plenty of “energy” into studying up on all those papers….