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CeBit Hanover: Messe Hanover Convention Center

Just some random shots of people, the convention center and transportation.Hannover Messe
Bus #1-- arrivals at CeBit
Welcome signs in English

CeBit Hanover: Keynote from the Governator, Mr. Schwarzenegger

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the keynote speakers @ Cebit this year, inviting both tourists and businesses to “Come to Kaleefornia.” And who could refuse him??
The Governator opens the California Pavillion
He was his charming self without sounding too full of it. He did point out the advantage of doing business in Cali, the availability of transportation, the educated workforce, as well as the UN-educated (read: cheap) workforce. All in all it was interesting to see the throngs of people who turned out just to see him. After all Austria was part of the German empire 60 years ago. The press became adoring fans once he was leading the delegation over to his new pavilion. "Ahnold Meets the Press"

Hospitality Week: Random Pictures

The Night club and Bar Expo gave us the most interesting booths and while we did “try” a few of the offerings, we stayed sober enough to get a few good shots in. I’m kind of partial to the Icee Motorcycle myself.
Icee Cycle
Strawberry 2 Go

Chronic Ice
Legal Chronic

Rock Band 2

CeBit: CEA Welcome area

CEA Welcome area

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Dateline: Hanover Germany.
Charlie went to CeBit in Hanover this year on behalf of one of our biggest clients. Mainly because he is fluent in German but also because he is familiar with the clients and its cheaper because he was in the UK for a change.

CeBit is like putting CES, CITA, IWCE and oh MacWorld all under the same roof. Except its about 4 buildings.

The state of California had their own pavilion this year and who better to represent the state but “Ahnold” himself encouraging both tourists and business to come to Kal-ie-forn-ee-a. This could prove to bring additional $$ into Las Vegas because where else are Euros going to go to get their gaming on??? Vegas Baby!!

The Cali-Forn-i-a Experience

Hospitality Week: Shake it up 2009-Battle of the Mixologists!!

Always a fun event to attend, this year was no different. Bartenders from around the country come to compete, creating the best new cocktail of 2009. Just like Iron Chef, the secret ingredient was revealed just before the words “Start your shakers”.. Passion Fruit was honored this year as the secret ingredient. Scroll down for the winner

And the Winner is:
Passionate Woman by Victoria Damato-Moran from the Underhill Lounge in Bernal Heights, CA.
1 bar spoon fresh passion fruit
1 ½ ounces SKYY Passion Fruit Vodka
1 ounce Aperol
½ ounce X Rated Fusion
½ ounce fresh lemon juice
Grated nutmeg

Build, shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Try it sometime!!

True Words Tee Shirt
“”The Hardest part about being a bartender is knowing the difference between who’s drunk & who’s just plain stupid”–Pat Link

PMA 09: Signs Signs Everywhere there are Signs

One of the things about going to the conventions is the signage that is displayed. I mean there is only so much one can do with it without becoming weird. The trouble is from show to show it all looks basically the same. Oh the products change but the style remains the same. What makes one company stand out? Is BIGGER always Better?? (ok in MY case it is) No matter what you do, there is always that same format of square or rectangle to get the most bang for your buck. How about some widget company thinking out of the box and doing ROUND signs or Octagon (not to be confused with the Octamom) or triangles .. that would be different!!

Anyway here is a small montage of signs from PMA. They are creative photographers, you’d think they’d buy a clue.

Giant Ashton

Originally uploaded by BAD BAB

The Ultimate Event

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Hospitality Week: HotelWorld & Night Club & Bar Expo

CrowdThis is one of those conventions that everyone on staff wants to attend. When you check in and your age is verified, then you get this little wristband.. and you are on your way to Eat, Drink & Be Merry. If you get too Merry..there are many many mattress displays that you could curl up and catch at nap.

SertaOf course there are all kinds of new products on hand and we did take advantage of testing a few of them.

Serta was not one of them but the people working the booth were very good sports and let me snap a picture of them. They also had a little lamb with them just to make sure they were branded.

Sadly, like other shows we’ve attended recently, attendance was way down. It’s across all industries, not just Vegas-centric ones. Hopefully the large venues will realize that we are in the “R” word and will make concessions and lower their rates to be more in line with other convention cities. Doubtful.

TrojanTrojan was a presence in both the NCB Expo & HotelWorld. Hey if you can’t afford to hang out in the casino, the have some fun upstairs!!