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Trader’s Expo & Webmaster Access

Some shows are co-located so there are 2 or 3 shows under one roof. While this is smart marketing, you have to make sure that the industries are compatible. This was online trading (as in stocks and bonds) and online webmasters (such as mainstream and adult). It made for an interesting mix. We had everyone from eTrade to Playboy represented. And yes I got a pic of Hef.

Here are just a few of the other pictures. You can click through to see all the bigger ones. Mostly it was just a party atmosphere.

How many figures did you say your salary is??Eh--Oh-- Trade wit me, dollTiffy & the Vigator!!Trader showWM Access: Network Lunch by EpochHef et. al.

International Pool Spa & BBQ Show: After Hours Fun

Just a few pics of some after hours fun brought to us by the following Vendors @ the International Pool Spa and BBQ Show 2009:

Poolside Pong CWIC-Destination Water & Casual Living Magazine

Cocktails at MandalayWine Shooters777 CocktailsHave a taste
Want to see more?? Just click through the pictures.

International Pool Spa and Patio Show 2008

International Pool Spa & BBQ Show: Products

These are some of the new and unique items we saw while at the spa show. If you want to see a bigger version, just click through. Thanks to all the companies that allowed us to photograph their products.
Aqua5A robotic pool cleaner from Aqua Products

Aqua Sun ZoneAn organic way to clean both the pool and the air from Aqua Sun Ozone.

And by far my favorite new product was the Critter Skimmer. Critter Skimmer
it’s a device that you attach to your pool’s filer system. It has a spiral ramp that allows the small animals such as frogs, to exit your pool safely without dying. Of course that is assuming the frogs that jump into your pool have enough smarts to swim over to the drain to exit. Their website has a cute little video (not an Impact Movie, so it’s not THAT good) that shows the frogs exiting.

International Pool Spa and BBQ Show 2008


Originally uploaded by Doc Holly

Formerly known as the Aqua show, the International Pool and Spa show is a great show to find what’s new in the outdoor arena for home owners. This is not a public show but is for trade only that caters to landscapers, contractors and retail showrooms.

Given the state of the economy and mortgage meltdown, it was good to see that many of the vendors, while had scaled back their staff, still showed up. Held at the Mandalay Bay Convention center, we had fun both at the show and at some of the vendor special events.

Here Tiffiany is discussing the advantages of having a pre-fab spa installed.

AIWA: Interesting New Products & Cars

I’m missing the car gene. If it runs — it’s good for me. But these did catch my eye while i was wandering the aisles of AIWA:

Blue Hummer w/ Tank Treads

Bike @ SEMA

Airbrushed Trio of Chicks in Bikinis

Can you tell I like shiny!!

AIWA: Random Wanderings down the Aisles

It is fun to just go to the show and not have to work but truthfully that NEVER ever happens. I’m always working. But I do take the time to stop and smell the pleasther:

Oh Marilyn

Wheel & Scrim

Sin City Cruiser

AIAW: People @ SEMA

That’s my Hemi–NOT my husbands!!

MOPAR woman @ SEMA

Originally uploaded by Itinerant

Father and Son @ SEMA

Originally uploaded by Itinerant

SEMA as a bonding experience for father and son.

Back Ink @ SEMA

Originally uploaded by Itinerant