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Saint-Liboire: Expo Champs (Salon de l’agriculture)

Comment allez-vous?  Welcome to Canada for the Expo Champs Salon de l’Agriculture…. You know all about it, right?  Oh, okay, you don’t speak French…  Well, “Champs” has nothing to do with champions or championships or boxing or anything, it means, like, fields.  As in “agribusiness”, which is what this thing is all about. And to prove it, the whole huge show was held in, well, big fields.  You could check out corn harvesters, a pneumatic sowing machine for “intensive tillage”, forestry-management products like wood-chippers and log-transport hoists, stuff like that….  Oh, you want a tractor?  You’re right, the search for the perfect tractor for your farm can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, regardless of your level of experience operating a tractor, this show offers you the chance to test-drive the tractor or farm machinery you need.  Whadd’ya mean, the seat’s kind of hard?  Okay, okay, let me go find you a blow-up cushion….  #salonagri2014

Toronto: Public Works Congress & Exposition – APWA

This one is billed as “the best show in public works”, though you may have to be Canadian to be completely convinced on that score.  Doing its thing for more than 100 years, the APWA International Public Works Congress & Exposition draws thousands of public works professionals from all over the world.  The Congress featured more than 125 technical and professional development sessions presented by industry vendors and experts. APWA’s exhibit floor encompassed nearly 90,000 square feet, playing host to over 400 exhibitors.   There was a Technology Pavilion, a Green Pavilion, “Central Park”, New Product Showcases, and an Exhibitor Solutions Theater.  The topics dealt with ranged from  Career & Personal Development
and Construction Management to  Traffic Engineering, Utilities and Right-of-Way Issues, and Water & Wastewater.  How would you describe public works to a man from Mars?  Well, see, it’s public, and it works…  #APWAexpo

Regina: Western Canada Farm Progress Show – WCFPS

WCFPS is the Western Canada Farm Progress Show, and it claims a track record of staying on top of economic shifts, changing demographics, emerging issues and advances in technology in a fast-moving industry. The Farm Progress Show purports to be Canada’s largest trade show, a farm technology event that annually attracts 45,000 visitors from around the globe. It’s the place to be for opportunity, innovation and excitement, we heard. The International Buyers Program was a feature that set the WCFPS apart from other shows of its kind, with international guests and buyer delegations from over 50 countries matched up with the products, services and suppliers that they required. Organizers highlighted the new facilities and programming that added value for stakeholders, from exhibitors and sponsors to the visiting public. The country’s leading manufacturers were there to meet international customers and the country’s top farmers face-to-face in one marketplace.  Wait, that’s not a farm animal, it’s a  moose…  #CFPS14

Calgary: Global Petro

Calgary: Global Petro

“This extensive showcase of technology driving the petroleum industry”, we heard, “features rigs, drives, casings, muds, fracturing, perforating, downhole, measurements and more”.  The SPE Heavy Oil Conference Canada, was held in conjunction with GPS, and explored revolutionary ‎technological innovations and challenges through its tailor-made conference program, offering in-depth discussions and lively debates.  There was probing of technical topics related to heavy oil, including the application of geology and geophysics, reservoir characterization, incremental recovery, drilling and completion, market access, and footprint reduction.  The delegates (from twenty countries) were typically managers, business analysts, design, development or drilling engineers, technicians, exploitation or facilities engineers, reservoir or structural specialists, wellsite geologists…  Who knew it took so many disciplines to make a gooey black hole in the ground?

St. John’s: Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show – ACPS

The Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show (everyone just calls it “Petroleum Show”), was held to celebrate the technology, people and projects of Canada’s east coast region. Over 160 exhibiting companies and 2,000 attendees came together in St. John’s, Newfoundland to source new technologies, discover new business opportunities and explore the latest innovations. Held in conjunction with Noia’s Annual Conference (that’s the Newfoundland & Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association), the show spotlighted the products and services driving offshore and onshore activity in the region.  With growing woes in producer countries like Venezuela and Iraq — oil prices have hit 2014 highs on Iraq supply fears and news of spreading sectarian violence in oil-producing and oil-processing regions of the troubled country — many delegates found themselves sleepless and worried.  Burning the midnight oil, you might say…  #ACPS14

Toronto: North American Steel Construction Conference – NASCC

NASCC is the North American Steel Construction Conference.  This expo from AISC (the American Institute of Steel Construction) was an educational event aimed at structural engineers, fabricators, detailers and others involved in design and construction involving steel.  This was the place to discover  cutting-edge technology and methodologies from more than 200 exhibitors.  During the  Steel Conference delegates could learn about topics such as the direct analysis method, the Code of Standard Practice, practical aspects of designing torsion, and what really matters in weld inspection.  The Steel Conference featured two keynote speakers: Neil Pasricha, author of The Book of Awesome, the number one international bestseller; and Larry Muir of Steel Connection LLC, recipient of AISC’s 2013 T.R. Higgins Lectureship Award. There was a broad range of topics and more than 100 sessions for anyone associated with the steel industry.  But to take it all in, you needed nerves of steel….