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Baltimore: EMS Today Conference & Expo

The 2015 EMS Today (for Emergency Medical Services) Conference and Exposition hosted almost 4,500 attendees over the four days of the event held at the Baltimore Convention Center. Now in its 34th year, the show is a leader in providing quality education for emergency medical services (EMS) worldwide.  This year’s Conference and Exposition featured 150 sessions and workshops, 167 speakers and 234 exhibitors for EMS professionals over the course of the event.  The opening ceremonies featuring a performance by the FDNY EMS Pipes and Drums along with the Baltimore City Fire Department honor guard presenting the colors.  The EMS industry has changed dramatically over the years, we heard, a necessary transformation to provide the best care to the most people.  Delegates shared information on patient assessment and treatment, industry trends and relevant commentary. The EMS 10 program was there to honor a group of innovators who continue to push the field forward.  Hey, this is an emergency…  #EMS

Orlando: Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education – I/ITSEC

I/ITSEC indicates the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Expo, and it’s supposed to be the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training conference.  The idea is to promote cooperation among the Armed Services, Industry, Academia and various government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education programs, identification of common training issues, and development of multiservice programs.  Initiated in 1966 as the Naval Training Device Center/Industry Conference, the conference has evolved and expanded through increased participation by the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Industry.  The current name reflects the consolidation of the Manpower and Training Committee (MTC) and the Technology and Innovations in Training and Education (TITE) Conference with I/ITSEC. This name-change “emphasizes the importance of education and the man-machine interface in meeting force-training requirements through simulation training”, we heard.  Wait.  Man-machine interface?  Is that, like, where a computer beats real people at “Jeopardy”…?

Long Beach: Cops West

CopsWest is all about the California Peace Officers Association, or CPOA.   The show provides public safety officials of all ranks and agency sizes an opportunity to explore the newest technology and learn from industry leaders (2,500 of them) from throughout California and beyond — in fact over 25 states were represented, so this is not just about California. CPOA’s membership program strives to develop leadership skills through training, advocacy and networking. All ranks from public safety agencies and government departments were represented.  CPOA is divided into 10 regions, with each region having its own regional board, officers and committees. These regions hold training seminars on topics of local interest — topics like Police Under Attack, Canine Program Management, Officer-Involved Shootings (a pretty topical topic since Ferguson, let’s be honest), and Connecting With Your Community (ditto).

New Orleans: APCO International Conference & Expo – Assn of Public-Safety Communications Officials

APCO International is pitched as the largest Public Safety Communications Conference & Expo in North America.   If you are a supervisor, manager, director, telecommunicator, dispatcher, engineer or technician, 9-1-1 coordinator or police or fire chief, you needed to be there.  With more than 5,000 exhibitors and attendees, this forum focuses on public safety products, technologies and equipment.  Industry companies were there to exhibit a wide range of products such as mobile safety products, communications services and gizmos, health way products, wireless, software, antennas and much besides.  APCO International hosts a number of events and conferences throughout the year designed to provide members and public safety communications professionals with cutting edge educational experiences, effective networking opportunities and showcases of the industry’s latest and greatest products and services.  Feeling safe now?  #APCO2014

Phoenix: Airborne Law Enforcement Association Annual Conf – ALEA

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Is it Superman?  Well, yes, yes and yes, since we’re talking about the Airborne Law Enforcement Association Annual Conference, or ALEA, a non-profit educational, individual membership organization, founded in 1968 to support and encourage the use of aircraft in public safety. The association has over 3,000 members strong from the international to the local level.  The event included technical briefings, as well as a demonstration of unmanned aerial systems designed for law enforcement applications.  Then there was what the organization calls the “pig pickin,” a complimentary barbecue and social event held at Chase Field. Following the meal, FLIR Systems, maker of thermal imaging equipment, hosted its annual awards ceremony, where crews who made significant criminal apprehensions or recoveries of missing people over the past year were recognized.  Superheroes all!  #Aviation

Baltimore: Firehouse Expo

Firehouse Expo was designed as a hands-on, practical gathering of professionals with a mission. Firefighters in the U.S. continue to be killed and maimed during incidents. What is needed to reduce these deaths and injuries, we were told, is a proactive and engaged officer who facilitates training, whether it is in the firehouse, on the street or at the academy. Incumbent training is just as important to the firefighters as their initial training, and at times is an excellent opportunity to learn from near misses in the fire service.  Among many, there was a course presenting officers’ and instructors’ ideas and proven programs used by a combination department to learn from their past events and recent case studies, and how lessons learned were the driving force to write objectives and build training props to deliver a high intensity-training schedule to in-service units over short period.  Kind of a ‘ladder’ to fire-service effectiveness…  #FireHouseExpo2014

Paris: Eurosatory

Eurosatory 2014 was the Land and Air-land Defence and Security Exhibition, held in Paris, France. This was an exhibition of international dimension, a fact emphasized by the presence of six new countries.  Eurosatory is positioned as the premier global meeting for land and Air-Land defense. The exhibition also confirmed it’s now-established involvement in the areas of homeland security and civil security, with the presence of several Interior Ministry office-holders.  Over 50% of exhibitors were offering security solutions.  With a wide selection of materials and systems on show, an unrivaled number of exhibitors and the widest exhibition area, Eurosatory reinforced its position as an international defence leader, and emerged as a major event for new products and innovations. From year to year Eurosatory has improved its already comprehensive cover of the Land and Air-land Defence and Security industries, imposing itself as the industry’s event of reference.  Wait.  Did that sound… well… defensive…?