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Dallas: Catholic Marketing Network

Aug. 28-31, 2012. CMN is the Catholic Marketing Network.  Catholic Book and Gift store owners from all over the country and as far away as the Philippines converged on the Dallas/Fort Worth area to attend the 16th annual Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show. They found themselves on an exhibition floor packed with a wide selection of Catholic books, gifts, music, religious jewelry, statuary and hundreds of items from all over the world.  Delegates agreed that no other professional organization offered the opportunity for all of these diverse entities and individuals to come together for the purpose of making others aware of their activities, and working together towards a common goal: to create a more efficient environment for the distribution of Catholic materials.  Hey, got anything blessed by the Pope?

Dallas: Great American Trucking Show (GATS 2012)

Aug. 23-26, 2012. GATS is the Great American Trucking Show, billed as the nation’s second-largest trucking trade show.  It offers attendees a wide variety of industry exhibitors and information sessions. Delegates can find a job, attend free educational seminars, get the latest information from top industry leaders, or see the diesel-powered works of art at the Custom Rigs Pride & Polish Truck Beauty Contest.  Aside from the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference, there were free concerts from top country music artists, and exhibits from leaders in the heavy duty trucking industry. Topics truckers could investigate included aerodynamics, exhaust components, insurance, leasing, recovery and waste oil systems, safety equipment, sleeper cabs and accessories, tires, warranty services, plus waxes, polishes and cleaning equipment.  My truck?  It’s a clean machine…

Dallas: ASAE

Aug. 11-14, 2012. ASAE bills itself as “the center for association leadership”.  This Association is all about… well, associations.  And sustainability.  2012, we learned, is the fifth year that ASAE has integrated social responsibility into every level of its meetings and events. These efforts — which ranged from biggies like site selection to issues as minor as opting out of pre-poured water at a board dinner — demonstrated that they take their commitment to operating sustainably seriously. There was a clear recognition of the need for ASAE and the wider association community to help lead and grow the green meeting movement.  The green meeting strategy aimed to “lighten associations’ environmental impact and give back to the host community in meaningful ways, while simultaneously providing service and experience to our attendees”.  Hey, who just put a plastic cup in the paper re-cycling???

Dallas: National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics

June 25-26, 2012. NACDA is the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics.  NACDA serves as the professional association for those in the field of intercollegiate athletics administration, and provides educational opportunities and serves as a vehicle for the exchange of information and advocacy on behalf of the profession. The overall aim is to develop a collegial and mutually beneficial relationship with the administration, faculty and students (i.e. potential future athletics administrators) in the sports management programs within the colleges and universities of North America.  At NACDA’s Job Center, members of NACDA and its affiliate associations can submit their athletics administration job openings, view resumes, and contact individuals for employment openings.  It’s all part of the “race to full employment”….

Dallas: Southwest Food Expo

June 24-25, 2012. How electronic is the Food & Beverage industry?  Delegates to Southwest Food Expo were invited to check out today’s audio & visual technologies, providing innovative “turnkey custom solutions” for restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs, integrating the newest technologies including interactive touch screen tables with touch screen menus, games, music applications, social media applications and more.  As to the bartender, all new exhibits offered a delicious, consistent and no-nonsense take on the world’s favorite mixers, from a bold Bloody Mary to smooth Strawberry Daiquiris.  Visitors could check out loyalty programs that customers could take with them anywhere, “spreading the love” to their favorite eateries, and earning yummy rewards.  Make mine a “turnkey” sandwich…

Dallas: USFS 2012

May 1-3, 2012. USFS is the U. S. Food Showcase,  a meeting place for the buyers and traders who promote their food products in an international market. This trade show was specially crafted to promote food-related products and to increase the rate of export.  The U.S. Food Showcase attracts buyers from every major market, featuring appetizing new products for virtually every category. Buyers could access a broad array of sector opportunities, from supermarkets and convenience stores to restaurants and food service companies to specialty shops, with products covering beverages, health foods, canned goods, dairy products, meats and snack foods.  There were education programs in research, industry relations and public affairs, all mounted on behalf of 1,500 member-retailers and wholesalers.  Makes you hungry just to think about it…

Dallas: Aviation Week

Apr. 3-5, 2012. You would not believe the things that plane-makers have to worry about these days.  For instance, the use of composites in aircraft design can save fuel through weight savings and improve service life by eliminating fatigue and corrosion problems associated with metal airframe structures, but this creates the need to reevaluate existing repair and maintenance practices and to bone up on the composite repair procedures and life limit issues that composites/plastics present. As there are no agreed standards for these new materials, there are questions on regulations and training qualifications.  If the technology isn’t adopted and integrated into the maintenance process effectively, then it becomes just another piece of hardware and just another project to add to the already over-tasked workforce.  Up, up and… back to school?