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Austin: Texas Computer Education Association – TCEA

TCEA is the Texas Computer Education Association.  we heard that passionate teachers, campus and district leaders all unite at this annual event, to gather and share the latest trends and best practices for creating “engaging classrooms that excite today’s active and inspired learners”. Who was there exactly?  Well, Teachers, Campus Leaders, Curriculum and Instruction Leaders, Technology Directors and Coordinators, Superintendents, Librarians and Library Media Specialists, Educational Technology Enthusiasts…  Apparently you’re never too young to start learning stuff from computers.  More than 400 companies were on hand to showcase their products and services ,in over 90,000 square feet of exhibition space. This marketplace was the destination of choice for learning about the products and services that support innovative teaching and learning environments.  Wait: how do you teach a 4-year-old with little tiny hands to Ctrl+Alt+Delete…?

Austin: Texas Society of Association Executives – Showcase

Hey, I’d like you to meet an associate of mine…  The TSAE (okay, that’s the Texas Society of Association Executives) is a nonprofit professional organization for people engaged in the management of voluntary trade and professional organizations in Texas. The whole jamboree was designed for CEOs, meeting planners, education directors, exhibition managers and other support staff from associations, government entities and corporations. It provided them with the opportunity to study up on professional development, and meet with suppliers who could address meeting and event needs.  There were breakout sessions of continuing education for both attendees and exhibitors, covering the latest trends and issues facing the meetings, education and exhibits industry. Following an inaugural lunch, the floor opened to a 168-booth trade show in the afternoon.  Hey, that’s close enough, buddy, she’s MY associate….

Austin: AAS

Jan. 8-12, 2012. AAS is the American Astronomical Society, and attendance levels at this event were, well… astronomical. Rather than focusing on sidereal matters, we found ourselves learning what a great building the ASA has in Washington.  The building was “designed with science in mind. Completed in 1994, the front sidewalks have a model solar system embedded in the concrete, with the aphelia of the planets on Florida and the perihelia on 20th. The lobby is designed to represent the folded layers of the Earth’s crust and the front desk is a large slab of petrified wood. The outer façade features surface patterns — tan bricks with blonde brick stripes and red accents — that suggest geological striations as well as a narrow belt of relief sculpture, which is a pattern of the Earth, Moon and planets”. And there was you thinking you needed a telescope or something…