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Minneapolis: Institute for Older Adult Services

The Institute for Older Adult Services is not so much a building, more a meeting of minds.  There’s no “one size fits all” approach to aging, we heard. “Just ask the wave of baby boomers who are redefining every aspect of the process”.  This year’s Institute explored how individuals
and organizations are facing the challenge and opportunity of shifting perspectives, norms and
technologies to redefine the aging experience in Minnesota and across the country. Delegates recognized their fellows at the forefront of transformational change in care provision.  Rapidly evolving consumer demands and technology advancements, we were told, are redefining the field of older adult services, meaning that it was no longer “business as usual” for the work these people do.  It was about “anticipating the demands of the growing population we serve now and in the future”.  After-hours fun included hockey with Minnesota Wild vs. the Nashville Predators, and there was an opening-night celebration with the Johnny Holm Band.  Revellers were feeling their age…

Minneapolis: AHRA

July 28-31, 2013. AHRA is the Association for Medical Imaging Management, the professional organization representing managers of hospital imaging departments, freestanding imaging centers, and group practices. AHRA sets the standard for imaging leaders in providing quality care, innovative use of technologies, and best practices in medical imaging management.  AHRA’s 5,000 members are drawn from across the country and around the world.  Association goals include improving the administration of business and nonmedical management aspects of hospital radiology departments, providing a forum for  scientific, educational and professional issues, and establishing and improving standards of professional conduct and service in non-medical radiology management.  It’s about maintaining… well… an ‘image’ for imaging…

Minneapolis: HITEC

June 24-27, 2013. HITEC is the show name for what used to be the National Association of Hotel Accountants, and now goes by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals.  HFTP’s roots stem from a number of state-centered accountant associations which collectively decided it was a benefit to their industry to create a national network.  This group of industry pioneers collaborated to develop leading-edge education, resources and other programs.  Each HFTP council or committee oversees a specific association project to ensure industry relevance and accuracy. HITEC education is considered one of the most dynamic and innovative educational programs in the hospitality technology industry.  From finance-specific discussion forums to hospitality accounting articles in The Bottom Line to HFTP’s finance events, HFTP makes sure its members are the industry’s leading-edge professionals.  Oh, and thanks, Minneapolis, for your… um… hospitality…

Minneapolis: WBENC13

June 25-27, 2013. WBENC?  It stands for Women’s Business Expertise National Council, and the ladies were gathering in order to “join forces and succeed together”, we were informed.  This apparently involved tapping opportunities to “Hone Your Skills, Leverage Expertise, Build Capacity, and Discover how to reach the next level”, all dealt with during workshops taught by experts from an array of industries and disciplines.  Specific topics?  Things like Strategies for Successful Government Contracting, Best Practices in Supplier Diversity, The Impact of Social Media on Marketing and Business Development, Entering the International Market, and especially The Secrets of Doing Business in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Oh, and Understanding & Utilizing Body Language.  Wait a minute, lady:  talking of body language, what exactly did you mean when you just put hour hands over your ears and looked up at the ceiling…?

Minneapolis: NCEL

Apr. 18-19, 2012. NCEL stands for the North Central Electrical League, and it “unites the Upper Midwest’s Electrical Industry by providing inter-industry commerce, educational discussion forums and venues for development while delivering unique benefits to members”.  This industry has to supply the power, products and services, and also create the most favorable image possible in demonstrating electricity’s positive benefit to the public, government, and to business and industry.  League membership includes utilities, agents and direct representatives; distributors; contractors — union contract and independent; voice and data communication firms; inspectors; engineer and architectural firms; allied trade associations; industry associates and individuals. NCEL works across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  Okay, electric guy, throw the switch!

Minneapolis: GEAPS

Mar.03-06, 2012. GEAPS is “The Knowledge Resource for the World of Grain Handling Industry Operations”.  GEAPS members are grain-industry professionals.  This year’s show broke records, with over 450 booths manned by 276 companies.  Some were new to the GEAPS Expo, and others had been exhibiting  for over 40 years. From the largest manufacturers to the smaller independent businesses, they were all in one place, ready to meet the thousands of grain operations professionals who come to the GEAPS Exchange every year. Visitors could browse stands showcasing agribusiness products, equipment and services, including the newest technology and innovation.  Not to be taken with a “grain” of salt…

Minneapolis: Education Minnesota

Oct. 20-21, 2011. Education Minnesota is, we hear, “the union of 70,000 educators”, and judging by the agenda for this event, retirement planning is the hot topic on all those educators’ minds right now.  You can imagine the questions:  What is your financial vulnerability with long-term illness?   How can you protect your assets and savings?  What can you expect from Social Security?  Tax-deferred and tax-free savings.  Asset allocation and asset management/diversification/performance and fees.  403(b) match and severance payment options.  Medicare options.  Understanding your pension.  Happily for delegates, reassurance was on hand from expert speakers on all those pressing topics.  So everyone could heave a sigh of relief and get back to the actual education part of the job.