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Indianapolis: Performance Racing Industry Show – PRI

The estimated total value of the US racing market is an impressive $13.5 billion, according to a survey conducted by the British racing trade organization, Motorsport Industry Association. And this figure does not include OEM motorsport engineering investment.  PRI is the Performance Racing Industry Show.  This was about “hardcore racing”, we heard.  “No fuzzy dice…. No neon windshield wipers….”  Trade buyers from 70 countries and all 50 states of the Union were there to zoom by the displays and source the new technology that could be winning races next year.   Buyers for tens of thousands of racing retail stores, warehouse distribution centers, professional race engine builders and race car production companies were there making 2015 inventory decisions at each exhibit.   1100 exhibiting companies displayed the latest advances in racing products and race engineering, including engine parts, suspension components, data acquisition, safety gear, new metal alloys and coatings, machining equipment, and all kinds of race electronics.  Fuzzy dice, anyone?  Nahhhhh….  #prishow

Indianapolis: Wirenet

Wirenet is the acronym for the WAI Operations Summit and Wire Expo, and WAI stands for the Wire Association International Inc.  The program was designed for operations personnel, and featured a plant operations focus presented through a diverse selection of case studies, conference sessions and production solutions surrounding an “operational excellence” theme.  The event incorporated technical paper presentations, a comprehensive exhibit and  on-floor production solutions demonstrations.  Wire Expo originated in Boston in 1990.  The WAI itself was originally founded in 1930, and is a worldwide technical forum for wire and cable industry professionals. Based in Guilford, Connecticut, USA, WAI promotes, collects, and disseminates technical, manufacturing, and general business information to the ferrous, nonferrous, electrical, fiber optic, and fastener segments of the wire and cable industry.  Okay, that’s all for now, as we’re getting down to the wire…

Indianapolis: Association for Iron & Steel Technology – AISTech

AISTech is the Association for Iron & Steel Technology, and you’d better be wearing a hard hat and shatter-proof goggles if you wanted in here.  Delegates were offered “an opportunity to learn about and debate the essential issues and challenges in ironmaking today”, with exhibits on technologies from all over the world that help steel producers to compete more effectively in today’s global market.  AIST is a non-profit professional organization focused on promoting the international iron and steel industry through contact and education. The Association has over 15,000 members in 70 countries, though the majority of its members are from North America, reflecting its historical link to the American Steel industry. The AIST was formed in 2004 from a merger from two older organizations, the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers and the Iron and Steel Society.  What made them do it?  A conviction that a united front would give them a better chance to “steel the show”…   #AISTech

Indianapolis: Valuation Actuary Symposium

Sept. 23-24, 2013. The Valuation Actuary Symposium was one-and-a-half-days of more than 45 concurrent sessions with the latest information on valuation and financial reporting for actuaries. The committee and SOA volunteers developed top-notch, leading-edge sessions, so that the Symposium could cover valuation topics in depth and offer content for the experienced financial actuary. Sessions covered hot topics such as statutory life, health valuation, the regulatory environment and the latest on IFRS. As attendees, actuaries found they had plenty of opportunity for networking and making professional connections.  Sessions ranged over Statutory Life and Annuity Valuation issues, Practical Considerations for Asset-Liability Management, Tools and Tips for Auditing Valuation System Results, and Principle-Based Approaches for Non-Variable Annuities.  Hey, didn’t the British make a romantic movie about these guys?  I think it was called “Love, Actuary…”

Indianapolis: FDIC

April 22-27, 2013. So when you were a kid you saw your future self standing on a fire-truck in a fireman’s helmet?  You were sturdily gripping a hose in both determined hands, or rising on a rescue ladder to reach the wailing damsel in distress on the 23rd floor of a blazing building?  If your childhood dream came true, we probably saw you in Indianapolis at FDIC.  There were new-model fire-trucks to look over, equipment aplenty… though you couldn’t automatically assume that the firefighters and the equipment were fighting on the same side, if the seminar on “Man vs. Machinery” was anything to go by…  Classroom sessions included things like Fireground Strategies: When Buildings Change the Rules of the Game; Implementing the Lessons Learned from Near Misses;  and The Future of Fire Training.  In the one titled Conducting Live Burn Training in Acquired Structures, inductees learned about the need for documented objectives, total scene control, training anomalies, proper fuel loads, and total instructor focus.  When fighting fires, don’t let your mind wander…

Indianapolis: Pumper and Cleaner Expo

February 25-28, 2013. Full title?  The Pumper & Cleaner International Environmental Expo.   Attended by over 4,000 septic, sewer and drain businesses each year, the Pumper & Cleaner Expo shows off the latest products and technologies in the environmental service industry as well as providing educational seminars taught by highly skilled professionals.  500 exhibits spanned more than 500,000 square feet of the convention center, displaying everything from septic system components and trailers to portable sanitation units and industrial sewer equipment.  The Pumper & Cleaner Expo has grown significantly over the last several years, attracting environmental service professionals from 46 countries to discuss onsite installation, portable sanitation, sewer cleaning, utility location, and the like.  One of the remarkable sights at the show was a large crowd gathered alongside a row of porta-potty cabins, and NOT hopping anxiously from one foot to the other.  They were just checking out specs…

Indianapolis: PowerSports

February 15-17, 2013. As the largest and most comprehensive trade show in the powersports (read motorcycle) industry, PowerSports Dealer Expo has positioned itself as the industry gateway for vital business resources. Motorcycle buyers, retailers, distributors and suppliers have all come to depend on this event to help them make buying and selling decisions, find new profit centers, learn the latest technological advances, and figure out new ways to grow their business.  What’s the best part about purchasing a new bike? Continuing the moto-shopping spree by buying all of the little extras needed to stay safe, customize and personalize your ride. In the Marketplace, visitors could find a collection of parts and accessories from their favorite aftermarket manufacturers. They could test out products that fit every budget and lifestyle, guided by specialists there to help explain the ins-and-outs of how these additions to your riding arsenal could enhance the riding experience.  Who’s that with the electric guitar playing “Bat Out Of Hell”…?