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Orlando: ICE USA – International Converting Exhibition

Okay, run that by me again:  it’s the middle of winter and you seriously want to go to a show called ICE USA?  Even if it is in sunny Flah-da?  Oh, I get it, “ICE” stands for International Converting Exhibition… hey, give me a minute to take off my woolly hat and fur-lined mittens here….  So.  Converting, hey?  Orlando was the place where key decision makers from a wide range of companies (and fifty countries) that convert and process flexible, web-based materials came together seeking innovative solutions.   We’re talking predominantly managing directors, plant managers, design and production engineers, technical managers, purchasers, and sales and marketing directors from all key industry sectors.  Exhibitors showcased the machinery and services from key areas and processes of converting.  We’re talking the best-known companies serving the North American converting industry, leading suppliers like Maxcess, BOBST, New Era, Nordson, Enercon, Catbridge, NDC, Parkinson, and INDEV.  So…converted to ICE yet?  #ICEUSA

Orlando: North American Veterinary Conference – NAVC

NAVC stands for North American Veterinary Conference.  As rewarding as being a veterinarian might be, it is far from easy, we heard. Every day brings new dilemmas. Every case presents new challenges. And every beastly (!) patient deserves the best care that a veterinarian can give.  So vets turn to the NAVC for the insight, information and resources they need to take care of their equine, canine, feline and other patients.  More than 650 exhibitors stood ready to solve problems, and point the way to a smarter and more efficient vet practice. Various NAVC offerings helped visitors to keep skills sharp, techniques current and knowledge fresh. NAVC VetFolio was there to provide the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative online learning platform and community forum.  The NAVC Institute offered intensive, hands-on veterinary training courses, while NAVC Expeditions expanded the world of animal care to the more remote corners of this Animal Planet.  Oh, and the 38 Special band did a gig that was guaranteed to “bring out the animal” in party-minded delegates…  #NAVC2015

Orlando: American Baseball Coaches Association – ABCA

ABCA is the American Baseball Coaches Association.  This, we heard, is the #1 amateur baseball coaches’ association in the World, founded in 1945. Over 6,000 coaches are members of the ABCA and more than 4,000 attend the annual ABCA Convention.  At the Trade Show over 325 companies were on hand to display state-of-the-art equipment and products, including coaching aids, wearing apparel, field equipment, pitching machines, and software. Many products were unveiled for the first time during the show. A couple of “had-to-be-there” events included the ABCA/Diamond Hall of Fame/Coach of the Year Banquet and the ABCA Honors Luncheon, two events during which the Association’s most prestigious coaching awards were presented.   There were  30 clinics on a variety of subjects over the course of the three days. Topics include pitching, hitting, fielding, strength & conditioning, team building and motivation. The convention also includes divisional meetings, committee meetings and other events.  Hey, coach, looks like most of the “pitching” was being done by those offering merchandise…  #ABCA2015

Orlando: POWER-GEN International

POWER-GEN International is the world’s biggest power generation event, focusing on the industry’s latest innovations, technical trends and business strategies. The show attracts a broad range of qualified power professionals with impressive purchasing power. Over the years POWER-GEN International has provided a world stage for the innovations, ideas and solutions that have informed the power generation industry.  What industry trends and developments were up for discussion?  Well, things like demand response, emissions control, gas turbine technologies, hybrid solutions, on-site power, plant performance, project financing, competitive power generation, fossil technologies…  The experts were there to share their insights and experiences with industry colleagues, and to help attendees take an in-depth look at specific industry hot topics by teaching a half-day, one-day or two-day workshop. Wait, what was that about fossil technologies?  You mean POWER-GEN was already going in the Cretaceous Era?  #POWERGEN

Orlando: Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education – I/ITSEC

I/ITSEC indicates the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Expo, and it’s supposed to be the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training conference.  The idea is to promote cooperation among the Armed Services, Industry, Academia and various government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education programs, identification of common training issues, and development of multiservice programs.  Initiated in 1966 as the Naval Training Device Center/Industry Conference, the conference has evolved and expanded through increased participation by the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Industry.  The current name reflects the consolidation of the Manpower and Training Committee (MTC) and the Technology and Innovations in Training and Education (TITE) Conference with I/ITSEC. This name-change “emphasizes the importance of education and the man-machine interface in meeting force-training requirements through simulation training”, we heard.  Wait.  Man-machine interface?  Is that, like, where a computer beats real people at “Jeopardy”…?

Orlando: Athletic Business Conference & Expo

The Athletic Business Conference & Expo goes by the catchy moniker of ABC.  There were a total of ten seminar tracks, covering people management, revenue generation, risk management, aging facilities (to help people age, maybe? Just kidding), social media, customer experience, technology, facility planning, that kind of thing.   On display were sports products, fitness equipment, medically-oriented products, programs for older adults, youth sports equipment, fitness certification programs, surfaces, recreation equipment, aquatics equipment, along with the administrative tools geared to getting the most out of all those things.  You would have been rubbing shoulders with recreation, athletics and fitness professionals from around the US and other countries.  ABC goes partners with three other organizations to provide an even broader spectrum of educational opportunities.  So there were seminars from ABC partners the International Council on Active Aging, the Medical Fitness Association and the National Alliance for Youth Sports. Active aging, hey?  So what about those people who prefer passive aging…?  #ABCOrlando

Orlando: International Pool Spa Patio Expo – PSP

PSP is the International Pool Spa Patio Expo.  It’s apparently one of the largest exhibitions of its kind, bringing together landscape architects, builders, construction materials manufacturers and suppliers, retailers and service providers.  Manufacturers, distributors and representatives of all sizes displayed their products, services and equipment for the pool, spa and backyard industry.  PSP has an attendance of over 11,000 individuals with an exhibit floor almost 150,000 square feet made up of close to 600 exhibitors.  Business professionals experienced a full array of educational classes and certifications conducted by the PSP Expo Genesis 3 and APSP ed strands.  The show in its present form was pulled together from the former International Pool & Spa Expo, Backyard Living Expo and AQUA Shows.  There was a full line-up of show floor activities, key events and opportunities for pool/patio/spa insights and experiences.  So you want to play pool after your spa visit?  See you on the patio….  #EducateAtPSP