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Boston: Specialty Libraries #SLA2015

SLA stands for the Special Libraries Association. You didn’t have to be wearing heavy horn-rimmed half-moon spectacles to get in, but it certainly helped — the bifocals would have enabled studious delegates to stay focused on what the show had to offer. So what kinds of people would you have been rubbing shoulders with at SLA? Oh, you know the type: Information Professionals, Collections Managers, Research/Intelligence Professionals, Information Center Managers, Knowledge Managers, Web Developers, Information Analysts, Consultants, Content Managers, Educators, Content Rights Managers, Library/Information School Students… all those serious folks who care about “Connecting People and Information”, like it said on the banner over the registration desk. They’re trained in information research, knowledge management, data analysis and presentation, and they know your organization, your market, and your mission. Okay, we’re declaring amnesty on overdue library books all this week… #SLAIETLIP

Boston: New England Food Show – NEFS

NEFS stands for the New England Food Show.  Sponsored by the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and supported by other New England state restaurant, retail, hospitality and specialty food associations, NEFS is the region’s largest and most attended trade show for retail food and foodservice buyers and professionals.  Delegates were typically those who influence buying decisions or purchase products for retail markets, supermarkets, distribution, institutional foodservice or large or small restaurants.  At NEFS they could find everything needed to satisfy existing customers, attract new ones, and grow the bottom line.  From interactive education and culinary competitions on the main stage to industry-expert-led info sessions addressing marketing and operational needs, the food buzz was pervasive.  We counted 350+ exhibitors, many offering wine and beer tastings among the culinary delights.  Cheers!

Our client Agilysys  provider of POS solutions made this ImpactMovie to explain how their service ImpactRetail!

Boston: Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents – BE

BE stands for the Big Event.  So far so cryptic.  Whose big event?  Well, Massagent’s big event.  Say what?  Well, okay, the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents’ big event, that’s whose. Attendees were from all levels of experience in the insurance industry, serious learners who came to solve their toughest challenges by discovering solutions they could use immediately, we heard.   BE is “the premier exhibition and educational conference for insurance professionals, the insurance professional’s top choice for serious education, new product launches, and tracking trends that provide a competitive edge”.  1,800 attendees from all over the state of Massachusetts, sporting badges with more than 20 different job titles, were there to reap the benefits.  Topics of interest included thoughts on being a Personal Insurance Professional (or PIP), A Curmudgeon’s Take on Social Media, and The Mysterious World of Surety Bonding. Confused?  Don’t think, just BE….  #BigEvent14

Boston: National Association of Chain Drug Stores – NACDS Total Store Expo

NACDS is the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, and it’s all about advancing the interests and objectives of the chain community pharmacy industry, fostering its growth and promoting its role as a provider of healthcare services and consumer products. Total Store Expo is their show.  For over 80 years, NACDS has served as a vibrant community of chains and suppliers, making this one of this retail industry sector’s signature events. In the days following the 2014 conference, 97 percent of attendees indicated that they planned to return in 2015.  Were they inspired to come again by keynoters like journalist and author Jane Pauley, or maybe former US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta?  And while on the subject, what role do drugstore chains play exactly in Keeping America Safe?  Let me count the ways…  #NACDSTSE

Boston: Campus Technology CT Education Technology Conference

Campus Technology 2014 aimed to explore compelling and revolutionary technologies for higher education — cloud computing, mobile integration, collaborative environments and so on.  The delegate list made up a community comprised of hundreds of highly motivated technology professionals working at large universities, small colleges and education institutions in-between, from across the country and around the world, but with a concentration of attendees from the eastern United States.  Campus Technology conferences were designed to offer attendees the opportunity to learn about the technologies that drive student success and educational advancement both in and out of the classroom, and help place campuses on the leading edge of 21st century education, enterprise and infrastructure technology.  The common goal is professional growth, with an emphasis on sharing solutions to specific technology challenges.  Oh, hey, there’s an app for that….  #CampusTech

Boston: Electrical Apparatus Service Association – EASA

EASA is the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, and it positions itself as the “Electro-Mechanical Authority”.  So what do electro-mechanical authorities talk about when they get together?  Well, since you ask, things like Understanding O-rings in the Submersible Pump Maintenance & Repair Process, selecting the correct bearing seal, common misconceptions about how to dry wet motors, and (here comes the big question…) when it comes to motors, how hot is hot?  Talking of hot topics, there was keen debate about motor base support and alignment, with delegates anxious to secure “a basic understanding of frame construction that can help minimize motor vibration”.  (A clue:  when motor vibration problems occur, we heard, the magnitude and direction of the vibration can give a good indication of where to look for the cause.  Oh, and don’t forget to check the soleplate… #EASA2014

Boston: New England Food Show – NEFS

NEFS is the New England Food Show, and it’s pitched as “the region’s largest, most-attended trade show for retailers, restaurant, institutional and commercial foodservice buyers, chefs and industry pros”.   The show and expo is sponsored by the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, and supported by other New England state restaurant, retail, hospitality and specialty food associations, At NEFS, we were told, delegates could find everything they needed to run their business, satisfy their customers and bring in new ones.  The New England Food Show hosted 14,000+  buyers and industry professionals from across the retail and foodservice spectrum, including multi- and single-unit restaurants, schools and universities, grocery and supermarkets, distributors, wholesalers, healthcare and government institutions.  Something to chew on in Massachusetts…  #NEFS14