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Baltimore: National Facilities Management and Technology – NMF&T

NFMT stands for National Facilities Management and Technology, a show and expo designed for anyone  involved in facilities management, maintenance or operations.  This was a three-day event that gave delegates customizable facilities management training, product discovery and non-stop networking. Major take-aways were new best practices, operational strategies, tricks of the trade, new relationships, fresh ideas and innovative solutions that would help manage facilities more productively in 2015. The NFMT Conference program featured more than 120 educational sessions for facilities management professionals, who could choose from every topic imaginable: from best practices for reducing energy, to maintenance planning and scheduling, to Finance 101 for FMs, to a review of ADA regulations, to developing a leadership style that leads to success.  These guys had a facility for managing…

Baltimore: EMS Today Conference & Expo

The 2015 EMS Today (for Emergency Medical Services) Conference and Exposition hosted almost 4,500 attendees over the four days of the event held at the Baltimore Convention Center. Now in its 34th year, the show is a leader in providing quality education for emergency medical services (EMS) worldwide.  This year’s Conference and Exposition featured 150 sessions and workshops, 167 speakers and 234 exhibitors for EMS professionals over the course of the event.  The opening ceremonies featuring a performance by the FDNY EMS Pipes and Drums along with the Baltimore City Fire Department honor guard presenting the colors.  The EMS industry has changed dramatically over the years, we heard, a necessary transformation to provide the best care to the most people.  Delegates shared information on patient assessment and treatment, industry trends and relevant commentary. The EMS 10 program was there to honor a group of innovators who continue to push the field forward.  Hey, this is an emergency…  #EMS

Baltimore: Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show – MANTS

MANTS is the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show, and it asks us to recognize it as “the masterpiece of tradeshows”.  The expo was focusing on the premium promotion of productivity of green vegetation, specifically decorative plants grown in pots and miniature gardening. There was an impressive presence of distinguished expert horticulturists and expert botanists joining the expo to meet with visitors and discuss with them the optimal development of the nursery industry.  The official exhibitor count was a whisker shy of 1,000 from across the United States and internationally, making it one of the largest trade show market places serving the Horticulture Industry. MANTS is where the industry comes to buy, shop, meet, see and be seen every January.  100 new exhibiting companies were there to display this year, which enhanced the already impressive variety of products, goods and services available, and underscoring that MANTS means business.  Hey, you see that suspicious looking guy in the green trenchcoat?  I think he’s a plant….  #MANTS2015

Baltimore: OSP Expo – The Broadband Development Marketplace™

OSP Expo is The Broadband Development Marketplace.  The show was designed to deliver solutions, products, and technologies for today’s rapid wireless and wireline network evolution. Who came?  Well, OSP professionals from ILECs, CLECs and IOCs (no, you didn’t stray accidentally into an episode of Doctor Who), all coming together to learn, network and purchase products that could solve their network challenges.  The Expo claims to be the most influential infrastructure trade show for two reasons: OSP is not only about technology and how-to network solutions, but is also “the human network”, and teamwork. No other gathering, we were told, melds those two core values.  It explains why providers from 40 countries and 70 companies attended.  More than 200 telecom vendors and distributors showcased their new products, methods and best practices. The exhibit floor also boasted a large OSP TV studio, live splicing demonstrations, and a happy hour. Cocktails, it seems, are good for boosting “the human network”…  #OSPExpo

Baltimore: Firehouse Expo

Firehouse Expo was designed as a hands-on, practical gathering of professionals with a mission. Firefighters in the U.S. continue to be killed and maimed during incidents. What is needed to reduce these deaths and injuries, we were told, is a proactive and engaged officer who facilitates training, whether it is in the firehouse, on the street or at the academy. Incumbent training is just as important to the firefighters as their initial training, and at times is an excellent opportunity to learn from near misses in the fire service.  Among many, there was a course presenting officers’ and instructors’ ideas and proven programs used by a combination department to learn from their past events and recent case studies, and how lessons learned were the driving force to write objectives and build training props to deliver a high intensity-training schedule to in-service units over short period.  Kind of a ‘ladder’ to fire-service effectiveness…  #FireHouseExpo2014

Baltimore: Food Safety Summit and Expo

The Food Safety Summit, we were told, is “a solutions-based conference and expo designed to meet the educational and information needs of the entire food industry, including growers, processors, retailers, distributors, foodservice operators and regulators”. The Food Safety Summit attracts big names in the food industry, including the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Also in attendance were big players like McDonalds and ConAgra Foods.  Attendees were offered three days of education showcasing interactive solutions and food industry tools and practices.  By an embarrassing irony, however, there was a reported outbreak of what appeared to be food poisoning at the event, which put a serious damper on proceedings.  No one was hospitalized, but most of the 100 affected attendees reported similar symptoms.  A representative of the Maryland Department of Health said that it had not been confirmed whether this was a case of food-borne illness or something transmitted from one person to others.  The takeaway was: you can’t be too careful…   #foodsafety

Baltimore: Firehouse Expo

July 23-27, 2013. The fire service is changing, we heard, and Firehouse Expo has apparently been changing along with it.  Firehouse Expo drew together dozens of new speakers and added over 50 new programs.  There were a variety of stimulating panel discussions led by fire service leaders and experts, and demonstrations and discussions of new products by exhibitors at the Manufacturers Clinic.  More than 300 exhibitors showcased new and updated products, technology and services.  Visitors got a free Firehouse Expo commemorative t-shirt when they registered for the educational workshops and conferences.  There were even discounted tickets to the Orioles vs. Red Sox baseball game, and a tailgating party before the game on the exhibit hall.  Hey, did you ever notice how firemen’s helmets look a little like cowboy hats…?