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Las Vegas Trade Show recap: January 2016

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know we try to update after every show. But this year we are short staffed and just don’t have the time so I thought we’d recap at least the month of January in one post.

One of the best shows for geeks like the B-T-B team is #CES2016 – What’s new in the world of consumer electronics. This year 3D printing continued its domination of the show but healthcare apps and drones were also a huge presence. But the big announcement that dominated the show was the  reveal of the Faraday Futures electric cars CES2016_Faraday_Futuresthat are going to be built in North Las Vegas. Also turns out all 3  candidates for the Dem President were in Vegas and at CES. It was pretty wild.

Other shows we attended were NSSF’s #ShotShow 2016 – I did manage to snag a cute pic of  a service dog whose owner was thoughtful enough to equip with noise cancelling ear protection at the firing range.ShotShow

Lots of celebrities show up at the Shot Show – mostly what they have are new gear and accessories. It’s expanding to include other outdoor sports besides just guns and rifles.  Lots of survival gear and various groups trying to get new members. I am trying to objectively view a show that I attend for work purposes but disagree with the content.  Of course I have no problem attending AVN which was held at the same time this year. Perhaps that was intentional due to the fall off of interest from the CES attendees in previous years and the resurgence of rhetoric that have made the exhibitors at ShotShow wealthier and more likely to spend $$ looking at their dream girls. Who knows.

Some of the other highlighted shows are Design Week in Vegas – Combining Surfaces, KBIS & IBS with the Las Vegas Market. It is an visual overload of what’s new in commercial and home design. We try to spend at least one day at each event but this year we were contracted to orchestrate a social media event called a blog-around where a group of bloggers in home design were invited to visit designated booths, collect swag and get a preview of whats new in appliances, accessories and furniture. We started the morning with cupcakes and champagne – and ended with cocktails. Great & fun event.

We ended the month with World of Concrete – everything you ever wanted to know about aggregates could be found there. Again this year recycled concrete and renewables dominated  the show – many new apps that helped with time management to load measurement and tracking.


We have more pics but must hit the show floor tomorrow. – Thanks for reading check back for updates. and don’t forget to share this blog with your colleagues. ##



Trade Shows: Las Vegas – CTIA Super Mobility Expo

The CTIA Show went by “Super Mobility”, meaning that from apps to social media promotion, this here was the technology for folks on the move. CTIA Super Mobility 2015 claimed to be the largest and most influential forum in the Americas focused specifically on mobile innovation in all its disruptive glory. Powered by CTIA The Wireless Association, this springboard event brought together more than 35,000 professionals from all across the new mobile landscape to experience the leading edge (actually they said “bleeding-edge”, but hey…) technology that is driving and enabling the connected life. So, whether you were on the lookout for the products that consumers want right now, or the new technology for tomorrow’s big breakthrough, they wanted you to remember that “this was one place where being in over your head is a beautiful thing”. You said mobile? Okay, so MOVE it…. #SuperMobility

Las Vegas: International Consumer Electronics Show – CES – CEA

Just a sampling of the many 3D Printing offerings. Simply amazing!

Las Vegas: International Consumer Electronics Show – CES – CEA

CES is the International Consumer Electronics Show from CEA, the Consumer Electronics Association, and it’s still the biggest jamboree on the trade show annual circuit.  Revenues for the CE industry are projected to grow three percent in 2015 to reach an all-time high of $223 billion.  The 2015 CES was, we heard, the largest show in history with more than 2.2 million net square feet of exhibit space featuring 3,600 exhibitors, including a record number of startups. Innovators showcased the latest technologies across categories like automotive electronics, personalized health care solutions, unmanned vehicles, connected devices, 3D printers and gaming. As the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology, more than 170,000 industry professionals, including more than 45,000 from outside the USA, convened to engage in the hands-on experience of interacting with the next generation of technology.  A lot of the buzz was around so-called ‘wearable’ electronics.  Hey, careful with that tray, lady… I don’t include coffee and donuts on my list of “wearables”…. #CES2015

New York City: Satellite and Content Delivery Conference & Expo – SATCON

SATCON is the Satellite and Content Delivery Conference & Expo.  We’re talking about an expo that has grown in size and scope by fifty percent each year, and features a wide variety of hardware, software and service providers to hook up with and interrogate for their best fix on solutions to pressing problems.  More than 50 new companies joined the CCW+SATCON Expo this year, offering the opportunity to explore and compare solutions for satellite-enabled communications, terrestrial wireless, mobile and hybrid technologies for global communications, content delivery, and distribution. Exhibiting companies were there in plenty, showcasing everything from satellite amplifiers, antennas, down/up converters, modems, network management hardware and software, RF over microwave, switches and test equipment, engineering services, IP Network Solutions, military satcom applications, mobile data, and of course satellite services.  This was an Expo that featured the latest satellite, fiber, broadband, wireless and hybrid network technologies for government, military, broadcasters, telecomms and commercial enterprise firms.  Kirk to Enterprise, come in…. #ccwsatcon

Seattle: Annual Summit Annual Summit lured 5,200 professionals to Seattle for the Summit, an event specifically for digital and multichannel retailers. They were there to get the rush of discovering new ideas, getting actionable takeaways, and building relationships with the brightest and most innovative players in the digital retail world.  The Digital Retail Boot Camp was a one-day, rigorous hands-on workshop designed with the entry- to intermediate-level manager in mind. The big idea was to jump-start online initiatives. New managers were able get up to speed, and more experienced managers could focus on the fundamentals.  On hand were more than 280 solution providers ready to demo and discuss the latest solutions to online retail problems — whoops, we meant opportunities.  Once you found what you were looking for, all you had to do was “add to cart”, then “go to checkout”….  Don’t worry, the summit made sure everything “checked out”…  #shoporg14

Las Vegas: Super Mobility Week by CTIA

Super Mobility Week bills itself as “the largest mobile event in North America”, geared to getting delegates to “discover the latest ways mobile is impacting business, home, health, money, auto, retail, media, networks, and beyond”.  Super Mobility Week brought together 1,100 or more exhibitors, representing all sectors of the wireless industry, and offering a mobile focus for visitors to efficiently do business across the entire mobile ecosystem.  Hot topics?  Well, things like Monetizing the Internet, the Need for Spectrum, Olympic Bandwidth and MAC Address Randomization.  Did you just hear something?  Sounded like a trumpet fanfare…. Music is evolving, we heard, but the industry still needs to understand the importance of sound.  Jeez, these trumpets are pretty loud….  I SAID….  THE IMPORTANCE OF SOUND.  No, I didn’t say “see you around”, I said SOUND….  Sheesh.  #MobITS