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Beyond The Booth: We are Growing!

Two new additions to the Gem Communications Empire!

Our new “Everything you wanted to know about the Hospitality Industry” Blog:  The Daily Dunkin

Hospitality includes:  Arts & Entertainment, Broadcasting, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Hospitality Design, Tourism & Travel, Event Planning

Because we are road warriors – we’ll be adding curated Tour guides from Jauntful.  We are starting with Las Vegas and have published 2 so far.

These will be our common theme areas for the 11 major cities that we cover plus some individual guides for things like “Our favorite Secret Spots” NYC or Best Craft Breweries in Portland.

You can follow us – Beyond The Booth


Trade Show Tip Thursday: 10 Women to Avoid in Vegas

Since we are in the height of trade show season with SEMA looming upon us shortly, we are sharing a post from Vegas Chatter Blog:

We’ve told you the things Not to Do in Vegas but sometimes a trip isn’t classified by what you did, it’s who you did. And if you do…er meet the wrong people, that exciting weekend in Sin City can go south real fast.

So if you want to avoid being the butt of your friends jokes for years to come and having your first name be substituted for a noun referring to an embarrassing act (“You just pulled a Dave”) –read this before you go to Vegas — our list of 10 Girls to Avoid in Las Vegas.

1. Vegas Cougars
You want the cougar? You can’t handle the Vegas Cougar. She is more than likely late thirties to late fourties, may or may not look like she is in the middle of a skydive thanks to her wind tunnel look from too much plastic surgery, and she will definitely buy you dinner and a drink.

Wed Night is Cougar Night

Wait, free dinner and a drink so what is the issue? Vegas Cougars travel in packs, may or may not be divorced and will be ultra aggressive with younger men. The real issue is the Vegas Cougar is the queen of the follow up text, call, email, facebook friending — so if you want to spend the next five years hearing about her marital issues, by all means join her for dinner and a drink, otherwise, walk away.

2. Hot Girls Looking Lonely & Lurking Around Casino Floors at 4 AM
Dude, she is not *that* into you. She looks way to good and way to put together for 4 AM — why? Quite possibly because she is just starting her night, and her job. She is probably looking for a drunk guy counting his winnings and looking for someone to go upstairs with.

Where can you find these natural looking and acting girls? Well, every casino floor really, leave it to Kid Rock to point out one of their favorite hang outs — Mandalay Bay.

We said it before and we’ll say it again, prostitution is illegal in Clark County. If you need help, study the women on this list before you go.

3. The Smoking Granny at the Slots.
We don’t mean the smoking Granny as in cougar. We mean the smoking Granny as in smoking butts until she hits jackpot on the penny slot machines. Granny will sit there for hours and hours all the while smoking some old brand of cigarettes that she stocked up on at BJ’s Warehouse before it was discontinued due to its direct link with lung cancer. Spend five minutes near Granny and you will be sick the next day with smoke inhalation injuries.

4. Bachelorettes
Some dudes probably seek out bachelorettes because they are easy targets and you can’t blame them for that. These are girls walking around in special “I’m the Bride” outfits and weighted down with penis paraphernalia, shotglass necklaces and always-overfilled drinks. They’re also sizing up the guys on the dance floor saying to themselves, “He could be the last man I ever have sex with/make out with/bump and grind with.”

Hangover for Girls

But dude, have you seen the amount of alcohol that the bachelorette has been knocking back? Chances are, once you get that bride-to-be back to your hotel room, she’ll be too drunk to “hang out.” You also risk a sloppy, drunk sobfest over the near act of cheating on her fiancee. A night full of deep meaningful relationship talk with a stranger — is that what you want out of your trip to Sin City?

5. The Cooler Woman
Yes, coolers can come in the male variety too but we’ve often found that women coolers are the cruelest. Once you start hitting it big, the ever-vigilant pit boss will let you win a few more hands just to let you think you are invincible. Then he’ll bring in a severe-looking woman to slow your roll. Even if it’s 4:30am, she’s still sharp as a tack, ready to do her job which is to make you lose.

She will either remain completely silent or feign that she doesn’t understand English — cause you know, idle chatter equals winning hands for the players. Every once in a while, in between her relentless run of Aces and Jacks, she will throw you a wry smile, acting like maybe if you stick around long enough you will win your money back.

Wrong, before you know it you will be curled up in the fetal position crying in your room. Ditch her and the pit boss she rode in on.

6. The Not-a-Woman Woman
Like any night out in the big city, you have to be careful about who’s got the real goods and who’s got the cleverly hidden goods.

Seen at Drink & Drag (Clue!)

Hell these days even Lady GaGa is subject to web rumors about her private parts. That means it isn’t always easy to tell, especially under club lighting and the influence of booze. If you are questioning the femininity of any club goer it is best to just move along instead of declaring, “It’s a man baby!”

7. Hitler’s Woman
Avoid this crazy woman who yelled “Heil Hitler” at a Jewish man during one of those fiery Town Hall meetings over health care. Members of the Aryan nation need not heed our warning.

8. The Thief
Anytime some beautiful girl starts talking to you when there is a “Sexiest Man Alive” celeb sitting nearby (Pitt, Clooney, DiCaprio, Pattinson, maybe Efron), it is too good to be true. It’s not because you’re in Vegas and you must be feeling lucky. Don’t fool yourself. It’s because you’re sitting in the high roller section at Encore and she noticed your new Panerai watch. And you’re blessedly bodyguard-free.

This woman is also thinking that you might have some other goodies in your suite upstairs and wouldn’t it be fun if you brought her up there and ordered some champagne and caviar before she dropped a roofie in your drink and made off with all your expensive possessions? Do your best to shoo her away unless you want to leave Vegas thousands of dollars poorer. Hmm…that will probably happen anyways. So really, it’s up to you.

9. The Sex at Rehab Woman
If you meet a girl at Rehab, the Hard Rock’s raunchy pool party, and she wants to have sex with you, you should first consider this: This girl is pretty crazy to want to have sex with you in public. Still, that’s not so bad. After all it’s Vegas and that’s what a few drinks in 100+ degree weather will do to anyone. What’s worse is that this girl wants to have sex with you at Rehab where several other folks have already had sex in the very same water you’ve been swimming in. Condoms don’t work in water, do they?

10. Elvis Cross-Dressers
That’s just some kinky stuff we are not ready for yet.

Beyond the Booth: MaximuMComics Goes to the Dogs for Noah’s Ark

As promised some of the pic from the Saturday event at MaximuM Comics in Las Vegas. MaximuM Goes to the Dogs (and cats/lizards/bunnies too)

Don’t think you’ve missed out. Both MaximuM Comics locations are still accepting donations until August 31st. Just drop them off at either location and help our furry friends.

Beyond The Booth: MaximuM Comics Supports Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation

Month of August –
MaximuM Comics Charity of the Month

At Beyond-the-Booth we are all about the #ShopLocal movement and in total support of the “Mom/Pop” shops that are slowly being replaced by big box stores and national chains. So when one of them has a GREAT event that supports the community, we like to send out B-t-B kudos! See the next post for their SuperPets contest this past Saturday

Beyond the Booth: Oscar’s Beef Booze & Broads-New Fremont Hot Spot

We’ve reviewed it on Yelp But here are some pics of our 4 day convention that we spent from 5pm-close at Oscars.

Of course, let’s be clear here. Our events lasted until 4pm which gave us time to change and head to the opening of the bar at Oscar’s at 4pm-ish. Only one night did we actually go sit at a table and dine but we were able to order off the menu & sides so we created our own tapas table nightly. But mostly we went to soak up the ambiance. Our last night there, Oscar himself stopped in and proclaimed in his loud booming voice: “I love big girls” And Mr. Mayor – We love you & Carolyn too.

Seriously, this is one of the best bars in Vegas..tucked away on the 2nd floor of The Plaza with views of all Fremont street. Gracious hostess, dubbed Oscar’s #1 Broad (she tweets) and because he’s over the top, our former mayor, he has 2-Brandi Beavers & Antoinette. Lovely ladies who are extremely kind and took the time to hang out at our table nightly.

So if you are headed to Vegas for a convention – try out this hot spot in downtown. Fremont street is the new North strip anchored by the newly refurbished Plaza on the west end and the El Cortez at the East end.

Las Vegas: Special Event Guide

She Knows Magazine has updated their Event Guide through the end of 2012. So if you are planning on coming to Vegas and want to supplement with trip with our Ren Fair or Pow Wows or even Belly Dancing, this is a good resource for an in-depth description, dates & links to the events. You can also follow @DangerousDeb for up to date info on where to shop, eat drink or just be merry.

Sunday, Bloody, Sunday: New Feature: 4/1: LaGasse’s Stadium Bloody Mary

LaGasse Stadium Bloody Mary

Standard Bloody Mary LaGasse Stadium

Ah Sunday. The day to “rest” unless of course you are in the trade show business then you know that no day is sacred and every day is a work day. So to ease the pain of my fellow trade show groupies, we are going to highlight a true beyond-the-booth experience and treat you to the Bloody Mary of the Day.
First a bit of history:

Official cocktail of the International Bar Association (IBA), the origin of the Bloody Mary is not clear but is credited in 1939 to a bartender, Fernand Petiot of the NY Bar in Paris. Later he admitted that George Jessel, the comedian, had ordered a drink of 1/2 tomato juice and 1/2 vodka but he (Petiot) embellished it with the standard salt, two dashes of black pepper, two dashes of cayenne pepper, and a layer of Worcestershire sauce that is still used today.

There are many variation to this sublime cocktail, with the garnishes & more recently with the addition of infused vodkas. This has pretty much been my standard drink since turning 21 xx years ago with some detours along the way (i’ve also been known to suck down hand crafted margaritas, hand made Sangria (no bottles for this girl) and an occasional mexicali coffee.

Today’s featured Bloody Mary is from the LaGasse Stadium at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. Renowned chef, Emeril LaGasse, brings his own touch to the restaurant attached to the sports book inside the Palazzo hotel. Luckily there is a street side entrance so you don’t have to schlep though the hotel or casino to enter. It however 21 only.

5 dollars at happy hour 11am-4pm daily

Typical of Emeril’s style, he kicks it up a notch offering a twist on the typical bar food with hand crafted pizza, salads & wraps along with the chicken fingers and burgers. And Virgin Bloody Mary Tomato Soup
Tabasco spiked tomato soup with horseradish cream and petite grilled cheese sandwiches $7

Besides each table having access to multiple TV screens, LaGassee offers up a twist on the Bloody Mary. yes you can get your standard mix but there is a secret one that has stuffed jalepenos as a garnish & basil in the spice mix. that is what kicks IT up 2 notches.