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Trade Show Season in Las Vegas: Tips to Survive

Yes the countdown is on for Trade show season in Las Vegas. January until June is the 1st season. September to mid November is the 2nd one with events like Electric Daisy Carnival, Well Rounded Las Vegas & National Finals Rodeo filling in the time frame to keep our hotels packed.

If you want to visit Vegas in the “off season” it’s December 15-24. that’s it. Cheap hotels. Free buffets. Lots of Glitz.

Otherwise if you are a road warrior like we are and attend over 150 shows per year, here is what I recommend.

Invest in a really comfortable pair of shoes. Forget heels or wingtips. Yes they look good but honestly, NO one at trade shows, especially the bigger ones cares about your Manolos or Ferragamo pointed toe wing tips.

If you want to dine a specific restaurant – make a reservation. Especially in high season, many exhibitors book out entire restaurants for private dining. Use Open Table to secure you seat AND do not be late.

Put all your trade show related items in a folder and make sure you put it in your carry-on. Badge/hotel confirmation/floor plan – and yes there are apps for this BUT none of the convention centers OR hotels has great wifi and cell service. We want folks to gamble not use their phone. Side note: Map your show before you go.

If you are an exhibitor or event planner – make sure you have your logisitics, booth plan, meetup locations, and staff lists with you. A copy of your order form from GES or whoever is servicing your show, and the cell numbers of the booth staff If you are hiring local folks to staff your booth, make sure you speak to them prior to arriving – ideally meet them for coffee ahead of time. and have BACKUPS just in case. Nevada is a very low wage state and people will take another job for a quarter more. True story.

If you plan on arriving early or staying over, make sure you have confirmed those dates. Many shows are back to back and the hotels often over book. Don’t think you’ll get here and be able to check in early or extend. You might be spending the night in Pahrump.

Stay hydrated! We are in a desert and even if it is 40 degrees -its a dry cold. All the casinos have free bottled water on the casino floor so when you get a cocktail, ask for a back up water.

Enjoy yourself but don’t over do it. Nothing worse than waking up in Vegas and not knowing what you did the night before. Chances are you’ll find it on youtube eventually. We have cameras everywhere.

The girl eyeing you longingly at the bar probably will cost a couple of drinks and $300.00 for an hour of her company. and she might not be a girl. No judgement .. just keeping you informed.

Finally: Get off the strip. There is so much more to Vegas than just the 4 block area from Sahara to Russel road. Go downtown, walk around Fremont. Explore our Chinatown or go to the Pinball Museum, or the Atomic Energy Museum, or try one of the great off the beaten path restaurants that isn’t in a hotel. If you stay over, take a hike in Red Rock. Or rent a BMW motorcycle and let the desert breeze warm your soul.

Vegas Means Business but we have fun while we are doing it.

Beyond the Booth Vegas: Greek Food Fest

Las Vegas has a food fest for just about every cuisine you can imagine: San Genaro, Mexican Independence, 9th Island (Hawaiian), Asian (covers all the Pacific Rim), Octoberfest and our collective favorite: Greek.

Vegas: #BikeFest 2012 #DTLV

Bike Fest Las Vegas from Cashman Field. Photos by @LasVegasLoopy

Beyond-The-Booth Las Vegas: AFAN Black & White Ball #BWParty26

A few pics from about the festivities of the annual Black & White ball held at the Hard Rock hotel on August 25. Money raised from this event goes directly to the Las Vegas Chapter of AFAN, a non-profit set up to assist those with HIV & Aids. In typical Las Vegas fashion, anything goes from tuxedos & ball gowns to body paint.

Beyond the Booth: MaximuMComics Goes to the Dogs for Noah’s Ark

As promised some of the pic from the Saturday event at MaximuM Comics in Las Vegas. MaximuM Goes to the Dogs (and cats/lizards/bunnies too)

Don’t think you’ve missed out. Both MaximuM Comics locations are still accepting donations until August 31st. Just drop them off at either location and help our furry friends.

Beyond The Booth: MaximuM Comics Supports Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation

Month of August –
MaximuM Comics Charity of the Month

At Beyond-the-Booth we are all about the #ShopLocal movement and in total support of the “Mom/Pop” shops that are slowly being replaced by big box stores and national chains. So when one of them has a GREAT event that supports the community, we like to send out B-t-B kudos! See the next post for their SuperPets contest this past Saturday

San Diego: SDCC 2012 (ComicCon)

SDCC Preview Night Crowd

There can be only one: Let the crowds begin.
For the West Coast, it’s San Diego Comic Con. I think an upstart that has been endorsed by the infamous & timeless Stan Lee, Comikaze Con will eventually rival it because it is in LA so it is a larger venue than the San Diego Convention center and there are more choices for hotels. Also the movie studios preview their upcoming attractions at SDCC but could save a pile of cash by switching to the LA venue. It has long been rumored that SDCC would be relocating to Anaheim, LA or even Las Vegas (imagine the furries in 117 degree Las Vegas July) but with Comikaze being endorsed by both Stan Lee and Marvel, it is the 1st to actually be a viable option. Until then, fan boys & girls will keep heading to San Diego to indulge themselves in all things MARVELous.