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Denver: Craft Brewers & BrewExpo America®

The Craft Brewers Conference (CBC or Craft Brewers & BrewExpo America) will be remembered, we heard, as the largest gathering of its kind to date. 9,000 industry professionals participated in the conference, a 40 percent increase over the 2013 event.  This is supposed to be the largest trade show of its kind, with 490 exhibitors in 2014.  About 1,100 American breweries were represented among the attendees.  There was an impressive array of craft beer and food pairings at the Award Ceremony and Reception, where 281 World Beer Cup awards were presented in one of the largest commercial beer competitions on record. In other related news, the Craft Beer Wholesalers symposium saw 370 attendees, and the Craft Beer Bar Owners Conference brought together 100 participants.  Craft beers?  You said craft beers?  Well, YEAH?!!!!  All’s you need to know was that the event was just heaving with guys wearing beards, glasses and plaid shirts….  Do you see the head on that…?  #CBC2014

Nashville: American Animal Hospital Association – AAHA

AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association, and it wants you to know that it sets “The standard of Veterinary Excellence”, for veterinarians, practice managers and technicians. Established in 1933, AAHA serves approximately 5,500 practice teams in the U.S. and Canada, over half of which are accredited, and comprised of more than 50,000 veterinary care providers. The founders were convinced that small animal practice was important, and that it was necessary to provide better facilities and methods than were then generally available. That philosophy is still alive as a guiding principle of the association today. We hear that AAHA is respected internationally for its dedication to professional development, hospital accreditation standards, and quality educational programs.  They develop industry benchmarks, business practice standards (known as Standards of Accreditation), and publications and educational programs designed to help companion animal hospitals thrive. Okay, look, lady, what makes you think your spaniel is depressed?  That’s just the way spaniels look…  #veterinarian

Las Vegas: Interop

INTEROP is about “celebrating the IT community”.  It claims to be the leading independent technology conference and expo, bringing together some of the industry’s best and brightest thought-leaders to provide ideas and experiences on addressing the challenge of application governance, management, and monitoring. They also discussed a number of key concepts, considerations, and technologies essential to providing high quality, secure, and efficient application capabilities.  Sessions covered topics like Cloud Adoption One Year On — Lessons Learned, How To Get Full Value from Big Data Application Performance Metrics, and
Stack by Stack: Modernizing Applications to Meet Dynamic Business Needs.  There were industry-centric keynotes, like one from Deloittes CIO Larry Quinlan on “A Passion for the Possible: How a Technology Culture Pays Off”, and delegates were encouraged to visit an expo floor that brought together over 300 top vendors.  Big data, hey?  This big enough for ya?    #interop

Boston: National Science Teachers Association – Annual – NSTA

Boston: National Science Teachers Association – Annual – NSTA

NSTA is the National Science Teachers Association, and what they seem to believe in is “STEM”, or Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics.  NSTA conferences offer the latest in science content, teaching strategy, and research to enhance and expand professional growth among science education leaders. New standards recently adopted define important scientific ideas and practices that all students need to learn by the time they leave the 12th grade. The standards integrate three key dimensions—science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts—effectively build science concepts from kindergarten through 12th grade, and integrate important concepts of engineering.  NSTA supports the Next Generation Science Standards as an effective and research-based way to transform science education, to prepare all students for college and career readiness, and to foster a new generation of evidence-based consumers of science.  So… ready, kids?  #NSTA

Vancouver: Globe 2014

GLOBE has been positioned as the nexus for global networking and leadership on the business of the environment. In 2014 GLOBE once again served as the definitive place for transforming environmental challenges into lucrative business opportunities.  Thousands of environmental business leaders, corporate environmental managers and sustainability practitioners came together in Vancouver to explore the mutually inclusive goals of corporate sustainability, business growth, energy and climate change solutions, and its extension into urban development.  Among the many challenges facing corporations today were climate change impact, growing concerns about environmental degradation, shifts in consumer attitudes and consumption patterns, and government oversight on the management of scarce natural resources . Favorite new products displayed: Biodegradable drinkware & bricks made from corn husks & mushrooms.  Senior business executives and government officials were on hand to track trends and exchange views.  Kind of a light-bulb that will GLOBE in the dark…  #green #news

Washington DC: American College of Cardiology – ACC

ACC is the American College of Cardiology, and its long-term purpose is to improve cardiovascular health through education, research, quality care and health policy.  This is about reducing the incidence, severity and complications of cardiovascular disease and promoting prevention, reducing disparities in health care, and improving personal and population-based cardiovascular health. More than 13,000 cardiovascular team members came together to get all of the hot clinical news from ACC.  As a for instance, a large randomized research trial showed that giving methylprednisolone to patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass heightened the risk of myocardial infarction.  Clinical studies looked at Aspirin’s Impact on Major Arterial and Venous Complications Events in Noncardiac Surgery Patients, and at Steroids in Cardiac Surgery, showing how wide the discipline can stretch.  No-one ever said “take two steroids and call me in the morning”…  #ACCFIT