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Vegas: ConExpo2014 Pre-Show Pics

The largest trade show in North America opens next week in Las Vegas. Collectively known as ConExpoConAgg, it is a showcase of equipment, logistics, software & services it takes to run industry. Combining construction, agriculture, manufacturing & mining under one huge show, ConExpo is a massive undertaking. Happening only 1 every 3 years, we love to watch as the show gets built out. Watch this space next week for a daily recap of the awesomeness that is ConExpo.


Kansas City: Western Farm Show

The Western Farm Show told us it’s “The Heart Of Ag”.  Besides visiting with exhibitors and viewing the thousands of products on display at the show, delegates were encouraged to attend the NCBA’s “Stockmanship & Stewardship” Low-Stress Livestock Handling demonstrations.  The demonstration was designed to improve the well-being of cattle and their handlers while providing reassurance to consumers and food marketers that the beef cattle industry is actively engaged in continuous improvement, specifically in assuring the humane management of the cattle under their care. The program was designed to be appropriate for all cattle producers, beef and dairy, regardless of the size of the herd or their age.  Free health screening was on offer in the Health & Safety Roundup Area, including blood pressure, cholesterol screenings, tetanus shots
and a hearing test.  I said tetanus shots.  I SAY… I SAID TETANUS SHOTS….  what, are you deaf?   #2014WFS

Long Beach: Southern California Plumbing Heating Cooling Industry – PHCC

PHCC is the Southern California Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors’ Association, and it’s all about Heating, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning,  Plumbing & HVAC.  This group is dedicated to the advancement and education of the plumbing and HVACR industry for the health, safety, and comfort of society and the protection of the environment.  The association is America’s premier trade group for the p-h-c professional, and has more than 3,500 open and union shop contractor members who manage businesses in residential service and new construction, commercial and industrial markets.  The PHCC National Association had committed to participating in the 2014 Fix A Leak Week campaign, and encouraged PHCC chapters and members to join in that effort.  Around the show, there was advice aplenty:  for instance some contractors had been reporting difficulty soldering the new brass alloys;  the industry advice to installers was to practice with the new materials to gain confidence in specific techniques.  Yeah, we’re tellin’ ya, brasswise, practice makes perfect…

Vancouver: Buildex, Construct & Design Northwest

Buildex Vancouver is one of Canada’s largest tradeshows and conferences, welcoming over 13,500 design, construction and real estate management professionals.  Over 600 exhibits and more than 50 educational seminars impacted three distinct professional markets: interior design and architecture, property and real estate management, and construction and renovation. Visitors could learn about new and innovative products, materials, technologies and services in over 100 different categories, discover the latest trends and technologies to impress clients, and meet environmentally friendly design/build standards.  Exhibitors ranged across Office, Retail, Institutional, Community Developments, Governmental Buildings, Hotels and Resorts, and Industrial Complexes.  Overall, Buildex re-established itself as Western Canada’s largest annual tradeshow and conference for designing, building and managing real estate… proving that If You Build It, They Will Come…  #buildexvan


Sacramento: California League of Food Processors Expo – CLFP

CLFP is the California League of Food Processors Expo.  CLFP represents the business interests of California’s dynamic food processing industry, whose members supply the nation’s consumers with premium quality fruits, vegetables, juices, sauces, cheeses, snacks, nuts, seasonings, and many other foods. The league has racked up some notable successes recently. For instance CLFP developed the Manual of Best Practices for land application of food processing wastewater, to help processors and regulators base permits on established science and proven practical experience.  On current issues, CLFP is the leading voice for California food processors regarding food safety inspections and regulations.  It also represents processors’ interests in public utility electricity and natural gas rate cases, and continues to press the legislature and regulatory agencies to ensure that the taxes and fees assessed on food processors are warranted and fair.  Hey, it’s all just part of the “process”…

New York City: American International Toy Fair

And MORE toys!

San Diego: Firehouse World Exposition & Conference


Firehouse World Exposition & Conference addressed some critical issues.  If you are going to reduce responder casualty incidents, we heard, you must first improve the ability to develop and maintain situational awareness under stress.  Delegates could learn how to identify fourteen critical factors that frequently contribute to fire fighter death and injury; discover that bad tactics doesn’t kill fire fighters — bad strategy (or the lack or absence of strategy) kills fire fighters;  learn powerful strategic tools that can help keep history from repeating itself;  and discover how it is that even experts can keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.  Another issue:  current economic conditions are forcing many fire departments to make significant budget reductions, so in response group or cooperative purchasing has been an option exercised on a regional basis in different parts of the country.  No sir, only fire trucks can park next to the hydrant…