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Detroit: Military Vehicles Expo

July 31 – August 1, 2013. The City of Detroit may be in financial difficulties (okay, bankruptcy if you want to be picky), but that does not seem to be hindering its ability to host heavy-duty trade shows and expos like this one.  Welcome, military vehicle buffs.  On hand were over 60 exhibitors, four star vehicles including the MRAP and Humvee from the HSI, a presentation theater and over 1500 attendees.  There were people to meet, things to see, and tires to kick.  Folks from the military and security industry vehicles community came together to learn best practices, programs and processes for 2013.  So who was there?  Well, just to mention the “brass”, we saw stripes denoting Capabilities Integration Officer, Chief of Staff, Command Sergeant Major, Commander, Deputy Chief of Staff, Senior Officer, Program Executive Officer, and Program Manager.  The thing about buying military vehicles?  You can kick the tires, but you can’t kick the habit…

Denver: HydoVision

July 23-26, 2013. HydroVision is the world’s largest hydropower conference and exhibition, we heard. This was a five-day training and networking event that included workshops, seminars, briefings and meetings of hydro organizations. The fun included a golf tournament and evening receptions, the hydro industry’s largest exhibition of products and services, and a conference program featuring more than 70 sessions in eight hydro-focused tracks.  The HydroVision International Conference and Exhibition is held annually, drawing more than 3,000 attendees from more than 40 countries and over 300 exhibitors.   Experts addressed a range of topics related to the hydro technology and industry trends including: R&D, pump storage, modernization and new equipment, maintenance, and connecting to the grid. The world’s leading providers of hydro power equipment and services engaged in panel sessions, technology presentations, networking events and demonstrations throughout the week.  You could just feel the power…

Minneapolis: AHRA

July 28-31, 2013. AHRA is the Association for Medical Imaging Management, the professional organization representing managers of hospital imaging departments, freestanding imaging centers, and group practices. AHRA sets the standard for imaging leaders in providing quality care, innovative use of technologies, and best practices in medical imaging management.  AHRA’s 5,000 members are drawn from across the country and around the world.  Association goals include improving the administration of business and nonmedical management aspects of hospital radiology departments, providing a forum for  scientific, educational and professional issues, and establishing and improving standards of professional conduct and service in non-medical radiology management.  It’s about maintaining… well… an ‘image’ for imaging…

San Diego: SCUP

July 29-31, 2013. Well, we’ve heard of B-cups and C-cups and D-cups… but SCUPs?  Sounds pretty impressive!  Actually SCUP stands for the Society for College and University Planning, and this is a seriously serious gathering, attended by Deans, Provosts, Principals, Presidents, VPs and the like — in fact all levels of leaders from across all planning disciplines in higher education.  SCUP members play a prominent role in their academic, corporate, and governmental communities.  The educational program at SCUP’s annual international conference offered educationalists the right avenues, formats, and experiences for learning. If the plenary sessions eventually palled, delegates could continue learning by ​visiting booths, plus “Take-Five!” kiosks, 30-minute “Learn This!” presentations, and five-minute “Make Your Point!” presentations.  (Exclamation marks were in plentiful supply, possibly in homage to THAT cup-size…).

Buffalo: NAOSMM

July 29 – August 2, 2013. NAOSMM stands for the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers.  The association is a professional organization of laboratory managers, science storeroom personnel, teaching lab coordinators, purchasing personnel and chemical safety officers Members include representatives from academia, manufacturing, research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, not to mention the ones from universities, colleges, manufacturers, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.  Membership is approximately 500 individuals in the USA and beyond, all involved in purchasing, receiving, warehousing, distributing and inventory controlling chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glassware and plasticware, instruments and special services in the research, teaching, and R & D fields.  Hey, where do you think you’re going with that 40-gallon plastic container…?

Las Vegas: APMA

July 21-25, 2013. APMA stands for the American Podiatric Medical Association, and this, we heard, is an association that cares about ethics.  As members of APMA, podiatrists accept the common values and principles established within the association’s code, a code that applies to all aspects of the professional life of podiatrists as they go about the implementation of their work in a variety of contexts.  These include their duties as health care providers, administrators, educators, researchers, consultants, and employers.  The podiatrist, we learned, has an obligation to facilitate patient care, placing the welfare and rights of the patient above all other considerations. The competence of a podiatrist extends beyond technical skills alone. Recognizing the extent of one’s ability to perform and knowing when it is appropriate to seek consultation or make referrals is (we were told) imperative.  It’s about avoiding putting your foot in it…

Las Vegas: RDH

July 17-19, 2013. RDH Under One Roof was all about dental hygiene, and that field’s leading conference and exhibition.  Present were professionals from the fields of Dental Services, Production, Wholesale, Scientific Research, Information/Consulting Services, Educational Establishment, Doctors and Scientific Researchers, all there to showcase products and services and to gather important feedback from leading Dental Hygienists.  The show and expo was able to attract more than 1,000 dental hygienists from across the country to an information-packed three-day conference. Continuing education credits were offered during the conference sessions, which featured an educational combination of conference sessions and workshops.    Hot topics included The Periodontic/Orthodontic Connection, The Skinny On Eating Disorders, and Biofilm Management.  Plus it was a unique opportunity to interact with all those smiling delegates, and check out the state of their pearly whites…