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Des Moines: World Pork Expo

June 6-8, 2012. There’s something about the title “World Pork Expo” that conjures up wonderful images of senators, congresspersons and legislators of all types convening for a good old snuffle at the pork-barrel, and reminding us what it is in politics that persuades the power-hungry to stand for high office.  But no, this gathering really IS about… pork.  The meat.  As the world’s largest pork-specific trade show, we heard, World Pork Expo brings in some 20,000 pork producers and allied industry professionals for three days dedicated to porcine innovation and pig-husbandry. Aside from browsing (or is that snuffling?) among the nearly 500 trade show exhibits, attendees could take part in seminars covering a wide range of pork industry topics, including animal well-being, business and environmental management, and pork production efficiencies.  This little piggy went to market….

Philadelphia: DIA 2012 (Drug Information Association) *updated*

June 24-28, 2012.

DIA is all about healthcare, though you would never know that except by knowing it. (It’s one of those acronyms that no-one ever tells you what it stands for). There were 22 Tracks Featuring 280+ Educational Opportunities, a New White Paper Showcase, and Executive Program for Pioneering Partnerships, and 500+ Exhibiting Companies.
A prominent speaker was Stephen Spielberg. Say what? What’s a Hollywood movie legend doing at a healthcare talkfest? Wait, THIS Stephen Spielberg (MD) is Deputy Commissioner for Medical Products and Tobacco in the Office of the Commissioner of the FDA, not the “ET phone home” guy. Anyway, if you were there, you apparently “played your part in fostering innovation to facilitate health and well-being worldwide”. Good for you…! (And it was good for you…).

Welcome & reminder that Copenhagen is coming soon

Dallas: National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics

June 25-26, 2012. NACDA is the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics.  NACDA serves as the professional association for those in the field of intercollegiate athletics administration, and provides educational opportunities and serves as a vehicle for the exchange of information and advocacy on behalf of the profession. The overall aim is to develop a collegial and mutually beneficial relationship with the administration, faculty and students (i.e. potential future athletics administrators) in the sports management programs within the colleges and universities of North America.  At NACDA’s Job Center, members of NACDA and its affiliate associations can submit their athletics administration job openings, view resumes, and contact individuals for employment openings.  It’s all part of the “race to full employment”….

St. Louis: WEC 12 (Meeting Planners International – World Education Congress)

Nashville: Am Guild of Organists

June 30 – July 6, 2012. Famous for its Southern hospitality, Nashville offered a week to remember, under the banner of “Great City. Great Music. Great Organs. A Great Convention”. Organs?  Nashville is usually more associated with guitars, but hey.  Events included a choral reading session, seminars on “Creating, Growing, and Managing a Chapter Endowment Fund”, “Stepping Stones to Improvisation”, “Transposition: Approachable Techniques for a Vital Skill”, “Planning for a Successful Concert at Your Church”, and the indispensable “Adapting Conducting Gestures for Music from All Periods”.  Oh, sorry, we thought that you waving your arms around like that was, well, you conducting…  Your organ stopped working?  It’s okay, we can arrange an organ transplant.

Chicago: Abilities Expo

June 28 – July 3, 2012. Abilities Expo is the show dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities, senior citizens, their families and caregivers, and to providing help and education to healthcare and disability professionals.  Kids were a special focus.  Children of all abilities got to stamp and print to make their mark, using adaptive art tools and shapes to create their own exciting art creations. The aim was fun and creativity, plus  activities to help develop motor skills, concentration, social interaction, and self-esteem. Dancing is fast becoming a popular activity for wheelchair users, and Auti Angel, the Abilities Expo “Dancebassador”, shared a dance demonstration with attendees. For the sports enthusiast, wheelchair rugby is one of the fastest growing wheelchair sports in the world, and the RIC Bears were on hand to demonstrate the sport, a cross between wheelchair basketball, ice hockey, and soccer.  Abilities in spite of the “dis-“….!

Atlantic City: Police Security Expo

June 26-28, 2012. Successful trade shows don’t just happen, we were told, they evolve.  Since The Police Security “Supershow”  began in 1987, the Police Security Expo earned the reputation of being “the nation’s largest showcase of Goods, Products & Services, in all price ranges, designed for all Law Enforcement, Security, Government, Safety, First-Responder and Homeland Security Professionals”.  (Here in law-enforcement land, you quickly learn that, if a thing’s worth saying, It’s Worth Saying in Capital Letters).  Products on display ranged from the common flashlight to items such as uniforms, transport vehicles, forcible entry tools, weapons, crime scene investigation aids, wireless services, digital cameras, warning lights, surveillance products, bullet proof vests, computers and more. Hey, over there, isn’t that Dexter Morgan, aka The Bay Harbor Butcher, hiding in plain sight….?