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San Diego: BioPhysical 2012

Feb. 25-29, 2012. The Biophysical Society encourages development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics. It does so through its many programs, including its meetings, publications, and committee outreach activities. The Society’s members, now over 9,000, work in academia, industry, and in government agencies throughout the world. The Society’s Annual Meeting brings together over 6,000 research scientists in the multidisciplinary fields representing biophysics. More than 3,500 abstracts are submitted each year, which are programmed into poster and platform sessions. more than 4,000 poster presentations, over 200 exhibits, and more than 20 symposia, this meet is the largest gathering of biophysicists in the world.  Let’s get biophysical…

Las Vegas: CaterSource

February 28-29, 2012. CaterSource convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Fort Lauderdale: RPA

Feb. 24-26, 2012. The Retail Packaging Association, commonly referred to as the RPA, serves the entire retail packaging industry. RPA hosts this annual trade show and educational conference every spring. RPA is a self-governed not-for-profit organization comprised of professionals involved in all facets of the production and distribution of retail packaging products, including boxes, bows, bags, tissue, wrapping paper, tape, and more.  The RPA was formed in 1989, and now has 250 member companies representing all entities of retail packaging, nationwide and abroad. Being held on Florida’s eastern seaboard, the theme was “Packaging in Paradise”.  Okay, you want a to-go box for that tropical fruit display?

Eugene: Ore Logging

Feb. 23-25, 2012. The concept of “Ore Logging” conjures up images of subterranean dwarves digging for ore in deep mineshafts, then crafting the precious metal into logs, for mysterious reasons.  Actually the “ore” involved stands for Oregon, so this Oregon Logging Conference is about, well, cutting down big trees.  “The World Needs Our Wood” was the theme at this major logging and wood processing equipment show. Delegates could attend the “power packed” educational opportunities including a “What’s New In Logging” panel session, business seminars and outside hands-on training seminars. Loggers could earn as many as 11 professional logger credits in just two days when attending the program and seminar sessions.  But they needed to “log in” for the sessions….

Los Angeles: CAA

Feb. 22-25, 2012. CAA is a Book and Trade Fair, hosting more than 130 publishers of art books, journals and magazines, manufacturer and distributor of materials for artists, and providers of digital images and resources, among other companies and organizations. Delegates could attend book signings, discuss book ideas with art editors, learn about graduate-degree programs, digital-image archives, new survey textbooks, and teaching aids for the classroom, discover new grant and fellowship opportunities, learn about academic testing and research firms, and meet representatives from other professional associations.  Reason enough to “book” a place at the show….

Las Vegas: HIMSS

Feb. 20-25, 2012. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is a healthcare organization focused on optimal use of information technology and management systems for human health.   It has offices in Chicago and Washington D.C. HIMSS represents more than 23,000 individual members, of whom 73% work in  patient care. HIMSS also includes over 380 corporate members and over 50 not-for-profit organizations sharing the mission of transforming healthcare through the effective use of IT and management systems.  There were education sessions focused on the industry’s hot topics, such as Meaningful Use, plus HITECH (way more popular than “LOTECH”, of course), HIE, standards, interoperability and more.  Wait, is interoperability really that healthy?

Houston: NAPE

Feb. 22-24, 2012. The world’s largest E&P oil and gas (upstream) expo, NAPE Expo provides a marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of oil and gas prospects and producing properties. NAPE is billed as the premier E&P networking venue – where visitors can “see what’s going on throughout the entire oil patch in two days”.  NAPE Expo brings prospects and producing properties (from the U.S. and around the world), capital formation, services and technologies all together in one location.  NAPE Expo  was created as the North American Prospect Expo in 1993 by AAPL, and Winter NAPE Expo (the one held in February) has now grown to host 1600 booths and 16,000 attendees. Talking oil?  It’s a gas….