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Drago Sisters Bakery (5/5) on Yelp

Who puts a dentist office next to a bakery? Someone very very SMART. After our extensive consultation we decided to treat ourselves to something delicious from the bakery next door. We walked in and…

EDDIE D’s Sandwich Shop

We went to Eddie D’s with some anticipation after opening the door and seeing the prep station was open to view and the nice welcome we got from the cashier.
Even though we were getting take out, she invited us to sit and brought us over a sample of their meat balls.

We ordered our pie to go and I tackled the meat ball. the sauce was delicious. while the meat ball itself was a bit dry, the sauce was 10x better so who noticed once you combine them.

Service was quick despite it being lunch hour and it seemed to be quite a few regulars since the counter staff called them by name.

Sadly when we got home with our pie, it was uber disappointing. the dough was cardboardish, the sauce was just a swipe and the extra cheese we’d ordered was none existent.

Since our dentist & new favorite bakery is there as well, we will go back and try the sandwiches. From the reviews here, it looks like their sandwiches fare better then that pizza. Of course there is the Vegas water factor in the dough.