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Las Vegas: Pack Expo

Sept. 26-28, 2011: The Pack Expo offers  more powerful solutions in packaging and processing than any other event in North America. Sixteen hundred suppliers  will feature processing equipment, operations software, packaging machinery, converting machinery, materials and containers. Pavilions at the expo include the Pharmaceutical Pavilion, the Processing Zone, the Confectionery Pavilion, the Reusable Packaging Pavilion and The Brand Zone.

Las Vegas: SuperZoo

Sept. 13-15, 2011: Someone witty defined a zoo as “a terrific place for studying humans”.  And it does seem to be humans, rather than their beloved animals, that really drive this business. Actually the show, far from being exclusively focused on zoos, ranges across the whole domestic pet industry — dogs, cats, parakeets, terrapins, tropical fish — and those are just the ones featured in the SuperZoo logo…  There was a line-up of SuperZoo University seminars, providing insider strategies on everything from sales and marketing to building your online presence to debunking myths about pet foods.  Groomers could participate in their own specifically designed value-added seminars, and take on the tough competition in the Pet Grooming Contest.  Now if only someone could come up with a way for the pets to groom the humans…

Las Vegas: Vision Expo

Sept. 22-24, 2011: Specs, goggles, headlamps… history has thought up a slew of unflattering names for those things four-eyed geeks perch on the bridge of their nose so they can see properly.  But eyewear, as we have learned to call it, got to be a high-fashion zone when the likes of Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent decided to smarten them up.  Having seen the sexy new frame designs, visitors to the show were able to bone up on “Electronic Eyewear Selection & Information Systems”,  “Frame Technology – What’s New, What’s Now”, “Managing Difficult Frame Fits”, “Using Ergonomics in Eyewear Selection & Fitting”, and a boot camp on “Frame Adjusting & Repair”.  Now, when I hold up this brochure, how many designer labels can you see?

Las Vegas: Connections Show

Sept. 7-9, 2011: The  Connections  Show is for professionals in the carpet cleaning and restoration industry. Dozens of businesses featured products  for cleaning wood, tile, stone, grout and carpet. Five sponsors — Phoenix Restoration Equipment , Dri-Eaz Products, TES – Interlink Supplies, Prochem Restoration Equipment, and DRI-core Subfloor — built structures and presented  live demonstrations throughout the show. Popular presentations included “Top Ten Dumb Mistakes Cleaners and Restorers Make.”

Las Vegas: Enforcement Expo/EMS World/Firehouse expo

Aug. 29 – Sept. 02, 2011: The theme here is law enforcement, and that tends to mean one big thing in delegates’ minds: fire power.  The North Las Vegas Fire Department and the North Las Vegas Metro Police Department staged a mass casualty incident in the Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot, focusing delegates on what to do when things get out of hand.  SigSauer sponsored a Gun Give-Away, open to all active law enforcement personnel at the show, at which popular firearm models included the SIG M400,  “a true AR platform tactical rifle”, and the P250 40 Cal Pistol, “a modular polymer handgun system”, were on show.  Okay, who wants a ride into the desert so we can pop off at tin cans and the odd prairie dog?  Well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…  Oh, you wanna go to the Hollywood Nights party instead?

Las Vegas: Photoshop World

Sept. 6-9, 2011: Photoshop World was the ultimate  convention  for both amateur and professional photographers. The  convention featured three days of more than 100 photoshop, photography, printing, special effects, retouching and lighting. Instructors included well-known photographers such as Jeremy Cowart, Jay Maisel, Joel Grimes, Cliff Mautner, Helene Glassman and Fay Sirkis. The free  Photoshop World Expo provided a place for  photographers of all levels to mingle and check out the coolest new technology, gadgets and services available.