Las Vegas: NCOF (National Conference on Operations & Fulfillment)

This one comes to you courtesy of the DMA, the Direct Marketing Association. NCOF is their National Conference on Operations & Fulfillment. Things started getting really complicated when direct marketing graduated from just sending out paper mailings (they hate the term junk-mail, as it ignores the care and effort they put in to targeting products at exactly the right kind of people) and began to colonize the Web. Internet marketing raises the game enormously, but also adds a whole new level to all that Operations & Fulfillment stuff that the convention was convened to talk about. As “an industry run on brainpower”, these guys feel the need to nurture, maintain and grow talent throughout the world of marketing, and even more so in the world of direct and interactive marketing. Hey, what do I do with this offer from the Readers’ Digest?

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