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Beyond The Booth: Yelp’s Rise UP Japan & Vegas StrEats

Rise UP Japan:

Just so you don’t think all we do is work, ok 98.9% of the time we do, here are some pictures of events that we attended today.
First was a bake sale from several catering and bakeries around Las Vegas as a fundraiser sponsored by YELP Las Vegas for the victims of the recent events in Japan. Brio Tuscan Cafe at Towne Square on the south Strip donated the space. What was very cool was that at either end of the vendors, they gave us a could pick out what you wanted and when you got to the other end, they totaled it all up and we paid one price. Our favorite bakery, Retro, donated the cute Hello Kitty Cupcakes.

Vegas Streats

The 2nd event on the same day is something new called Vegas StrEats. Located in the Fremont street area across from the El Cortez, it’s a once a month event — 2nd Saturday — with several food trucks and various artists, bands and vendors. It starts at 6pm and goes until 12m. We got there at 615pm and several of the trucks already had a 30-50 minute wait. This is the only “issue” I have with the food trucks here. And while I ‘get’ it that they want to be fresh/hot etc., the reason people like food trucks — and it’s not a “new” thing either. NYC has had gourmet food trucks lining the streets around Wall & Broad and then on the weekends at Madison Square Garden and Central Park since the mid 1970’s. Anyway, we were happy to get to try a new truck called Haulin’ Balls which serves up unique meat balls. I had the “Blue Balls” which for this event was a modified Boss Hogg..and could have had 30 more.

Random pictures from both events

Las Vegas: Intex (Interior/Exterior Commercial Construction)

Intex stands for Interior/Exterior Commercial Construction, and it’s got the building industry figured inside and out. The show is co-sponsored by AWCI, the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, so basically if it’s a surface, these guys have got it covered. Who was there? Architects, materials specifiers, general contractors, wall and ceiling contractors, flooring experts, actually pretty much everyone involved in the commercial construction industry with any kind of responsibility for covering anything with anything. With new-build business in trouble since the recession hit, many suppliers were concentrating more on the refurbishment side of the business. Now, gentlemen, imagine your company lobby with a shiny new marble-chip floor design based on your company logo…. Yeah, just like at CIA Headquarters…

Las Vegas: NCOF (National Conference on Operations & Fulfillment)

This one comes to you courtesy of the DMA, the Direct Marketing Association. NCOF is their National Conference on Operations & Fulfillment. Things started getting really complicated when direct marketing graduated from just sending out paper mailings (they hate the term junk-mail, as it ignores the care and effort they put in to targeting products at exactly the right kind of people) and began to colonize the Web. Internet marketing raises the game enormously, but also adds a whole new level to all that Operations & Fulfillment stuff that the convention was convened to talk about. As “an industry run on brainpower”, these guys feel the need to nurture, maintain and grow talent throughout the world of marketing, and even more so in the world of direct and interactive marketing. Hey, what do I do with this offer from the Readers’ Digest?

Las Vegas: HDI (World Conference of IT Service and Technical Support)

HDI is the Annual World Conference for IT Service and Technical Support. This service and technical support conference addresses the IT needs of a company’s entire team — from seasoned directors to front-line analysts — and provides insight into how formal procedures, processes, and industry tools can improve service and support performance. A keynote on “How to Win an Unfair Fight” asked “How do you get people to do what you want them to do without looking like a jerk (or a psychopath)? How do you learn how to handle the difficult people you encounter along the way without losing your sanity?” This is need-to-know stuff, you IT people. Okay, okay… Whaddya mean, the screen is still black? Did you try plugging the darn thing in?

Las Vegas: ISC West (International Security Conference)

Once you see all those black-and-yellow keyhole logos scattered around the convention center, you know you’re at a Security Industry event. ISC West is the International Security Conference and Exposition, and they’re there to remind you that you have plenty of stuff you want locked away and kept safe. There was much to learn about how to do that. There was a Security Cloud Computing panel, a discussion about how physical security applications can reduce cost and create value by leveraging the internet Cloud. Other panels explored novel techniques like video analytics, biometric technology and Personal Emergency Response Systems. Feeling secure now? You earned some out-of-town fun, like the scenic motorcycle and sports-car ride through the Valley of Fire and Hoover Dam area, raising funds for volunteer groups and publicly paid first-responders who take courses on safety-related issues. Stay safe, now, y’hear?

Road Runner Food

My son and I order from here at least 3 days a week. I work about 60-65 hours and he works full time and goes to college at the same time. I love that we are not limited to chain pizza & crappy Chinese.…

Phoenix: Indian Gaming

Lady Luck seems to just love those folks in traditional tribal dress who brought you the wonders of Wampum (which when you think about it is not so different from brightly-colored gaming chips, right?). The Lady has presided over a nationwide transformation of marginalized and impoverished Indian reservations into an unrivalled coast-to-coast business. Today’s Big Chiefs (and their treasurers, financial advisers, casino managers and lobbyists) are now piling up seriously impressive chip-stacks, and showing the casino-owners in Macao and Las Vegas a thing or two. It’s a terrific way to reverse a century and more of the White-Eyes having it all their own way, wouldn’t you say? There are even indigenous groups in the Hamptons getting in line to declare Tribal Status and start building their own casino resorts. It’s almost as if it were their Manifest Destiny or something…