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Conventions 2010: Feb

We did about 39 trade shows in February. I am very thankful for Clifton’s Android phone and Christine’s calendar so I know where I am at any given moment. Did I mention one of us got their 100K mile card from United, something I haven’t had since 1992. No? Well we did. Of course quite a bit of this is due to a co-sharing relationship with BA/AF etc.

Now for what you are waiting for: Outtakes for conventions Feb 2010.

Magic 2010: Checking out all great new barely-there clothing is exhausting!

and after an all nighter in Vegas..the booth bunny is tired:

PACE 2010: This didn’t make our recap because we are now boycotting Ariz*na but it was kind of a cool application, dry erase paint.

NYC: NY Time Travel Show

This was a consumer event first and foremost, with customers actually booking vacations etc. during the show. Seems like exhibitors were doing brisk business despite the heavy 20-inch snowfall in the NY area on the opening Friday. Saturday was busier.

16,000 visitors chasing down detail on 5000 destinations. Travel writers, journalists and experts on hand, 75 speakers at over 30 sessions. Live shows showcasing different world destinations from grass skirts and leis to snowshoes.

NYC: Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Event geared to medical practitioners and healthcare pros looking for the latest research and clinical trials for improving patient care. This was a conference rather than a show, with case histories, workshops, lectures etc. Pretty much all the keynote speakers had “MD” after their name. Events included talks on brain/mind health, women’s health, ‘wellness’-related reform, ayurvedic practice, yoga etc. — so a strong leaning towards alternative medicine. Lots of networking within and between medical disciplines.

Chicago: AAOP aka American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetics

Mayor Daley, no less, kicked off the proceedings. This industry event is about clinical and scientific education in orthotics and prosthetics. (Since you ask, orthotics is basically splints and braces that help straighten out bent or deformed limbs, while prosthetics is mainly, but not exclusively, about artificial limbs. Actually it can be any added-on body part including jaws etc. The dynamic here was tech workshops, of which there were a gazillion. and far too boring to post pics.

Vegas: Digital Signage Expo 2010

Focus on digital future of out-of-home advertising, signage and display. Certified expert seminars, installation guidance, training sessions. Mobility and interactivity were much-heard buzzwords. New communication approaches like Verizon’s “Don’t Text And Drive” blitz. Brave claims that digital went on growing as conventional out-of-home declined in recession. Audience measurement and response-tracking were issues. General convention buzz about using Social Media to get the message out being as cost effective as a 30ft billboard on I-15. Many consultants billing themselves as “social media gurus” similar to a few years ago when everyone was an SEO expert. I say “Bah.”

Chicago: Our World-Underwater

Consumer dive show, this year celebrated its 40th anniversary. (They plugged the book “Our World Underwater – the first 40 Years” at book signings). Workshops and how-to sessions on all 3 days, big focus on safety, importance of equipment inspections, plus underwater photography and video techniques. Film festival. Award to guy behind Great Lakes shipwreck exploration. Kids’ activity area to attract family visitors. Seminar for dive businesses on improving business performance. There was also quite a bit of discussion regarding the current state of natural reefs and the effect of off shore drilling. And what good show with the word “Underwater” could go without some salute to Jacques Cousteau who would have been 100 this year. May his speedo live forever.

Doc’s Note added at day 45: We attended this before the BP spill in the Gulf. There was much discussion at the time about off shore drilling and the hazardous nature of the industry.

NYC: Toy Fair

Plushie Couture at Toy Fair 2010 Trade only (c’mon, toys are a serious business, people!), claimed to be the “biggest toy show in the Western hemisphere”. Not just toys but electronic entertainment products. Distributors, import-export, sales agents as well as manufacturers, 15,000 in total. Buzz this year was “earth-friendly products” (presumably a response to the Chinese toxic paint disaster). Robots were a draw. Hasbro has re-imagined Mr. PotatoHead as Tony Starch in conjunction with the May release of Iron Man 2. But Plushies are still in (see the Hello Kitty couture, above) Barbie rules Toyland even at age 51 and let’s face it, Barbie still Rules the World of Toyland even at age 50. Will Wright of Sims fame was a keynote and gave pretty graphic descriptions of where he expected to take the Barbie Money Machine via Sims.