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Vegas: Flip Video of Dancing with CES Stars

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The Mambo Hotties of CES

Vegas: CES 2010-The crowds are back and 3D’s got ’em

Since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Association has been the driving force behind the Consumer Electronics show.  43 years of innovation all under 1 roof.  Like all industries, CEA members have taken a big hit during this recession and in 2009 it was almost a ghost town with the majority of the attendees being journalists (including yours truly) and bloggers (also yours truly) rather than buyers.  2009 saw the closing of one of the cornerstones of retail, Circuit City which came on the heels of the closing of CompUSA.

If 2009 was a grim year — 2010 CES was a resurgence to the innovative spirit with the show piece being the advent of 3D-TV.  

Many of the smaller booths were actually writing orders for the show which is a great sign on the improvement of the economy. We saw several new innovative products featured. Our favorite by far was the Phubby aka wrist cubby to hold your mp3 player secure while having better access than if in your pocket or purse. Of course this will not do you any good while driving but their display was cute even if their very young staff wasn’t very knowledgeable about their product. We’ll forgive them for being overwhelmed at the sheer number of people that they were seeing before we arrived on Sunday.

Other random pics from around CES: