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Outtakes for February 2009

Ever so often we come across something that kind of fits outside the “booth”, trade show category. We’ve decided at the end of each month to add a section called “Outtakes” for lack of a better word. This month we have 2 winners.

1st we have something from a walk though here in Vegas. The Rivera hotel has a few small shows like Pro DJ, Bingo World (which is unusual since there is no bingo hall at the Riv) and Tranny Rebuilds which is not a RuPaul makeover. As we were walking though to go to the ProDJ expo last week, I spied this crew all seated around a table. I asked if I could snap a pic of them with my cell. They complied. I asked them why they were here and was told that a group of them were all Santa for Macy’s and Gimble’s (now defunct) and they get together in Vegas every year for the last 15 years. So if you want to know what happens to Santa in the off season, come to Vegas:
There is a convention for everything

This next picture I entitled “Gene Simmons goes to World AG.” Ever watch his reality show “Family Jewels?” One episode was centered around him bonding with his son Nick as well as checking on one of his investments in farm that extracts bull semen and sell it to farmers that want to impregnate their cows. Part of it was him actually doing the extraction himself and when he found out that the little vial he was holding was worth in excess of 200K — he was very happy. After I snapped this picture, I laughed to myself thinking that perhaps he did a little bit of stump breaking while there. — The readers who are farmers will know what I mean.

Gene Simmon's Tongue

And that’s the outtakes for February.

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