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NAB 2007: Show Floor

Media types and those who are attached look at new products, services and content for the coming year.

All Access 2 hours later

NAB2007: Round Table discussions

There were several round tables**. The 2 I attended were the content one that included Eric Schmidt of Google:

We also had the pleasure of sitting in on the 30 year anniversary discussion of “Roots” with special guest speakers, LaVar Burton who played the young Kunta Kinte and Leslie Uggams who played his grand-daughter, Kizzy. It’s hard to believe 30 years have passed since this groundbreaking show first aired on National Television and opened the eyes of some who didn’t believe that slavery even existed.

**Round Table: an assembly for discussion of a particular topic among participants, especially at a trade show and conventions

NAB 2007: Tim Russert Keynote

Receiving the Hall of Fame Award for “Meet the Press” Really nice guy. Talked with all of us, signed a book for Spud.

I attend about 88 trade shows per year for my job. Normally the keynotes are a snooze fest and I have been known to nod off through many. But this particular one was really interesting. It was the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the keynote was Tim Russert. He kept the whole room AWAKE and I didn’t even YAWN once time. Very funny and will be very missed.