Las Vegas: IMEX America

IMEX?  Oh, sure, that’s the big square-screen cinema where you can see movies in 3D and stuff. Oh, ImEx?  I thought you said ImAx, sorry.  Right, okay, IMEX America.  Turns out it’s America’s Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events. (Wait, that would make it AWEITMAE, wouldn’t it?)   Anyway, it’s big, and apparently it started in Frankfurt, Germany.  (So even the show travels, how’s that for global mobility?)  “With global business experiencing unprecedented change”, we heard, “IMEX America unleashes the energy of the US meetings market with new contacts, new ideas and a passion for business”.  The number of exhibiting companies taking part rose once again, going up from 2,690 in 2013 to 2,900 in 2014.  Attendees were told they’d see “A year’s worth of business in just three days”.  Hmmm. Is that one out in 3D yet?  #IMEX14

Las Vegas: International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering – ISPE

ISPE is the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering.  The pharmaceutical landscape is constantly evolving, we heard.  Cost pressures, tighter schedules, the need for manufacturing flexibility and shifting regulatory expectations are constant challenges affecting how this industry conducts its business. Now more than ever, we were told, pharmaceutical disciplines are being asked to do more with less, anticipate tomorrow’s challenges today and solve issues that have not yet arisen.  Things that have already arisen provided  topics for keynoters, topics like Securing the Supply Chain — Combating the evolving risks in pharmaceutical sourcing and manufacturing;  and A Shot in the Arm — Coping with Change Fatigue in Pharma. Fatigue?  You’re feeling a strange kind of lassitude? Finding it difficult to get going in the morning?  Take two of these after meals….

Los Angeles: Audio Engineering Society Convention – AES

AES is the Audio Engineering Society Convention, and there were workshops, tutorials, technical papers and the trade show floor provide attendees with a wealth of learning, networking and business opportunities.  Sound?  Well, it’s an essential ingredient in games, movies, TV programming (broadcast and streaming), and of course the music industry.  This was the place to be if you had anything to do with the audio industry. The exhibit floor, panels and technical sessions were packed all four days, and with 15,400 registered attendees and over 300 exhibitors and sponsors.  There were over 350 presentations from more than 700 leading researchers and practitioners in the field.  At show close, AES reported a 28% increase in visitor traffic since the last time the convention was on the West Coast (the133rd AES Convention in San Francisco in 2012 — this one was the 137th).  Sounds like a pretty “sound” result…  #AESorg

Las Vegas: SupplySide West

If you talked about “supply-side”, people used to think you were on about Ronald Reagan and his “voodoo economics” theory, that giving tax breaks to rich folk would benefit everyone through “trickle-down”.  (Turns out it didn’t work.  It was trickle-UP instead, as in “Trickle or Treat”).  Anyways, THIS kind of “supply side”, as in “Supply Side West, the cutting edge ingredient show” is about the “largest event for healthy and innovative ingredients”.  They gathered over 1,700 of the world’s top ingredient suppliers and equipment companies, as well as lab-testing firms, logistics and packaging experts. Food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers, marketers and product formulators all attended SupplySide West to find ingredients, suppliers and ideas, to create their next best-selling product.  ….Never heard of “Nutraceuticals” and “Cosmeceuticals”?  You needed to be there…  #sswexpo

Las Vegas: National Hardwood Lumber Association – NHLA

NHLA is the National Hardwood Lumber Association, founded in 1898 to “establish a uniform system of grading rules for the measurement and inspection of hardwood lumber”.  The Association can take members from the Inspector Training School, where a career in the hardwood industry takes root (root – tree – wood – lumber, geddit?), to technical short courses and on-site company training by an NHLA National Inspector.  But NHLA educational offerings are not limited to hardwood lumber grading. After all, this is the world’s largest and oldest hardwood industry association, representing more than 1,200 companies and one million hardwood specialist outfits that produce, use and sell North American hardwood lumber, or provide equipment, supplies and services to the hardwood industry. ‘Lumbering’ though the woods like this?  It must be ‘hard’…

Las Vegas: NACS Show – National Association of Convenience Stores

The NACS Show is laid on by the National Association of Convenience Stores.  Every year the NACS Show brings together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals for four days of learning, buying and selling, networking and fun, all designed to help participants run successful operations. This one’s for industry retailers who are serious about the success of their business, and U.S. convenience stores reached record in-store sales in 2013, with sales climbing 2.4% to $204 billion apparently.   With more than 390,000 square feet of exhibit space, the NACS Show is  one of the country’s top 50 trade shows overall, we heard, (that’s according to the Trade Show News Network’s Top 250 Trade Shows in the United States). Year after year this bustling showcase, including the Cool New Products Preview Room, is a launch pad for retailing’s  future, with new innovations, products, services and other growth opportunities.  It’s easy once you’ve got the “NAC(S)”….  #NACSShow

Long Beach: Cops West

CopsWest is all about the California Peace Officers Association, or CPOA.   The show provides public safety officials of all ranks and agency sizes an opportunity to explore the newest technology and learn from industry leaders (2,500 of them) from throughout California and beyond — in fact over 25 states were represented, so this is not just about California. CPOA’s membership program strives to develop leadership skills through training, advocacy and networking. All ranks from public safety agencies and government departments were represented.  CPOA is divided into 10 regions, with each region having its own regional board, officers and committees. These regions hold training seminars on topics of local interest — topics like Police Under Attack, Canine Program Management, Officer-Involved Shootings (a pretty topical topic since Ferguson, let’s be honest), and Connecting With Your Community (ditto).