Pasadena: next|VIDEO Conference + Expo

Seattle: Annual Summit Annual Summit lured 5,200 professionals to Seattle for the Summit, an event specifically for digital and multichannel retailers. They were there to get the rush of discovering new ideas, getting actionable takeaways, and building relationships with the brightest and most innovative players in the digital retail world.  The Digital Retail Boot Camp was a one-day, rigorous hands-on workshop designed with the entry- to intermediate-level manager in mind. The big idea was to jump-start online initiatives. New managers were able get up to speed, and more experienced managers could focus on the fundamentals.  On hand were more than 280 solution providers ready to demo and discuss the latest solutions to online retail problems — whoops, we meant opportunities.  Once you found what you were looking for, all you had to do was “add to cart”, then “go to checkout”….  Don’t worry, the summit made sure everything “checked out”…  #shoporg14

Houston: BreakBulk Transportation Conference & Exhibition

BreakBulk Transportation Conference & Exhibition says it’s the largest exhibition & educational forum in the Americas addressing the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logistics professionals.  Nearly 4,000 participants attended BreakBulk Americas, where they could meet with over 330 international exhibitors.  These included specialized ocean carriers, freight forwarders, ports and terminals, logistics providers, ground transportation, heavy air, export packers, equipment companies, and more.  Wait, wait.  Heavy Air?  Say what?  Wouldn’t that be a contradiction in terms?  Okay, let me explain.  “Heavy air” transport, for the uninitiated, refers to aircraft capable of takeoff weights of 300,000 pounds or more. (Aircraft capable of takeoff weights more than 41,000 pounds but less than 300,000 pounds are just considered Large).  Anyway, if you’re an air traffic controller and one of those babies flies in, remember to apply your special wake turbulence separation criteria….  #BBAM14

Chicago: Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo

Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo sounds like a Healthcare gathering, but is actually all about the folks who design, provide and build the buildings in which healthcare services end up being provided.  So what kind of folks would those be?  Architects, facility managers, engineers, interior designers, construction professionals and healthcare owners, those kind of folks.  What do folks like that talk about?  A sample:  “As our industry sees potential shifts to smaller, decentralized facilities and a greater emphasis on connectivity for patients and caregivers, we are forced to examine the trends in healthcare and the trends in healthcare design as one single movement”.  Connectivity meant meeting opportunities with more than 200 companies in the Exhibit Hall.  Trends meant educational experiences with conference sessions presented by speakers representing the upper echelon of thought leaders, trend setters and industry authorities.  Oh, and patients?  If you build it, they will come….

Chicago: Graph Expo – GASC

GASC is short for Graphic Expo, and it wants to be THE industry event spanning the realms of Print, Online and Mobile.  It’s billed as the most innovative exhibition of digital, inkjet, offset, flexo and hybrid technologies.  Across the interactive show floor, attendees came to see and explore demonstrations of all the latest technologies, unique new applications, and products and services for every key facet of the graphic communications industry.  On show were all the latest developments in digital, flexo, gravure and offset package printing hardware, software and converting systems, plus educational opportunities, all with the co-location of CPP EXPO 2014.  Who was there?  Newspaper Printers & Publishers, Photo Imagers & Retailers, Book Publishers, Transactional and Commercial Printers, Media Print Buyers, Package & Label Printers & Converters, Mailing & Fulfillment Professionals.  “Print the legend”, they said…

Baltimore: OSP Expo – The Broadband Development Marketplace™

OSP Expo is The Broadband Development Marketplace.  The show was designed to deliver solutions, products, and technologies for today’s rapid wireless and wireline network evolution. Who came?  Well, OSP professionals from ILECs, CLECs and IOCs (no, you didn’t stray accidentally into an episode of Doctor Who), all coming together to learn, network and purchase products that could solve their network challenges.  The Expo claims to be the most influential infrastructure trade show for two reasons: OSP is not only about technology and how-to network solutions, but is also “the human network”, and teamwork. No other gathering, we were told, melds those two core values.  It explains why providers from 40 countries and 70 companies attended.  More than 200 telecom vendors and distributors showcased their new products, methods and best practices. The exhibit floor also boasted a large OSP TV studio, live splicing demonstrations, and a happy hour. Cocktails, it seems, are good for boosting “the human network”…  #OSPExpo

Atlanta: American Society for Industrial Security – ASIS

ASIS is the American Society for Industrial Security.  On the heels of recent “lackluster” ASIS shows in Philadelphia and Chicago, prospective delegates in the lead-up to this year’s event had speculated, we heard, that Atlanta would prove no better. However, frowns were turned to miles of smiles as aisles were packed with more than 20,000 show-goers. Many exhibit booths looked like Apple stores on the day of a new iPhone release, it was said.  ASIS used to be almost exclusively aimed at security end-users themselves, i.e. security directors and managers, facility managers, security personnel and CSOs.  This year the show encompassed the wider breadth of the security spectrum, snagging commercial security systems integrators, consultants and other disciplines in the field. ASIS is about reinforcing product launches, previewing what’s around the corner for the coming year, strengthening business relationships and taking in training and education sessions.  Ten-Four, the perimeter is secure…  #ASIS14